Tips for Getting Better Flavor from Your Vaping

How to get better flavour from vape

Cloud chasing is all the rage these days, with many vapers looking to produce as much vapour as possible.

Others, on the other hand, don’t value clouds as much as a strong, robust flavour, and if you are one of those in the second category, you are probably struggling to find any advice on how to achieve your goal.

While there are countless guides to producing more vapour, there are barely any about how to maximise flavour. So, where do you begin?

Temperature & Wattage Settings

vaping temperature

One of the easiest ways to improve your e-cig’s flavour is simply to adjust your settings.

The different facets of an e-liquid become evident at different settings since specific flavours will all vaporise at a different temperature.

The setting you choose is key to determining the heat of your coil, so owning a variable wattage/voltage device is a great advantage for any flavour-chaser.

Experiment by beginning at a low setting and then progressively working up until you find the perfect setting for each e-liquid.

It will be different with every e-juice, so you will need to repeat the process with each flavour you try.

Reduce Airflow

Having a large airflow is essential for cloud-chasers, however, the opposite is true if the flavour is your goal.

Closing off your airflow is a better approach as this makes the vape warmer and more dense, improving the flavour.

On the other hand, getting a perfect balance is essential – close off the airflow too much, and the vapour will become too hot.

Experiment, adjusting your airflow from low to high until you find the right balance for you.

Be aware, however, that if your atomizer head has a wide bore, closing the airflow off will make the throat hit much harsher, so go for a smaller bore coil if you can.

Atomizer Type

vaping atomizers

The kind of atomizer you buy has a major role to play in the flavour you produce.

A top-coil atomizer is not a great choice for those who want a stronger flavour as they are unable to wick efficiently.

A bottom-coil clearomiser is a better choice, however, a sub ohm tank is the preferred option as it can boost flavour as well as vapour.

Pair a sub-ohm tank with a small-bore coil rather than a large bore one which allows greater airflow, leading to poorer flavour.

A rebuildable atomizer is an ultimate choice for flavour-chasers, as they can offer more customisation.

Wick Material

While silica wicks were pretty much standard at one time, these result in a much duller flavour, and this is one of the reasons why cotton wicks are now the preferred material for vapers.

Japanese cotton is the best possible option, often coming as standard on clearomiser coils as it produces a clean flavour and wicks brilliantly.

When it comes to the wire you choose, Kanthal is the best possible option for a natural, clean flavour.

E-Juice Type

apollo e-juices

Opting for a higher PG e-juice will usually lead to an improved flavour, although if you go for a ratio that is too high in PG, your throat hit may be too harsh for your preference.

A ratio of around 70% PG is probably best to suit your needs.

Airflow Hole Position

You will probably find that the majority of atomizers have airflow holes along the side of the coil, however, there are better options to improve flavour.

An atomizer with airflow holes under the coils will give you a more impressive result, and you are most likely to find this on a sub-ohm tank.

Drip Tip Bore

Many modern atomizers and tanks have wide drip tips, however these result in an airier vape which, although ideal for cloud-chasing, it not great for flavour.

Switch your wide bore drip tip for a narrow bore one, and you will be able to see the difference.


Keeping your tank, coil and wick clean is essential if you want an unsullied flavour experience.

Your e-juice is going to taste much better if you use a fresh tank, coil and wick, and while changing every single time you go for a different flavour e-liquid might be a bit excessive, there are steps that you can take to prevent flavour deterioration.

Disassemble the clearomiser, rinsing all of its components in hot water and leaving them to dry (this could take around 24 hours) before using them again.

If you have a rebuildable atomizer, it is much easier to change the wick every time you change your flavour.

Simply remove the old wick, dry out the coil by firing it without the wick inserted, then wait until it has cooled down before inserting a new wick.

The Vaper’s Tongue Problem

Vaper's tongue

It may sound silly, but one problem you may encounter is Vaper’s Tongue, where you start to dislike your favourite flavours after a while.

You can eradicate this problem by switching to a different flavour for a while, however, there are other simple solutions too, such as sucking a lemon which will reset your palate.

Take Care of Your E-Liquid

Looking after your e-juice incorrectly could be the reason that its flavour isn’t as good as you hoped.

All flavourings degrade if they are stored poorly, so make sure you keep your e-juices away from light and heat and keep their exposure to open-air to a minimum.

This will ensure that they are in top condition. There are some e-liquids that are better after they have been steeped.

This is similar to the way in which wine ages over time, improving its flavour, and if you allow your e-juice to age, you may notice that the flavour notes are much stronger.

You can steep your e-liquid by leaving it in a dark, cool place, occasionally shaking its bottle, or by allowing it to breathe for a short while by opening its lid.

While not every e-juice requires steeping, it is something that is worth experimenting with to see if it makes the flavour stronger.