Why Switch Over To E-Cigarettes?

Why Switch Over To E-CigarettesSmoking is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. The added taxes and the fees imposed by the government can make smoking a very expensive habit, something that may cause a major dent in your bank account over time. This is the reason why a lot of people are turning their attention towards e-cigarettes. A relatively new invention, e-cigarettes are advertised as smoking aids that are 80% cheaper than tobacco. The validity of this claim can never be established unless we make an in depth assessment of the cost of vaping devices. In this article, the cost of e-cigarettes will be examined and by the end of the discussion, you will have enough information to come up with your own verdict.

Cost of E-Cigarettes

The biggest change in investment that you will notice when making the jump from smoking to e-smoking is in the starter kit. If you are not aware of what a starter kit is, you can read our descriptions of some of the best e-cigarettes that have excellent starter kits on offer. The initial cost of using a starter kit can be a little high. The good ones will cost you around £50 to £60. Some are even sold in excess of £100. It all depends on the number of batteries used and the auxiliary accessories. However, once the initial investment is made, you will be barely required to spend a dime on any other hardware in the next several months. The only thing that you have to purchase on a regular basis when it comes to e-smoking is the nicotine liquid known as e-liquid.

Cost Comparison

A single bottle of e-liquid should cost you somewhere around £12.99. You can lower this cost to a great extent by purchasing 4 bottles at one go. This reduces the overall shipping charges. Therefore, for 60 ml of e-liquid, you need not spend more than £51.96. A lot of the vendors offer free shipping on purchases above £50. Considering that the strength of the nicotine is 15 mg for that particular e-liquid. This means that you will be purchasing a total of 900 mg of nicotine for around £50. This is the same amount of nicotine that you can find in 900 cigarettes. Even if you are the heaviest smoker in the world, 60 ml of e-liquid will last a whole month.

When compared to the price of cigarettes, e-smoking turns out to be a whole lot cheaper. Most smokers in the United States have to pay far more than £50 for 900 cigarettes. The estimated price of the regular cigarette pack is £5.50. Smoking one pack a day will cost you about £165 a month. The total money spent throughout the year is £2,000. In states such as Hawaii, where smoking is very expensive, the amount you have to pay in 12 months is somewhere around £3,500.

When using e-cigarettes, the estimated amount of money that you will be spending per year is just £800. This takes into account the cost of your starter kit as well as the new accessories such as the atomiser and the batteries that you may need to buy from time to time.

The Better Alternative

At the end of the day, you have to realise that nicotine is a very expensive product and the best way to keep your wallet fat is by not using nicotine at all. However, since you are reading this page, we are assuming that you are into smoking for the long haul and have no intentions of quitting any time soon. If you are going to spend money on nicotine, then spend it through e-cigarettes. That is the smarter and far more economical choice since you will be saving £1,200 a year. In certain states, the savings can exceed £3000. Imagine all the things you can buy with that amount of money. You could spend it on a holiday home, you can go on a shopping spree or you can use it for a brand new investment in a business. The possibilities are endless.

E-smoking is cost effective and it has numerous advantages over conventional smoking. Why switch over to e-smoking? Well, simply because it is more sensible to do so.

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