Can I Cut the Cost of Vaping?

Cut the Cost of Vaping

Although vaping is generally a lower-cost alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes over the long-term, you may still be finding that your habit is becoming unaffordable due to increasing costs.

So how can you save money on your vaping experience? Here are some simple tips to help you cut the cost of vaping.

Using a Higher Resistance Coil

high resistance coil

If you opt for a higher resistance coil for your clearomiser tank, the amount of power required is greatly reduced since the wire resists, pushing back against the current that runs through it.

Since a lower amount of electricity is necessary to heat up the coil, a smaller amount of e-liquid is vaporised, and this will help you to economise in two ways – firstly by increasing the amount of time between battery charges and secondly by increasing your battery’s lifespan meaning that you won’t have to replace it as quickly.

Turn Down Your Wattage

At one time, most vapers had devices that had no adjustable settings, however, today, increasing numbers of people are choosing devices that have variable wattages.

Although a higher wattage produces a more flavourful vaping experience, it also drains e-liquids, battery power and coils much more quickly and this ramps up the cost of your vaping.

If you are already considering using a high resistance coil, a lower wattage goes hand-in-hand with this, however even if you prefer sub-ohm vaping it is still possible to turn your wattage down and have an enjoyable vaping experience.

A standard 30 watt 0.5Ω coil allows you to turn your wattage down to 20 watts without compromising on your clouds or flavour.

Cutting the amount of power used on every puff by a third will save yourself a third of your battery power, reducing your overall costs.

Go for a Higher Nicotine Content

If you have already lowered the amount of nicotine you are consuming, you may be reluctant to go back to a higher level, however, this is one way to cut some of your costs.

When you use an e-liquid with a nicotine content of over 6mg in conjunction with a higher resistance coil and a lower wattage, you will find your vaping experience much more comfortable than it was with a higher wattage and a lower resistance coil.

Because an e-juice with a higher nicotine content administers a more powerful dose than lower strength e-liquids, you will require fewer puffs to get the same effect and will, therefore, reduce the amount of e-juice you use meaning that you need to make fewer e-liquid purchases.

Look out for the Sales

e-cig sale

When you are shopping for new vaping equipment or replacement e-liquids, one of the best ways to save money is to look out for discounts and sales.

These represent a fantastic way to stock up on all of your favourite products for a fraction of the original cost.

Sometimes, you may find that the reduced e-juices are unfamiliar brands or flavours, however, they are always worth trying out as experimenting with something new can be fun, and you may discover a new favourite.

Buy Larger Capacity Bottles

The majority of e-juices come in a choice of sizes – most commonly in 10ml, 15ml or 30ml volumes.

However, you will discover that some flavours are also available in bigger sizes, often up to 60ml, 100ml, or possible even as large as 180ml bottles.

If you buy in bulk you are sure to make a saving as, not only will you avoid having to stock up so frequently, but you usually get a discount when you buy a large amount at one time.

You will also be able to save on your delivery costs.

Go to a Vaping Expo

Vaping Expo

There are several benefits to attending vaping expositions.

Not only you can forge a network of contacts and make new friends, but you can also pick up several samples from manufacturers and take them home to enjoy at your leisure.

This will give you a stock of free e-juice that will help you to save money on your refills.

Buy Online

Although many people prefer to shop in their local vape store, one of the best ways to save money on your vaping is to shop online.

Generally, online vape stores have lower prices with better deals and frequent discounts that make internet shopping worthwhile.

Take the time to shop around and compare prices, and you will save even more money.

Often the manufacturer’s own website may be cheaper than other stores as they sell direct, cutting out the middleman.

Buy a Mod Kit

Although you may like the appeal of buying your kit piece by piece for the ultimate in customisation, this approach can be a lot more expensive than buying a full mod kit.

These packages come with a mod, dripper or tank, a battery, a charger and often even some e-liquid at one reasonable price.

These are an especially good choice for novice vapers.

Build Your Own Coils

Save money on purchasing coil cartridges that come pre-built by learning to build your own coils.

There are many helpful tutorials that show you how to do this on YouTube and once you have perfected the technique you will actually find that you are getting a more customised vaping experience as well as saving money.

Make Your Own E-Liquid

If you want to save even more, you could learn to make e-liquid yourself by following a tutorial on YouTube.

Some channels can even give you advice on how to replicate your favourite e-liquid flavours.