How to Stop Your Vape Tank from Leaking and Spitting

Leaking Vape Tank

You may be used to your vape spitting, popping, or leaking all over the place after you use it.

But we are here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be like this. There are several easy solutions to this issue that help your favourite e-juice stay exactly where its meant to.

These simple yet highly effective solutions can be used in conjunction with both a regular tank vape and a rebuildable vape atomizer.

Whilst some modern vaping devices come with these solutions pre-built into the product, many vape devices are not so lucky.

So here are just a few quick fixes to this otherwise irritating issue.

What is Leaking?

The term “leaking” most commonly refers to when the e-juice escapes from the vape device’s tank. This “leaking” of the e-liquid usually occurs via the airflow system.

The severity of this issue stems from the reason behind the leakage but can range from just a few small droplets of e-liquid at a time to the entire contents of the tank leaking all over the place. 

Leaking is especially prevalent in vape devices that utilise a sub-ohm tank.

This issue has several causes, most likely stemming from interior design faults within the vaping device itself due to manufacturing errors.

Reasons That Can Cause Vape Leaking

Reasons That Can Cause Vape Leaking

Losing your expensive e-juice is bad enough, but it’s even worse when you don’t seem to be able to stop the leakage from occurring.

Filling Your Tank Incorrectly

By far, the most common cause of tank leakage is incorrect filling, which is good news since it’s easy to rectify.

Tanks have a central airflow tube called a chimney which runs through the tank’s body to the drip tip.

Although all vapers know that they’re supposed to avoid the chimney when filling the tank, many accidentally get their e-juice down the tube, and this leads to leaking.

If your e-liquid somehow gets into your chimney while filling your tank, you should use a paper towel to clean the chimney before vaping.

If you avoid overfilling the tank that will also help since an air pocket at the top of the tank creates a vacuum which stops the e-juice from coming out.

Damaged O Rings

This is another common cause of leakage. If you’ve taken care to fill your tank properly and are still have problems with leakage you should take your tank apart and examine its O rings.

If there are broken, worn or missing, the air seal of your tank won’t be working properly, and you’ll need new O rings (in the right size, of course.)

Poorly Fastened Tanks

Another simple problem to rectify is a tank which isn’t properly fastened together.

If the tank isn’t screwed on tightly enough or is accidentally cross-threaded, it’s possible for e-juice to leak out.

Check your threads are correctly threaded and that the tank is screwed on properly (although not too tight).

Sometimes, it’s impossible to screw the tank on properly as the threads have become worn. If this occurs, you’ll simply need to get a new tank.

Poor Positioning

Some tanks don’t cope well with being stored horizontally, and e-juice may leak through the airflow holes if left in that position for any length of time.

Try standing it up vertically instead, especially when charging overnight.

Coil Issues

Occasionally, it is the coil which is at fault because of a manufacturing flaw.

You may need to buy a new coil and try replacing the one that you have to see if it solves the problem.

Dirty Tank

Sometimes, when a tank hasn’t been cleaned for a while, old e-juice will build up a residue inside the tank’s components, and this can end up causing leakage.

Take your tank apart, wash it with cold water and leave to dry completely before putting it together again.

If you like, you can give it a deep clean by separating the tank parts and washing them all with detergent and water.

Damaged Tank

Sometimes, your tank will have a crack or damage that you haven’t noticed.

A bit of bent metal or a narrow crack in the glass will mean that the tank isn’t airtight any more and the e-liquid will leak out.

Incorrect PG/VG Ratio

If you are using a very power-hungry coil head, any e-juice which is less than 70% VG content is likely to be too thin and will end up leaking through the large juice port.

Missing Top Cap

As tanks are pressurized, if the tank has no top cap e-liquid will start to leak from the airflow holes.

Always ensure that you only ever leave the top cap off for an extended period if the tank is empty.

What is Spitback?

Why Does My Vape Spit

Spitback is a term that refers to the very hot e-liquid droplets that sometimes shoot out at you as you vape.

Check out your RDA coil as it fires up and you’ll often spot it happening along with telltale vape popping sounds.

The hot e-juice droplets will go in all directions; however, if you are really unlucky, you may find that one shoots into your mouthpiece while you’re in mid-draw.

The cause of RDA spitting is fairly simple. Basically put, the e-liquid pools up on the coil and becomes cooked instead of vaporized.

If you imagine a pan of boiling water on a hob bubbling and spitting, this is pretty much the same thing that happens with your vape, and when you inhale from the mouthpiece, it’s all too easy to suck up some hot droplets.

The problem is associated with flooded coils, but sometimes you’ll find that it happens even when there is no flooding problem.

How to Eliminate Spitback Problems

Vapers who have experienced this problem have come up with a number of ways of reducing spitback and even preventing it completely.

Increase the Power

If you are vaping at too low a wattage, it’s possible the e-liquid is being vaporized as quickly as it is being supplied by the wick.

Increase the wattage by 5-10W and see if the situation improves.

Avoid Over-Priming

Priming the coil by dripping e-liquid manually onto the wick before using the coil can end up being a problem.

Too much e-liquid in the chamber causes flooding and the associated spitback problem.

This is the same when it comes to dripping and RDAs. Don’t overdo it with the dripping or priming and you could resolve the problem completely.

Fire First

Before you inhale for the first time, press your fire button for a few seconds.

You’ll hear the popping sounds fade away and once you hear the ordinary vaporization hum, you can then begin to puff away with no worries about spitback.

Soak up the E-Liquid

Spitback can be worsened if e-liquid collects inside the chimney and finds it way back to the coil.

You can fix this by using tissue paper – rolling it and then inserting it into the tank’s chimney to soak up excess e-juice.

Avoid Clapton Coils

Coils which are multi-stranded often spit and pop because of their design.

Clapton coils and twisted coils are notorious for this problem so switch to a simple coil instead.

Reduce Airflow

If you inhale too forcefully during vaping, you could be encouraging flooding.

Inhale gently, allowing the wick and coil to do the work on your behalf. You could also reduce the airflow setting.

Use a High VG E-Liquid

E-liquids which are high in PG are thinner, and this makes flooding more likely. Switch to an ejuice which has a higher VG content, and this will slow wicking.

Cover the Drip Tip

By covering the drip tip, you’ll ensure that no e-juice can spit back into it.

One way is to use a paper towel; however, there are also pipe screens which can be cut down to fit into the tip.

Alternatively, you can invest in an anti spit back drip tip, which has been designed specifically to combat the problem.

If you are struggling with spitback, try these methods to see if you can rectify the situation.

If all else fails, a new drip tip will definitely cure the problem and will restore your trouble-free vaping experience.


When trying to combat the issue of e-liquid leaking, you should start with the simplest solutions, namely that of checking the seal, ensuring no e-liquid is in the chimney and checking for damaged O-rings.

If these simple solutions do not help, then try some of the more complicated fixes such as thoroughly checking the coil heads and their screws or taking extra care when wicking the atomizer (if a rebuildable tank is in use). 

Thankfully, modern vaping manufacturers are taking notice of these common issues and are starting to put anti-leaking measures into place from the get-go. Soon, leaking will be a distant memory for all vape users.

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