Top 10 Electronic Cigarettes in the UK [10/2020] – Best Starter Kits Reviewed

best electronic cigarettes in the united kingdom for 2020

Updated on October 2020: Electronic cigarettes are one of the best ways of quitting smoking and improving your life.

As of today, e-cigarettes are the most popular smoking cessation aid in the UK. And there’s a reason for that – they do work

Although until quite recently medical experts were against the idea of vaping, in the last couple of years they have started to recognise the importance of e-cigarettes as an effective way of giving up the habit and medical professionals are now even starting to recommend their use. 

However, just buying an e-cigarette without doing your research can result in a waste of money. Or even worse, product defects can lead to explosions and serious health risk. 

Although there is an enormous range of e-cigarette products available online, if you make the mistake of buying a poor quality product you risk putting yourself off vaping for life, and since it has many proven health benefits over smoking, this would be a terrible shame.

We’ve taken the time to gather together customer reports and internal testing research to determine what are the most reliable, quality, and effective e-cigs brands out on the UK market today in 2020. 

We have done all the hard work in identifying which e-cigarettes are the safest, promise the best vaping experience and also represent the best value for money to save you the time and effort of doing all the research yourself.

Here, we have listed some of the best e-cigarette starter kits and disposables so you can be confident that you are choosing the right e-cig for you to get started with vaping.

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5 Best E-Cig Brands in the UK

List of the Best E-Cigarettes in the UK for 2020

Best E Cig Starter Kit For Beginners

V2 Standard Starter Kit

v2 standard - the best e cig in the uk

In our opinion, the best e cig in the UK is V2 Standard Starter Kit, because if you’re new to vaping, there’s one thing that you’re sure to be looking for, and that’s simplicity.

Some e-cigs can be so complicated to get to grips with that it puts you off making the switch altogether.

Not so with the V2 Standard starter kit. Designed with the needs of new vapers in mind, this convenient kit comes with everything you need to get started in one simple package.

When you open the box you’ll find two batteries – one manual and one automatic, a USB smart charger, a wall adapter and, perhaps best of all, two five packs of flavour cartridges in your chosen flavours so that you can get vaping right away.

If you’ve been worrying about how to set up your e-cig, the V2 Standard is ideal for you. Simply remove the seal from a flavour cartridge, screw it onto a charged battery and you’re good to go – what could be simpler?

Choose between the automatic battery, which is super-easy to use and is perfect for beginners, or the manual battery which requires you to press the fire button to vape giving you greater control.

Whichever you choose, this device is so user friendly that you’ll be vaping like a pro in no time!

When you’re trying to quit smoking you won’t want to be without your e-cig, so you’ll be pleased to learn that the batteries included with this kit have a pretty long lifespan, delivering several hours of performance for a moderate vaper.

I was impressed when I first tried this e-cig by its simplicity and yet impressive performance.

Convenient and easy to use, the V2 Standard Starter Kit has deservedly taken its place among my top vaping devices.


Best Vape Kit For Heavy Smokers

JacVapour SERIES-B DNA 75W matte black 23mm


If you are a heavy smoker who is moving into vaping, you’re going to need a device that can accommodate your more demanding requirements.

JacVapour have really thought about the needs of this market and have designed a stylish mod with bags of quality that can offer a truly impressive vaping experience.

Although the Series-B is quite small in size, it has a wonderfully ergonomic design that fits perfectly into your hand.

It also doesn’t compromise on style thanks to its stainless steel and black rubber exterior. It’s even small enough to pop into a pocket while you’re on the move.

When you’re a heavy smoker, you need to choose a mod that’s a high performer, and this device won’t disappoint.

It has an Evolv DNA chipset with customisable wattage and temperature control modes as well as a powerful and removable 18650 battery which can fire up to 75 watts.

If you’re new to vaping, you’re not going to struggle to get to grips with this vape. Its large easy-read screen, well-placed fire button and simple controls make this mod a breeze to use.

It also supports both DTL and MTL vaping, so you have plenty of flexibility for adaptation as your vaping style changes over time.


Best eGo Style Kit

JacVapour Series S17

Jac Vapour Series-S17

If you need a user-friendly vape pen that doesn’t compromise on style, the JacVapour Series S17 is sure to tick all your boxes.

Ideal for beginners, this device offers plenty of power in a simple to use chassis. Just screw the coil into place, fill up with your favourite e-liquid, attach to the battery and start vaping – it’ll take under 10 seconds!

Designed to meet every vaper’s need for performance and flexibility, the Series S17 was designed and made in the UK by JacVapour’s R&D team, so you can be confident of an outstanding product.

This kit comes complete with all you need to begin vaping except your e-juice! Not only will you receive the 900 mAh battery but you’ll also get the topfill tank, a 1.0 Ohm MTL S-coil, a user manual and a USB charging lead.

There are also a range of other accessories such as DTL coils that can be purchased separately to customise and upgrade your vape as you progress through your vaping journey.

This means that, whether you’re new to vaping or whether you’re already a seasoned vaper, this device is sure to meet your expectations


Best Vape Pod

Jacvapour VIM

When you’re new to the world of vaping, you need a mod that’s user-friendly.

And one of the easiest ways to start vaping is by choosing a reliable pod mod. This is where the Jacvapour VIM comes into play.

The Jacvapour VIM AIO is the ideal choice, being simple enough for beginners to get to grips with while still offering the ability for growth and change as your vaping style adapts thanks to the choice of coils.

This is one of the most flexible devices on the market today, suitable for both newbie and experienced vapers alike.

For beginners, the ease of use is hard to beat, whereas for advanced vapers, the ability to switch out the coils gives you the opportunity to customise your experience.

The pre-filled pods offer a “plug & play” vaping experience which is absolutely ideal for newcomers to the vaping world.

Meanwhile, being able to replace the coils gives you the choice for an MTL vape for the closest thing to smoking or a DTL experience for a looser, cloudier vape.

You can also refill the pods yourself conveniently and without mess thanks to the handy top-filling design so you can experiment with different e-juices and flavours.

This convenient and well-designed vape device doesn’t just offer great performance, it also looks good too.

Its build quality is second-to-none and with its rubber body, it’ll be well protected from accidental knocks and falls. Plus, it’s compact size and lightweight design means that you can easily carry it anywhere you need to go without any problems.


Best Vape Pen Kit

JacVapour Series S22

jacvapour series s22

There are a whole lot of vape pen kits on the market today, so it isn’t easy to find the best one on the market.

Of course, everyone has different preferences, but it’s hard to beat the JacVapour Series S22 kit. Easy to use, it’s an ideal starter kit for anyone who is transitioning from smoking to vaping, and with its elegant design it’s a pretty appealing device.

Surprisingly multifunctional, this device is suitable for beginners thanks to its refined, stripped-back design, yet it can evolve with you as you become more experienced, allowing you to maximise your vape for many years to come.

The Series S22 is leading the way in its class in terms of power and stamina. Its long-lasting battery keeps you vaping all day, so you’ll never need to worry about having to search for a charger.

The topfilling vape tank that comes with this kit has been designed to be refilled in just ten seconds, so you’ll be ready to take a puff in no time.

There are also plenty of accessories available to purchase separately, so you can easily add upgrades to your vape pen when your needs and preferences change.

This is also a very safe device with inbuilt protections against high amp draw, short circuiting and overcharging. There are also battery vents for added user safety.

In terms of aesthetics, this is also a very attractive device. Its steel alloy body has a rubberised oil finish in a vhoice of two colours – grey/yellow and black.

The base and top caps as well as the power button are made from polycarbonate with an ABS rubber oil finish for an appealing texture and excellent functionality.

The kit comes complete with all you need to start vaping. As well as the e-cigarette itself, you’ll receive the top fill vape tank, a 1.0 ohm MTL coil, a USB charging cable and a user manual. This device is also fully protected by a 6 month UK warranty.

All you’ll need to do is supply your own favourite e-juice and you’re good to go!


Best E Cig Kit For Ladies

V2 EX Series Standard

v2 ex standard

Ladies, we’ve all had this problem – you’re heading out for a night on the town when you suddenly realise that your favourite vaping device won’t fit into your handbag!

And how many times have you tried to look sophisticated and stylish, but a big and bulky e-cig has let you down?

Well, the V2 EX Series Standard Kit is the ideal solution and is just perfect for ladies who are looking for a compact and lightweight cig-a-like that is easy to use and that fits neatly into even their smallest handbag.

Often with a compact vape pen you have to compromise on battery life, but you won’t have to worry about that with the V2 EX Series battery which lasts a pretty long time and can then be recharged in under an hour so you don’t have to go long without vaping!

Another simple feature included on this device that is surprisingly useful is the handy battery indicator on its side which lets you see exactly how much vaping time you have left before you need to plug it in.

If you’re looking for a convenient, easy to use device, the V2 EX Series is perfect as the battery is automatic and there’s no fire button to complicate matters.

However, while this is great for newbies to vaping who are looking for a user-friendly experience to get them started, it may not be so great for more advanced users who are looking for more control over their vape.

Are you looking for a slim and stylish micro e-cig that is really convenient for everyday use, but don’t want to compromise on performance?

The EX Series fits the bill again, with cartridges that don’t compromise on throat hit or taste and, perhaps most importantly, have a larger capacity of up to 400 puffs so you can enjoy vaping for longer.


Best Cig-A-Like Kit

V2 EX Series Standard Vape Pen

V2 EX Series Standard

If you’re looking for a vape pen that feels and operates in just the same way as a regular cigarette, the V2 EX Series Standard vape pen kit is perfect for you!

Ready to use instantly, and with a slim profile that mimics the feel of a regular cigarette, this device is great for anyone who is just making the switch from smoking.

Convenience is key when you’re starting out on your vaping journey, and the V2 EX kit couldn’t be easier to use.

Ready to use at a moment’s notice, it couldn’t be easier to change the batteries and cartridges as they simply slot in and out.

As the battery is also automatic, you won’t need to worry about working out complicated controls or features, you can simply concentrate on enjoying your vape.

If portability is important to you, you’ll be pleased to know that the V2 EX is also lightweight and compact, meaning that you can simply tuck it into your pocket when heading out for the day, and as each cartridge lasts for around 400 puffs, unless you’re a really heavy vaper you shouldn’t need to change it all day.

Battery life is also pretty good, with its 280mAh capacity being double that of many other similar devices.

There are some other handy features which are worth mentioning on this device.

Firstly, the lights at the tip of the battery show the remaining battery life to give you an idea of when you need to think about recharging your device, and the EX cartridges that come with this kit have a viewing window so you can see how much e-juice is left in your tank.

While these may seem like small things, it is touches like that that puts the V2 EX Series ahead of its competitors.


Best Portable Vapourizer



When you’re vaping on the go, you need something special from your vaping device. You need a vape pen that’s going to be small and compact enough to pop into a pocket, but you don’t want to compromise on quality of experience.

The Pax3 won’t disappoint in either respect. Suitable for both dry herbs and concentrates, it lets you switch between vaping styles in just seconds for true flexibility, and as it’s from a well-respected vaping brand you can be confident that you’ll enjoy the best of all worlds.

The Pax3 excels in many areas, with one of those being the rapid heat up time which sees it reach its temperature in just 15 seconds.

It also has a powerful long-lasting battery which ensures outstanding performance.

One cool feature of this device is its downloadable Pax app which allows you to control your device from your smartphone or tablet for even greater convenience.

Not only is the Pax3 really versatile, adapting to your preferred vaping style, but it’s also a beautifully designed piece of kit.

Its attractive exterior and well-thought-out design makes it an asset to any vapers’ collection.

It also produces an amazing amount of vapour and flavour that won’t fail to impress even the most demanding vaper.


Best Electronic Cigarette Brands in the United Kingdom

#1 V2 Cigs – The Best Brand for 2020

v2 uk brand reviewCurrently, the top e-cig brand available for purchase, is V2 e-cigs. They rate very highly on all fronts – power, performance, flavour and battery life. They are also quite affordable.

So whether you are new to vaping and are looking for a starter kit or are an experienced vaper looking for something more advanced, V2 are sure to have something to suit.

Their e-cigarettes are well known to be reliable and as their performance makes them stand out from the crowd, it is easy to see why so many people use them.

They also have a great choice of e-liquids to select from in a fantastic choice of flavours.

V2 are part of the brand portfolio of VMR Products, the top online manufacturer of vapourizers and e cigarettes in the USA.

In Europe, their products have been branded as Vapour2 and these products are now being launched within the UK, bringing the same excellent V2 quality and high performing products under a new label.

V2 Cigs UK is one of only a few vape companies to operate within the UK with a manufacturer who runs their own manufacturing process to ensure full controls of product integrity.

The company take customer service and quality control very seriously and take pride in producing impressive products.


#2 JacVapour

jacvapour brand reviewWhen JacVapour’s director Andy Logan was first shown an e-cigarette on a trip to America in 2010, he immediately recognised its true potential and set up his company on his return home to the UK, aiming to supply high quality electronic cigarettes at affordable prices to the British public.

The company launched their first e-liquids in 2011, and the company continued to expand their offerings year after year, offering a genuine alternative to traditional tobacco to those who were interested in quitting.

Selling a wide range of products from starter kits to cartomisers, e-liquids and accessories, JacVapour continue to cater to the needs of a wide range of vapers, from beginners right up to those who prefer to customise their vaping experience to suit their individual style.

There are many positive Jacvapour electronic cigarette reviews, so it’s safe to say that Jac is one of the best brands in the UK.


#3 Epuffer

epuffer uk brand reviewFounded in 2008, ePuffer is now a well-recognised vaping company selling all sorts of high quality vaping supplies and are considered to be one of the best in the industry.

Their product range starts with disposables, various different types of rechargeable e-cigarettes, e-cigars, great selection of e-liquids and one of the best e-pipe selection currently available by a single brand…

So if you are looking for the best e cigarette in the UK, Epuffer will be a good brand to start with.


#4 Apollo E-Cigs

apollo uk brand review

A high quality brand that is ideal for more experienced users, Apollo offer both standard e-cig models and eGO batteries which are able to connect to a great choice of sub ohm tanks which can be filled with any brand of e-juice for a more personal experience.

The company have actively sought to maximise the pleasure of vaping, offering custom created vape mods and the best new e-cigarettes created with all the experience of one of the most recognised and respected international e-cig brands.

The team have a great understanding of vaping and always stay at the cutting edge of new technology so that they can design superior products and offer the best service in every case.

Continue reading our electronic cigarette review uk guide, and find out more about other products as well.


#5 VaporFi

vapori brand reviewVaporFi has long been one of the top names in the vapor products industry, offering a wide array of top-quality products aimed at users of all levels.

VaporFi offers just about everything for every vaper, catering to the beginner who wants simplified e-cigs, the intermediates who want convenient performance, and to the advanced users after the most innovative, feature-rich mods and tanks (sub-ohm, RTAs, RDAs, MTLs and others).

They offer one of the most diverse collections of e-liquids on the market, with a range that includes the ability to customise juices to taste, along with blending to create over 30,000 different vape juice flavours.

VaporFi is all about user-experience and satisfaction. They have created the most user-friendly entrance into the world of vaping, enabling users to have exactly what they want, without complication.

As a result, VaporFi has become an international mainstay, giving vapers the confidence they seek from products they can trust.

Why Vaping is gaining popularity?

Beneficial for your health

Today, everyone knows about the health problems associated with smoking traditional tobacco.

The serious conditions which can arise from smoking are well publicised and now there can be nobody who is not aware that smoking tobacco causes many numerous cancers from lung cancer to mouth cancer as well as raising the smoker’s likelihood of suffering a heart attack or a stroke among other conditions.

However e-cig vapour contains none of the toxins contained in the smoke from tobacco, and although e-cigs do contain some nicotine, studies have shown that in fact its effect on the human body are similar to that of caffeine.

It is not nicotine that causes harm to the smoker so much as the other toxins which are inhaled when smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes like ammonia, formaldehyde and tar. None of these substances are contained in e-cigs.

Saving your money

E-cigarettes can help you save money over purchasing standard tobacco. Over recent years, standard cigarettes have become a lot more expensive and tax is regularly increased on tobacco products.

These days, a pack of cigarettes is more expensive than ever and it is possible to spend a considerable sum every month on buying these products.

On the other hand, although there are initial outgoings when vaping, when you switch to e-cigarettes you will soon see the savings mount up.

Yes, you will need to buy an atomizer to hold your e-liquid and a vaporizer, but starter kits can be bought at very affordable prices, and following this investment, all you will need to do is stock up from time to time on e-juice.

Each bottle of e-liquid produces the equivalent vapour as 10 packs of standard cigarettes, so you can see how much it is possible to save.

Doesn’t harm others

Being a tobacco smoker has become increasingly difficult over the last few years.

With tobacco smoking having been banned in most public places, it is a much less desirable habit as being forbidden from lighting up in restaurants and bars has meant that smokers must leave the premises to smoke which is very anti-social.

At the moment, e-cigs are not yet subject to the same kind of regulation so vaping is still permitted in many places in which standard smoking is forbidden.

Another benefit is that e-cogs produce no unpleasant odour which can permeate your hair, clothes and furniture like the smoke from standard tobacco cigarettes does.

Vaping guide for 2020 & beyond

The purpose of an electronic cigarette is to get rid of the tobacco in your life. Therefore, finding the perfect electronic cigarette becomes crucial as it gives you the incentive to let go of traditional smoking.

In order to find out which products best suit your requirements and are perfect from your point of view, it is important that you find out more information about what makes the various kinds of e-cigarettes and their adjacent e-liquids unique and one of a kind.

In other words, you want to be lucky and stumble upon the best possible device that money can buy instead of putting 10 other devices on trial and going through the hectic phase of assessing their pros and cons.

One of the most common places where you can find information about e-cigarettes is on the websites online.

However, it would be quite erroneous to label the details mentioned in these websites as valid, concrete and reliable information.

If anything, they are mere pieces of advertisements that provide very little insight about the working mechanism or the true quality of the device that you are interested in.

You will come across a number of ecig reviews about the basic starter kits, but seldom will you find information that lets you know the different device styles that will be conducive for you and your smoking habits.

Things over here are far different from those generic reviews.

The information that you will be getting here will be specifically on the different devices that are available as of now.

Of course there is an ocean full of variety when it comes to devices in e-cigarettes, and each variant has its own unique features and characteristics that appeal to certain vapers.

You will be provided with detailed information about each product type.

Nothing will be left out, starting from the very simple disposable e-cigarettes to the advanced desktop vaporizers.

Once you have a better working knowledge of the functionality of each and every single type of e-cigarette, you will be in a better position to choose and purchase the perfect one for yourself.

Ending up with the wrong device can be catastrophic. Most people who are unsatisfied with their e-cigarettes due to poor, misinformed or uniformed selections eventually revert back to conventional smoking and tobacco.

This is a massive failure on the part of websites that promote and inform people about e-cigarettes.

This was the reason why this site was created. Our aim is quite simple.

We want smokers to have better and clearer knowledge about e-cigarettes so that they do not end up choosing the wrong kit when sorting through the numerous products available in the market.

It is all about helping people find the e-cigarette that will fulfil their individual and personal needs and at the same time prove to be a great alternative for tobacco.

With the information on our website, there is absolutely no need to surf through tons of review materials posted online.

All you have to do is read through our content and you will soon become a much better judge of e-cigarettes.

What can you expect from this website? To put it really simply, the site offers you the very latest information on the various types and styles of devices that are available in the market today.

At the same time, we are catering to the review hungry people by offering in depth reviews of the best products in the market.

These e cig reviews serve as a great guideline when buying e-cigarettes, which could quite possibly turn out to be the single most important gadget in your life.

Most Popular Vaping Device Types in 2020

The most popular e-cigarette types are:

Standard Mini e cig (also called as Cig-a-likes)
They tend to have the appearance of a real cigarette. These can be good e-cigarettes for beginners to help the transition to e cigs.

These type of electronic cigarettes were the ones which made vaping popular.Their size vary depending on brand, but usually they are quite small and similar to real cigarettes (that’s why they are called cig-a-likes).

Despite the fact of being same size as traditional cigarettes, cig-a-likes are noticeably heavier. You can recharge your mini e-cig and you can easily change cartridges when necessary.

These of e-cigs will be a good choice for beginners, who are just looking for their vaping experience as they are affordable and super easy to use.

However, there are several downsides if you are planning to use them quite often. For example, battery wont hold as long as it will with box mods, squonkers or eGo electronic cigarettes.

eGo electronic cigarettes (also known as vaporizer e cigs or vape pens)
These e-cigarettes are bigger than cig-a-likes, thus, they last longer without charging. Also they produce a better vapour volume.

Vaporizer E cigs will be a good choice if you are planning to vape quite regularly and you want more powerful device.

Feel free to check out our “Best Vape Pens” guide to find a perfect vape pen for yourself.

Box Mods (also known as vape or e-cig mods)
This is the newest and most advanced e cigarette type. And to be honest, it seems that vape mods are the most popular e cig devices on the market right now.

Even a lot of beginners choose e-cig mods over tradition products. And it’s totally understandable as box mods are affordable and more powerful than their ‘ancestors’. No matter what you want to achieve (make big clouds or just have a great throat hit) vape mods definitely will satisfy your needs.

There are even more advanced mods which allow you to do various customisations and also allow you to sub-ohm vape.

Read more about “Best box and vape mods” and find a perfect device that fits your needs.

We hope that this best E cigarette reviews in the UK article helped you to find a perfect kit for you.

Disposable E-Cigarettes
Disposable e-cigarettes are very commonly found in the markets. You can find them just about anywhere starting from gas stations, to bars to over-the-counter and many more regular places.

Disposable cigarettes are perceived to be the perfect devices for novices who are in the initial stages of smoking.

When a person begins to smoke disposable e-cigarettes, he or she either loathes it or absolutely loves it.

The inconsistency is quite evident among the smokers.Disposable e-cigarettes are often described as samples or simply tips of icebergs.

With that being said, it is possible for people to find complete smoking satisfaction with the use of disposable.

However, heavier smokers are granted little to not gratification with disposable e-cigarettes. They are in dire need of something much heavier and influential.

Cigar smokers will find these devices extremely useful. This is a popular selection among people who still believe that that indulging in the rich taste of cigar is one of the classiest things a man or woman can do.

The biggest advantage of electronic cigars is that it does not come with the pungent smell exuded by tobacco cigars.

With that being said, the taste and the feeling of an authentic cigar will be strictly maintained.

They are so realistic, that they can fool even the most experienced smokers. Try one today and give yourself a pleasant surprise.

E-Liquid (also known as eJuice)
Maybe E-Liquids doesn’t really fit under title “e-cig types”, but it’s very important to mention it here as well, because it’s one of the most crucial components for vaping.

Once you have purchased e-cigarette you desire, the next step to follow is the purchase of a high quality e-liquid.

Standard Cig-a-likes, vape pens, portable vapourizers, eGo e-cigs and mods all require e-liquid (or cartridges filled with e-juice).

E-Liquids are available in hundreds or even thousands different flavours.Most ejuices are available in various nicotine strengths ranging from 0% (zero nicotine) to 2.4% (very high).

We strongly recommend you to purchase Eliquids from reliable and trustworthy vendors only. Cheap e-liquids can turn out to be an investment that you will regret later on.

There is an enormous variety of different flavours of e-liquid to choose from, so whether you prefer more traditional tastes like tobacco or menthol, or whether you’d rather try something more unusual like a dessert-inspired or fruity taste, there is sure to be something that meets your expectations.