5 Best Sub Ohm Tanks in the UK (Updated for 2024)

best sub ohm tank in the UK 2022

Updated for 2024: In the vaping industry, devices have always received the biggest share of consumers’ attention. If you think about it, though, that’s actually kind of funny because the tank is the component that actually produces vapour – a vape mod just manages the power delivery.

Getting a new vape tank, on the other hand, can transform your experience completely. As an added benefit, a new tank costs much less than a new mod.

Because there are so many different factors that can affect a vape tank’s performance – the airflow design, the coil technology and the mouthpiece shape, just to name a few – there’s an almost endless level of variety in the vape tanks on the market today. In this article, we’re going to introduce five of the best.

These are the best sub-ohm tanks in the UK.

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List of Best Sub Ohm Tanks in the UK for 2024

Freemax Fireluke 4

Freemax Fireluke 4 Best Vape Tanks UK

If nothing but the biggest clouds will do, the Freemax Fireluke 4 is definitely the vape tank that you need to buy in 2024. In case you weren’t already aware, Freemax is the brand that earned worldwide fame with the creation of the world’s first vape tank designed to use pre-built mesh coils. They immediately built on that fame by creating the first dual-mesh coil, the first triple-mesh coil, the first quadruple-mesh coil – you get the idea.

For several years now, Freemax has been the go-to brand for serious cloud chasers – and the Fireluke 4 only extends the company’s lead over the competition.

The Freemax Fireluke 4 features a coil with a new mesh structure – they call it Double-D mesh – that increases the coil’s surface area for even greater depth of flavour. The heating surface is also made from military-grade 904L stainless steel for superlative flavour purity and corrosion resistance.

Another thing we love about the Freemax Fireluke 4 is that the coils have been redesigned for greater longevity. The new tea fibre wick resists burning and can allow a coil to last weeks if you use unsweetened e-liquid. Over time, the longer-lasting coil can actually make the tank pay for itself.

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Horizon Falcon Legend

Horizon Falcon Legend Best Vape Tanks

Speaking of tanks with long-lasting coils, Horizon takes the cake in that department with the Falcon Legend tank and its new coil with a bamboo pulp wick. Just as fluffy and flavourful as traditional cotton, Horizon’s new bamboo wick does an excellent job of resisting the coil’s heat and delivering one high-quality puff after another.

One of the great aspects of the tanks in the Horizon Falcon series is that when a new tank is released, it doesn’t mean that you need to abandon your favourite coil if there happens to be a particular one that you prefer from a previous Falcon tank.

The range of Falcon coils has grown steadily over the years and now features 10 coil options in all with resistances ranging from 0.15-0.30 ohm and suggested wattages ranging from 65-80 watts.

Although virtually every new vape tank on the market today uses mesh coils, the fact that the Horizon Falcon Legend works with every coil in the Falcon series has an additional benefit in that it doesn’t require you to use a mesh coil if that’s not what you prefer. For those who prefer the traditional experience of using a vape coil made from standard resistance wire, you’ll find plenty of coil options with the Falcon Legend.

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Aspire Atlantis GT

Aspire Atlantis GT Best Sub-Ohm Tanks

Aspire was one of the early innovators in the world of vape tanks and continues to be a favourite brand among those who prefer a cooler and more flavourful vaping experience rather than being overwhelmed with enormous clouds. The Aspire Atlantis GT continues that long-running tradition with some clever design elements and a new series of coils that work efficiently at power levels as low as 20 watts.

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at the Atlantis GT is its extremely striking design. The tank has an outer metal sleeve with a unique geometric pattern that looks like nothing else on the market. In addition to being quite attractive, the sleeve also protects the tank’s inner glass enclosure and reduces the chance of the glass breaking if you drop your device.

The Atlantis GT is the perfect vape tank for you if you’re picky about your tank’s airflow characteristics because it has three interchangeable bases with air inlets ranging in size from 1.0-1.5 mm. Between the three bases and the adjustable airflow collar, you should have no trouble finding a configuration with the Atlantis GT that provides exactly the type of draw you want.

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Vaporesso iTank 2

Vaporesso iTank 2 Best Sub Ohm Tanks UK

Child-resistant vape tanks are all the rage these days, and that’s mostly a good thing. For those who have difficulty manipulating small objects, though, it can be frustrating to move a vape tank’s lid into just the right position for opening and filling the tank. If you’ve had difficulty with other vape tanks, you’ll love the easy-open lid of the Vaporesso iTank 2. Just press the button, and the lid automatically swings open for quick refilling without the frustration.

Like many of the best vape tanks on the market today, the Vaporesso iTank 2 also features a redesigned coil with some new technologies that promise to make your vaping experience better than ever. The first of those is a redesigned mesh structure that increases the coil’s surface area for bigger clouds, and the second is a new type of cotton that’s fluffier to encourage deep saturation of the e-liquid.

You’ll also love this tank’s coil selection, which features resistances ranging from 0.15-0.4 ohm. At the time of writing, a new 0.5-ohm coil is also coming soon for those who prefer the mouth-to-lung vaping style.

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Geekvape Z Fli

Geekvape Z Fli Best Vape Tanks 2024

The engineers at Geekvape have championed the top-airflow design for vape tanks for many years, and those who prefer top airflow absolutely swear by it. Compared to traditional bottom-airflow tanks, a tank with top airflow is typically quieter and more resistant to leaking. In addition, the top vents create a little extra air resistance that many people enjoy. If you fall into the top airflow camp, you’re going to love the new Geekvape Z Fli because it has a redesigned top cap that’s much more resistant to breakage compared to the original Geekvape Z tank.

In addition to its improved design, the Geekvape Z Fli also features a new coil that’s specifically designed to address something ignored by many other manufacturers: the mouth feel of the vapour. The new Geekvape Z XM coil is designed to produce thick, satisfying vapour clouds that you are absolutely going to love.

The Geekvape Z Fli does have a child-resistant top cap, but it’s much easier to open than the lids of many other vape tanks. Just push the lid in the direction of the marker, and the lid slides over slightly before popping open. To close the lid, simply push it down and slide it back into its original position.

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What is a Sub Ohm Tank?

While it may sound like a piece of futuristic Sci-Fi technology, a sub ohm tank is actually very simple to wrap your head around.

In basic terms, a sub ohm tank is one that is specifically designed to be used with replaceable atomisers that have coils inside with a resistance of lower than 1.0-ohm.

These atomisers will be pre-made and ready to buy in any good vape retailer. Sub ohm tanks are generally very accessible and easy to use, especially for those who are new to vaping on the whole.

Additionally, these sub ohm tanks are also generally very simple to clean as each tank component can be easily removed and put back together again.

Sub ohm tanks also usually have large tanks, meaning that the capacity of e liquid inside will be larger than many other tanks on the market. This larger tank also tends to produce clouds that are rich in both flavour and volume.

How Does a Sub Ohm Tank Work?

Generally speaking, a sub ohm tank works in essentially the same way as any other vape tank on the market. But the main difference between a sub ohm tank and a traditional vape tank is that sub ohm tanks are specifically designed to be used with high powered devices.

Sub ohm tanks utilise a replaceable atomiser/coil system, meaning that the coils within the tank need to be swapped out when they lose their effectiveness. When E-liquid is first introduced into the tank it is absorbed by the cotton wick.

Once the coil inside the tank heats up and comes into contact with the wick, a vapour is produced. Drawing from the mouthpiece of the tank causes this contact, which subsequently causes the vapour to travel up the tank and into your mouth.

Modern sub ohm tanks feature a top-fill system which is incredibly easy to use as well as some form of airflow control.

How to Use a Sub Ohm Tank?

Sub ohm tanks are extremely simple to use. All you need to do is prime your coil, insert the coil into the tank, fill the tank with your chosen E-juice, and wait for around ten minutes to let the E-juice saturate into the wick.

After that, you are free to fire your device up and draw.

Benefits of Sub-Ohm Tanks
  • Sub-ohm tanks are designed to operate at higher wattages than traditional above-ohm tanks, and that means they can produce much larger clouds.
  • Because the cloud production is so much larger, sub-ohm tanks can deliver much richer flavours compared to traditional tanks.
  • Sub-ohm tanks work best with low-nicotine e-liquid and provide very little throat hit as a result. That may be good if you get a sore throat from vaping or simply want a smoother experience.
Drawbacks of Sub-Ohm Tanks
  • Sub-ohm tanks generally aren’t designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling and usually don’t work well with high-nicotine e-liquids. If you’re looking for a vaping experience that replicates the assertive throat hit and strong nicotine rush of a cigarette, a smaller device like an e-cigarette or pod vape will probably be better for you.
  • Sub-ohm tanks use more e-liquid and require more frequent coil replacements than above-ohm tanks. As a result, switching from a smaller vaping device to one with a sub-ohm tank will probably increase your vaping costs.
Is Sub Ohm Vaping Safe?

The true answer to this question is both yes and no. Anyone who wants to try sub ohm vaping really has to educate themselves before starting, gaining a basic understanding of basic electronics and Ohm’s law to ensure safe use of the products.

Instructions should always be read carefully and it is very important to be aware of battery safety. If you don’t want to do your homework yourself, you should visit a local vape shop to find out more information, read articles about battery safety or chat with somebody who already has knowledge on a forum like Reddit.

One of the safest ways to try sub ohm vaping without any risk is to try a regulated box mod. We don’t recommend the use of unregulated “mechanical mods” at all.

What Is the Best Vape Juice to Use in a Sub Ohm Tank?

The best E-liquid to use with a sub-ohm tank is usually one that has a higher VG, particularly those above the 60 VG mark. These tend to provide smoother draws.

What Nicotine Strength E Juice Should I Use in my Sub Ohm Tank?

Using high strength nicotine e liquids with a sub ohm tank can lead to harsh draws that can make your throat hurt or feel dry.

It is generally recommended that you use E-liquids with strengths lower than 10mg for sub-ohm tanks.

Is Sub-Ohm Vaping Right For You?

Sub ohm vaping is not to everyone’s taste so before you jump into trying it you should remember that the majority of sub ohm vapers are dedicated and fairly experienced. Usually, sub-ohm vapes aren’t the best choices for people who are completely new to vaping.

What is the Difference Between Standard Tank & Sub-Ohm Tank?

You can choose either a sub ohm tank or a standard one depending on your preferences.

Standard vape tanks are probably the best starting point if you are a beginner to vaping as they are designed to work with a fixed voltage device or a variable voltage vaporizer which requires low power levels.

If you are an ex-smoker you are probably looking for a strong throat hit and more flavour and a standard tank will bring out those elements rather than vapour clouds.

A sub ohm tank on the other hand is used with a high level sub ohm device which has been designed to create large vapour clouds and less flavour than found with a standard tank.

If you use the wrong tank for your device, you may experience unwanted results. For example, if you pair a standard tank with a sub ohm device you will experience a burned flavour from the burned wick.

A standard tank cannot withstand the high temperature and power level released by these devices, thus producing this unpleasant result.

If you use a sub ohm tank with a standard vape device, the atomizer will become flooded as the device cannot vapourize the e-juice quickly enough. This will cause leakages to the other parts of the device.

Therefore, for hassle free vaping, you should always pick the correct type of sub ohm tank for your device.


The best thing about today’s sub-ohm vape tanks is that virtually all of them are reliable products that will give you consistent performance and great flavour quality. If you’re feeling stressed about choosing the right vape tank for your needs given the high volume of products on the market, there’s no need because you’re most likely going to have a great experience regardless of which tank you choose. If you’re thinking about buying a particular tank just because it looks cool, go for it – you’re probably going to be extremely happy with it.

One way to be completely confident when you buy a vape tank is by selecting a tank from a brand that’s been in the industry for a while and is known to make high-quality products. In this guide, we’ve tried to present a selection of the best vape tanks in the UK from top brands like Freemax, Vaporesso, Aspire and more. Any of the tanks on this list will give you a great experience and should provide years of trouble-free vaping.