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vapestick discount codeElectronic cigarettes are gradually becoming more and more common in today’s society. Vapestick, one of the most highly rated brands of electronic cigarettes, takes on the same look as a tobacco cigarette but contains zero harmful toxins or chemicals.

Vapestick products are sold mainly in retail stores as well as online through the Vapestick website.

Vapestick is designed to provide the vaper with a safe, high quality vaping (smoking) experience. As the vaper inhales, the e-cigarette battery is activated causing the atomiser (unit that stores the e-liquid/flavouring) to heat up. This heat turns the e-liquid into water vapour, which is what the user inhales into their lungs. Since the user is only inhaling flavoured water vapour (usually laced with nicotine), there is no harm being done to the user or anybody surrounding the user.

Vapestick’s electronic cigarettes are designed to resemble a tobacco cigarette. This aspect allows for an easier transition from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. There are several aspects that make the e-cigarettes resemble tobacco cigarettes:

  • The Vapstick’s e-cigarette battery design is small. This allows the battery of the product to blend in with the e-cigarette and not appear bulky or out of place. The battery acts as the burning end of a tobacco cigarette; it lights up green when the vaper inhales.
  • Vapestick’s portable charging case (sold separately) is designed to look like a pack of tobacco cigarettes, from the size to the design.
  • The water vapour also feels like the smoke from tobacco cigarettes so the vaper doesn’t miss that sensation.

Vapestick sells its products in the form of several different kits, the most common kit being their classic starter kit. This kit comes with two atomisers, two batteries, the USB charger and ten cartridges. The batteries provide the user with six to seven hours of vaping but since you are given two, running out of battery life shouldn’t be a problem.

The e-liquid also comes in a variety of flavours as well as nicotine levels.  You can purchase the e-liquid in original flavour, menthol, tobacco or an apple flavour if you’re interested in something a little different. Along with these four flavours, you can choose the amount of nicotine you want. The levels range from nicotine free to around 15%.

The only downside is that Vapestick designs their product in the three-piece set up instead of the modern two – piece. This isn’t too much of a concern but it does add to the price of the product. However, the product can be cheaper if you purchase the atomiser separate from the rest of the e-cigarette. For other savings options, make sure you view the discount code above!

The Vapestick is known for its dependability and overall customer satisfaction. Whether you are trying to quit tobacco cigarettes or just save some money, Vapestick is a high quality option located in your everyday retail store! Don’t forget to take advantage of the discount code and see what offers you could receive today!

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