9 best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers in the UK (Updated: 07/2020)

best portable vaporizers in the uk of 2020

Updated on July 2020: If you’re keen on vaping dry herbs on the move, a portable dry herb vaporizer is definitely your best choice.

With their internal oven chamber which heats to a precise temperature, these compact personal devices produce vapour from your herbs for you to inhale quickly and conveniently no matter where you are.

Not so long ago, desktop vaporizers were the only real way to vape dry herbs, however now, with so many pocket-sized dry herb vape pens on the market, you’ve got a lot more freedom and choice.

There’s a lot of variety in the styles, designs and types of units available for sale, so if you need some advice to point you in the right direction, you’ve come to the right place.

Before we go any further, please be aware that some kinds of filling material can’t be used by law in the UK – keep that in mind when vaping herbs in one of these fantastic devices.

List of Best Dry Herb Vaporizers 2020

PAX 3 Vaporizer


The PAX 3 is the most recent and advanced dry herb vaping device from this brand.

A truly versatile option, it offers no less than 5 different vaping modes to suit every vaper’s preferences – efficiency, stealth, flavour, boost and standard.

That means that whatever type of experience you’re looking for, you can enjoy it in spades with this portable vaporizer.

One excellent feature of this device is the option for a half-pack rather than a full-pack, so if you’re vaping alone, you can get maximum benefit from your herbs.

The temperature settings range from 182 to 215 degrees Celsius, and you can vape either dry herbs or concentrates to suit your mood.

As you’d expect from a top-quality device, the PAX 3 is built from steel and aluminium and is highly robust, while its stainless steel vapour path is also very durable.

A clever feature of this device is its Bluetooth compatibility – you can use your tablet or smartphone to choose your customised temperature settings.

Whether you’re brand new to vaping or whether you’re experienced, you’ll find this device a breeze to use, and since it’s small and has a discreet appearance, you won’t attract any undue attention.


• Bluetooth connectivity
• Full temperature controls
• Compact and discreet
• Can vape half-pack or full-pack
• Can vape herbs or concentrates


• More expensive than many of its rivals


Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer

Da Vinci IQ

The Da Vinci name is well-known in the vaping industry, and the IQ is a precise and compact dry herb vaporizer which has an air path made from ceramic zirconia for the best possible flavour.

Its Smart Path Technology also adds even more convenience to your experience by automatically setting the most appropriate temperature for every vaping session.

Another top feature of this device is its super-speedy heat-up time – it gets up to the right temperature in just 16 seconds.

The temperature is fully adjustable between 120 and 220 degrees Celsius, and the 18650 battery can be replaced so you’ll never have to worry about downtime.

The brushed aluminium finish isn’t just stylish, it’s also very durable, while the Bluetooth integration allows you to monitor your usage details.

The user interface is user-friendly and, with no less than 36 LEDs it is surprisingly attractive.


• Replaceable battery for zero downtime
• Stylish and durable brushed aluminium finish
• Bluetooth integration
• Smart Path Technology for greater convenience
• Super-fast heat-up time of just 16 seconds


• Only suitable for use with dry herbs, not concentrates


FireFly 2 Vaporizer

FireFly 2

Perhaps the best feature of the Firefly 2 is its virtually instant heat-up time. It’ll be up to your chosen temperature in just five seconds after immediate vaping.

With its magnesium alloy construction, this device is also very durable and won’t break easily – perfect for use on the go.

Its power settings are fully adjustable between 170 and 215 degrees Celsius, and thanks to its dual-use functionality you can vape either concentrates or dry herbs to suit your taste on the day.

The battery life is up to two hours – ideal if you’ve to vape on the move – and with its glass vapour path, you won’t have any worries about unpleasant tastes.

This compact device fits easily into your pocket, and as it produces less odour than many other vaporizers, it won’t attract unwanted attention.

Its self-cooling technology also ensures it won’t get too hot and accidentally burn you.

There are 6 heat settings to choose from, and as the firmware of the device can be upgraded and the battery swapped out, this is an advanced vaporizer that won’t disappoint.


• 6 heat settings and fully adjustable temperatures
• Dual-use for both dry herbs and concentrates
• 2-hour battery life
• Incredibly fast heat-up time
• Durable magnesium alloy construction


• If you’re an inexperienced user, you won’t be able to get the best out of this device


Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

Arizer Solo 2

If you love to vape dry herbs alone, the Arizer Solo 2 could be the one for you thanks to its smaller than average oven chamber which only holds a maximum of 0.2g of dry herbs.

With its ceramic heating element and two included borosilicate mouthpieces, this device offers something truly unique in its ability to vaporize both ground herbs and those in more solid formats.

With a heat-up time of 28 seconds and the ability to adjust the temperature between 50 and 200 degrees Celsius, this device is beautifully designed and has an impressive build quality for extra durability.

Very easy to clean thanks to its low maintenance design, this device also has a powerful battery for longer than average vaping times.

Since it comes supplied with its own carry case, you’ll also be able to take it anywhere you need to go.


• Ideal for solo vapers
• High-quality build construction and materials
• Comes with its own carry case
• Fully adjustable temperatures
• Low maintenance design
• Long lasting battery


• Small heating chamber
• Cannot be used for vaping concentrates


Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty Vaporizer comes from the well-known and popular Storz & Bickel brand, best known for its impressive Volcano desktop vape.

As you’d expect from such a premium brand, the Mighty is pretty outstanding too. Its handheld design makes it easy to take wherever you want to go, while the excellent flavour and robust vapour won’t disappoint you.

The Mighty Vaporizer is a very versatile device. It doesn’t just work with dry herbs, it also works with wax and oil concentrates, thanks to the inclusive liquid pad, so you can adjust your vaping style to suit your mood.

With a 60-second heat-up time, you’ll be vaping before you know it, and with its 90-minute battery life, you won’t run out of power too quickly.

The quality construction from plastic and steel makes this a durable device for any vaper, and since it’s fairly easy to clean, it won’t be too inconvenient to refill and reuse.

This device uses a hybrid heating method for even better performance, and thanks to the LED easy-read screen, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature right up to 210 degrees Celsius to suit your preferences.


• Fully adjustable temperatures
• Durable design and robust construction
• All-in-one device for use with dry herbs and concentrates
• Excellent vapour and flavour production


• Slightly larger than some of its rivals
• The 60 second heat-up time is slightly longer than some competitor devices


Black Mamba Dry Herb Vaporizer

Black Mamba Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you’re a complete beginner and are looking for a great value first dry herb vaporizer or if you’re on a tight budget, the Black Mamba could be perfect for you.

Boasting a big herb chamber and impressive performance, the Black Mamba has an elegant and unique design that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The single button operation makes this device a breeze for even complete novices to use, and loading the chamber couldn’t be simpler.

Thanks to the larger size of the oven, it’s also possible to vape on the go without having to reload too frequently.

Although this is a budget device, it still boasts a powerful 1600mAh battery. There are also five different temperature settings so you can find the best one to suit your preferences.


  • 5 temperature settings
  • Easy to use and reload
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Large ceramic chamber
  • Stylish design
  • Affordable price


  • 3 hour charging time
  • Battery lasts for just 45-60 minutes


Volcano Crafty Vaporizer

Volcano Crafty

This device is from the ever-popular and famous Storz & Bickel brand just like the Mighty.

This device is the Mighty’s smaller sibling and, with its user-friendly, low maintenance design, it’s perfect for vaping novices.

This device offers two different temperature selections – standard and boost – and any temperature between 40 and 210 degrees Celsius can be selected either on the device itself or on the go using the downloadable app.

Thanks to its small and lightweight design, it’s really easy to carry and use anywhere you want to vape. With its pass-through charging function, you’ll have minimal downtime while its hybrid heating method ensures every draw is cool and smooth.


  • Compact, lightweight and discreet
  • Fully adjustable temperatures
  • Downloadable compatible app
  • Pass-through charging
  • Low maintenance, user-friendly design


  • The battery isn’t replaceable
  • Shorter than average battery life


Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Magic Flight Launch Box

If you’re looking for a very portable unit that offers an excellent vaping experience, the Magic Flight Launch Box could be the one for you.

Using alkaline batteries, this vaporizer has been designed to be compact enough to easily fit in a pocket or be palmed quickly for discretion.

Its ultra-speedy heating element reaches the selected temperature in only five seconds for incredibly fast vaping.

The top feature of this device is its unique design. Made from beautifully hand-crafted wood, there is no metal or plastic used in the construction of this high-quality device, and this guarantees a flavourful and rich vapour.

There is even a hand-carved philosopher’s quote in every device for a truly stylish appearance.


• Unique wooden design
• Very pure flavour and vapour
• Very fast heat up time
• Compact design to fit in your pocket discreetly


• Not the most advanced technology


PAX 2 Vaporizer


Designed by the well-respected PAX Labs, the Pax 2 is a great choice for an everyday vape.

Its stylish matte finish comes in a number of colours to suit individual tastes, and if you’re on a budget, it could be the right choice for you.

It has a subtle, sleek design and boasts an impressive two-hour battery life while its deep stainless steel heating chamber ensures excellent performance and plenty of vaping time.

Portable, compact and easy to pop into a bag or pocket, it is lightweight and easy to use without compromising on reliability.

Even complete beginners will be able to load up the heating chamber quickly and easily thanks to the magnetic lid.

Its brushed metal finish is stylish and feels good in the hand, while its mouthpiece ensures a clearer airflow for a lowered draw resistance. Even better, the mouthpiece boasts lip-sensing, auto-cooling and motion-sensing technology for more advanced vaping experience.


• Stylish finish and pleasant hand-feel
• Advanced technology for a better experience
• Simple to use and fill
• Long battery life
• Compact and discreet design


• Not as advanced as its younger sibling, the PAX 3