Vaping and Driving – Some Handy Hints

Vaping And Driving

In the old days, it was easy to smoke a regular cigarette in your car thanks to the integrated ashtrays in every vehicle, however over the last decade or so, this feature has now been phased out making it more difficult to get your fix while on the move.

But is it any easier to enjoy vaping when out and about in your car?

Many people think that vaping while driving is much safer than smoking a traditional cigarette as long as you make some vital preparations and bear some essential considerations in mind before hitting the open road.

Be Prepared

Before setting off, you should always make sure that your atomizer tank is full, as trying to refill with e-liquid while trying to control a vehicle can be very dangerous.

You should also ensure your e cig is fully charged so that you don’t have to fumble around plugging in your charger.

If you are heading out on an especially long journey, it makes sense to take a spare device or plan in a rest stop so that you can charge up and refill.

Open Your Windows

Never try to vape with your car windows closed, especially if you are a cloud chaser.

Thick vapour clouds will obscure your vision, so you should always leave your window or sunroof open a crack so that the vapour can escape.

If you can, try to blow the vapour in the direction of the open window while the car is moving.

Vapour clouds also cause your windshield to fog up over time, and this can be very dangerous, especially if you are driving in the dark. Clean your windows regularly to prevent residue building up.

Another way to cut back on windshield residue is to opt for an e-juice that has a lower ratio of VG, as higher proportions of VG in e-liquids results in thicker vapour clouds.

Always Watch the Road

Vaping on the Road

Tempting as it may be to try to pick up your dropped e-cig, resist the urge.

Unlike a regular cigarette, an e-cigarette cannot burn holes in your vehicle’s carpet or start a fire, so you don’t need to panic or take your eyes off the road to pick it up.

Always wait until it is safe to pull over before you retrieve it.

Never Put Your Drip Tip too Close to Your Teeth

Never Put Your Drip Tip too Close to Your Teeth

Remember that modern roads are rarely smooth, but instead have cracks, crevices and potholes that may cause your e-cig to move around in your mouth as the vehicle bounces up and down in response to the road surface.

This could cause damage to your teeth, and nobody wants to pay for an expensive trip to the dentist. Instead, hold the drip tip between your lips, and always go for a plastic or rubber drip tip.

Never Litter

Throwing empty cartomisers out of your car window is an absolute no-no.

Not only would you be littering, but the bits of broken plastic and glass may pierce your car’s tires causing damage.

It takes no effort to keep any disposable parts inside your vehicle until you come to a stop and can put them in the trash.

Find Somewhere Safe to Hold Your E-Cig

At the moment, no engineers have considered designing a place inside a vehicle to store an e-cig upright.

This can be a problem if your device leaks through its airflow slots if it is laid down horizontally.

Although there are some gadgets on the market which fit in cars and which may suit your vaping device, these do not work with all devices, and therefore you could try using a homemade solution.

A rubber band inserted through an air vent is adequate to hold your e-cig vertically, however, remember not to have your airflow set at too high or low a temperature if you opt for this method.

Avoid Storing E-Cigs and E-Juices Inside Your Car if the Temperature is Low

If you are traveling in a cold environment, avoid leaving your e-liquid and e-cigs inside your car.

This is because in cold weather, your e-liquid consistency will change, becoming thicker, and this could lead to problems with leakage or wicking.

If you cannot avoid leaving your device and e-juice in your car, opt for an e-liquid with a higher proportion of PG as it does not become as thick as VG.

Consider Buying a Driver Vaping Kit

Several manufacturers have now recognised the problem of vaping while driving and have designed devices to improve drivers’ experiences.

These devices are plugged into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, have long cords and can be used as both a manual and an automatic e-cig so that you can choose whether or not to push the fire button.

Stay Healthy

It is always important that you stay in complete control of your vehicle at all times while on the road, so avoid opting for too high a nicotine content for your e-juice while driving, as higher concentrations can lead to dizziness.

If you do feel light-headed while vaping on the move, make sure that you pull over as soon as it is safe.

Vaping can also have a drying effect on your throat, and this can lead to coughing fits.

Obviously, this can be dangerous while driving, so make sure to stay hydrated by keeping a bottle of water to hand with a sports-style spout.