Wales bans smoking of E-Cigs in public

Wales bans smoking of E-Cigs in publicCan you imagine being arrested and fined for smoking electronic cigarettes in public places? That’s how bad it is. This piece of news came as a surprise and complete shock to many people who live in Wales and the UK at large. The government through the Health Minister announced its plans to ban any kind of smoking in public places. In a statement released by Mark Drakeford who is the Health Minister, the government explained the importance of taking collective responsibility in order to address some of the most critical challenges that is affecting the current population. The government further outlined the dangerous effects of passive smoking and this is the main motivation behind banning any form of smoking in public.

All along e-cigs have always been seen as a better and healthier option to tobacco cigarettes. However, this is not the case anymore according to Mr. Mark Drakeford. E-cigarettes contain nicotine though in small quantities just as with the tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and exposure to this substance might lead to one becoming an addicted smoker in future. Thus, not even e-cigs are an alternative anymore to smoking the tobacco cigarettes.

Public reaction

General reaction from the public has been that people are shocked and they see this as a step backwards in curbing the smoking of tobacco cigarettes. The general feeling is that smoking electronics cigarettes in public should not be banned. According to Richard Filbrandt who is the owner of Vibrant Vapour Café, science has proved that there is no major risk associated with passive smoking of electronics cigarettes and hence by all means it is not right to ban the smoking of electronic cigarettes in public.


It is illegal to sell cigarettes to people under the age of 18. Any person doing this in Wales will be fined heavily so as to prevent the vice. For the young people who order electronic cigarettes using the internet or online and they are not at least 18 years of age; they will be traced and charged as per the laws.

Wales has always been on the forefront to implement radical challenges and once again it is proving to be one of the major forces to embracing change.

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