Updated Information Surfaces on E-cigarette Health

e-cigaretteE cigs are a big deal, and this is especially true in the stop smoking movement that is taking place today across the globe. On question that is commonly ask is “are they safe?” In short, it depends on how you look at it. Electronic cigarettes are most definitely safer than the alternative. Though they are not classified as aids to help people stop smoking statistics prove that they can and will help in this seemingly overwhelming task, and many long time smokers have been successful in ceasing smoking by using an e-cig. If you are planning to try it then please do so, as it will help.

The Tobacco Companies

The tobacco company will go to any length to succeed, and that may mean negative advertising on E-cigs. Some are venturing into electronic cigarette production themselves. Not too long ago the British Cancer Society said that tobacco cigarettes are in fact killing more people yearly than suicide, AIDS, car accident, drugs and alcohol combined. That is a staggering number. More than 103,000 people in the UK alone die every year from smoking.

This is a sneaky devil though. It may come on you in the form of cancer, diabetes, hypertension cardiovascular disease or one of the many other ailments directly caused from smoking. With the electronic cigarette, though a small percentage of carcinogens are present you will have the chance to lead a healthier and longer life.Years of research has been done hoping to find a healthy or healthier alternative for smokers. Nicotine addiction is the hardest addiction to kick, and research also backs that fact. It was not so long ago that scientists invented the E cig and people were skeptical.

The E cig was thought to be a passing fad, and there were (and still are) bugs to be worked out. Still, the cleaner, safer and nontoxic electronic cigarette defied the odds. The feedback from users and doctors as well as the boom in sales only reinforce the effectively and favour of the increasingly popular electronic cigarette.

What the Doctors are Saying

Doctors went on the record to say that the E cig is in fact the healthiest alternative out there to smoking. They go on to enhance how dangerous tobacco is for smokers as well as the damage it will do the lungs. This is not news to smokers though, but still the habit is very tough to kick. The introduction of E cigarettes is literally a lifesaver for many. This includes those who are no longer affected by secondhand smoke as E cigs work on nontoxic vapours.

Doctors giving a thumbs up is a huge advantage for the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes. It is also an advantage to the loved ones of smokers and smokers themselves. It saves lives all the way around.

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