Why Does My Vape Taste Weird?

Why Does My Vape Taste Weird

Modern vaping products are extremely consistent from batch to batch. They’re produced using extensive automation – and when the vape juice is mixed by a machine, it’s completely reasonable to expect every disposable vape or bottle of e-liquid to taste the same as the last. Needless to say, you’re going to be pretty concerned if your vape tastes weird.

Now, the word “weird” means different things to different people. In most cases, “weird” means that your vape tastes burnt. In other cases, though, it might mean that your vape simply tastes different from normal. It’s not burnt, but it’s definitely not the flavour that you recognise. Since those two scenarios typically occur for completely different reasons, we’ll cover both in this guide. So, why does your vape taste weird? Let’s jump right to the solutions.

Why Does My Vape Taste Weird but Not Burnt?

You’re Using Sweetened E-Liquid, and Your Coil Is Getting Old

If you’re new to vaping and are using an e-liquid that tastes sweet, we’re going to have to let you in on an unfortunate fact: Sweetened e-liquids kill vape coils.

If your e-liquid tastes almost as sweet as real candy, it contains sucralose. The trouble with sucralose is that most of the sucralose in your vape juice doesn’t actually turn to vapour when it’s heated. Some of it sticks to your coil and forms a layer of caramelised residue, which eventually darkens and burns.

When the layer of residue has just begun to form, your vape may taste dark and smoky – definitely weird, but not burnt. It’ll taste burnt eventually, though, if you don’t replace your coil. We’ll discuss that at greater length shortly. For now, though, check out our list of the best e-liquids to learn about some coil-friendly vape juices that won’t burn your coil out prematurely.

You’re Dehydrated or Sick

It's important to drink plenty of extra liquid when you vape.

Another important thing to know about vape juice is that e-liquid is mostly made of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine, and both of those ingredients can be dehydrating if you inhale them because they capture moisture. Any moisture absorbed by those ingredients is then lost when you exhale the vapour, so vaping does tend to leave people feeling thirsty. It’s one of the most commonly reported side effects of vaping.

Being dehydrated can affect your sense of taste, so always drink plenty of extra water when you vape.

Don’t forget that being ill can also make things taste unusual – so if you’re feeling unwell, you can expect your vape to taste weird until the illness subsides.

You Have a Case of Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue is a form of olfactory fatigue that results in a temporarily inability to taste the subtle flavour notes in your e-liquid. It typically happens for one of these reasons.

  • The e-liquid that you’re using is very strongly flavoured.
  • You’re switching e-liquid flavours constantly.

In the first case, your taste buds can burn out for a while because you’re overloading them with strong flavours. The second case is something you’ve experienced if you’ve ever tested several scents at a perfume counter in quick succession; eventually, they all start to smell the same.

If you experience a case of vaper’s tongue, try resetting your taste buds with a palate cleanser like a lemon wedge or some plain crackers. You should also consider drinking more water. Another easy way to reset your palate is by switching to an unflavoured e-liquid until your sense of taste returns.

The Manufacturer’s Formula Has Changed

If you’ve been buying the same disposable vape or e-liquid for a while and find that it suddenly seems to taste different, it might be worthwhile to ask the manufacturer if the product has undergone a recent formula change. These days, e-liquid production has become so modernised and automated that formula changes are extremely rare. It’s still possible, though, for an e-liquid’s flavour to change if a supplier has changed or discontinued one of its products. If you’re certain that the flavour of an e-liquid or disposable vape is different from before, consider asking the manufacturer if the formula has changed.

You’re Using a Fake Vape

A fake vape may not have the correct flavour.

If you’re using a disposable vape that tastes weird – and it’s a flavour that you’ve bought many times before – you should consider the possibility that the device you’re using is counterfeit. The best disposable vapes on the market – popular brands like Elf Bar, Lost Mary and Crystal Bar – are very heavily counterfeited, and some estimates suggest that there could be millions of fake vapes on the market today.

The best way to avoid fake vapes is by buying your devices from a reliable vape shop. Avoid corner shops that don’t specialise in vaping products; many counterfeit devices end up in these types of stores.

Why Does My Vape Taste Weird and Burnt?

It’s Time to Replace Your Coil

Sucralose residue has caused this vape coil to produce a burnt flavour.

If your vape tastes weird and burnt after you’ve been using it for a while, the most likely reason is the one that we’ve already discussed above: You’re using sweetened e-liquid, and the sucralose has caused your coil to burn out prematurely. If you continue using your device past the point where the flavour has become dark and caramelised, your device will eventually taste burnt and will probably even cause severe throat irritation. If your vape tastes burnt after a day or two of tasting normal, it’s time for a new coil. Consider switching to unsweetened e-liquid if you want your coils to last longer.

Your Device’s Power Level Is Set Too High

Does your vape have adjustable voltage or wattage? If it does, it’s important to understand that although your device is capable of operating at a certain power level, there’s a possibility that your coil may not actually support it. Whether you’re using a pod system or a vape tank, you should be able to find the suggested power range for your coil on the box or etched into the body of the coil. Your vape may taste burnt if it’s set to a power level higher than that range.

You’re Chain Vaping

The coil assembly in your vaping device has a cotton wick that draws e-liquid from the tank or pod to the heating coil. When you vape, the coil turns the e-liquid in the wick to vapour – and when you stop vaping, the wick needs to absorb more vape juice from the tank or pod. If you vape again before the wick is fully saturated, you’ll get a burnt flavour. You can prevent this from happening by avoiding “chain vaping.” After each puff, always wait several seconds before puffing again.

You Didn’t Wait After Installing a New Coil

Proper wick absorption is also crucial if you’ve just installed a new coil or pod. When a coil is new, the wick is completely dry. It can take several minutes for the e-liquid to absorb fully into the cotton. If you vape before the cotton is completely wet, you’ll get a burnt flavour. You may even singe the cotton, which will make your vape taste weird permanently until you replace the coil. If you have a vape tank with a replaceable coil, you can make this process quicker by putting a few drops of e-liquid on each of the coil’s wick openings when you install the coil.