A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

Leading Global Health Experts Commission E-Cigarettes Public DefenseIf you are a smoker but would like to give up, you may be considering giving vaping a try. Vaping is one of the most effective ways of kicking the habit and is a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Although you may be keen to switch to e-cigs, it can be difficult to know where to start as there are so many different vaping options available. In this article, we look at how to get started as well as giving you some useful tips to improve your vaping experience.

What are the Advantages of Vaping?

Vaping brings many benefits over smoking traditional cigarettes. Some of the greatest advantages include:

  • No unpleasant lingering smoky smells
  • No ash to make a mess
  • No carbon monoxide released
  • No tar content
  • No unpleasant smelling breath
  • A choice of nicotine levels to suit the user’s preference
  • The option to opt for nicotine free e-liquids
  • Lower cost over the long-term
  • A huge selection of different flavours from traditional tobacco to fruit or exotic flavours

How Do I Know If Vaping Is A Good Choice For Me?

You may already have tried quitting smoking once or more in the past and failed. Whether you tried going cold turkey, using patches, chewing nicotine replacement gum or trying some other kind of nicotine replacement therapy, these methods don’t work for everybody. The good news is that vaping is around 95% less dangerous for the health than traditional smoking and therefore is a great alternative for those who are trying to give up the habit.

What Equipment Do I Need To Get Started?

 v2 cigs ex series kitAlthough there is a wealth of  paraphernalia that you may want to consider buying eventually if you enjoy vaping, at first you should just invest in a basic starter kit. These include all of the essentials that you need to get started with vaping, and some even include a free e-liquid, although you may need to purchase this separately. Some of the more complex equipment such as box mods are most suited to experienced vapers as they can be difficult and potentially dangerous for novices to handle, therefore you should wait until you have been vaping for a while before buying one of these devices.

How Does Vaping Work?

 To get started with vaping, you connect the tank to a battery and fill up with the e-liquid of your choice. Once this is done, you simple press the fire button to begin heating the e-juice and this produces the vapour that you inhale. E-liquid is made up of three or four different components depending on which variety you select. These include:

  • PG (Propylene Glycol) this is a substance which is frequently found used for other purposes including in asthma inhalers, toothpastes, moisturisers and bags of pre-prepared salad
  • VG (Vegetable Glycerin) this is another substance which is often found in a range of food stuffs
  • Flavourings – most e-liquids contain a mix of artificial and natural flavourings which can be as exotic as cocktail flavours or as basic as menthol or tobacco
  • Nicotine – this helps to satisfy any cravings for traditional cigarettes. You can choose from a range of nicotine strengths which allows you to slowly wean yourself off the habit. There are also nicotine free options available

It is important to only buy e-juices from reputable suppliers so that you can be certain that the ingredients are safe to use and of pharmaceutical standards.

There are 3 different kinds of e-liquid:
black note e-juice

  • High VG liquids – these smooth liquids produce a larger amount of vapour but less flavour
  • High PG liquids – these carry plenty of flavour and give a good throat hit but with a reduced amount of vapour
  • 50/50 liquids – these contain a roughly equal amount of VG and PG for the best of both worlds

It is only be experimentation that you will discover which you prefer. You can read more about e-liquids here: e-cigreviews.org.uk/e-liquid-uk

Do I Need To Maintain My Vaping Equipment?

Once you have bought a starter kit, you will only have to replace two parts of your equipment. These are the coils and the e-juice. When you refill the e-liquid you simply unscrew the lid of your tank (or clearomiser), tilt it slightly and pour the e-liquid into the tank. When you do this, it is vital to steer clear of the middle chimney’s hole as otherwise you will end up inhaling e-liquid which is very unpleasant.

You then screw the lid back on and you are ready to begin vaping. Replacing the coil is also easy, and is necessary once the vapour begins to reduce and the flavour starts to become more burnt or less noticeable. To do this, you unscrew the tank’s base, unscrew the coil and throw it away and screw the new one in place.

It is important that you allow the e-juice to soak thoroughly into the new coil’s wick before you begin vaping again. Remember that you will also need to recharge your battery frequently. This can take around 3 hours, however you should never leave your battery charging for long periods or overnight as this can result in a shorter battery life.

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