Ultimate “Beauty” To A Smoker – Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been around for a while now. And when you think about them, they are pretty amazing. They have a chamber that is filled with a substance called e-liquid which has been infused with a liquid form of nicotine. When activated by way of battery power, it creates a vapour that you inhale. It gives you a satisfaction when it hits your throat that is akin to the experience of inhaling a traditional cigarette.

It is close enough to the “real thing” that you keep returning. And it is less expensive, less stinky, and doesn’t create ash that traditional tobacco cigarettes do.  But what e-cigs are missing out on right now is being attractive and pretty.  No matter how you may feel about smoking, you have to admit those old movies that had people smoking from a long filter were kind of sexy, right?

Ultimate Beauty To A Smoker – Electronic Cigarettes

Does That Really Matter?

When the conversation is brought up about how unattractive, and let’s faces it, e-cigs are ugly, this new way of smoking is, die-hard vapers will ask “Does it really matter?” The honest to goodness habitual cigarette smoker chooses vaping first for a new experience, and second, to switch from the traditional tobacco.  They reap the benefits in the community and share information and their pleasures with other people. But it most likely didn’t get them all excited when they opened their first vape kit.

So again, do the looks really matter? Well, today, yes. This is the age of design and anything and everything needs to look as good as it functions. People want visually appeal as well as functionality. And electronic cigarettes are not going to get away with the bulky, ugliness they are currently for very long. A vaper will want their e-cig to do what their intended job is and with a good quality. But in time, they are going to want them to be more attractive.

Design Age Vaporisers

We live in an age of new design now and new technology makes it easy and quick for us to get what we want and how we want it to look.  So, it will probably be 3D printers to the rescue with e-cigarettes as they have been for so many other things. 3D printing technology has been all around us for a while now in just about every field. From fashion to medicine and everywhere else in between, professionals are able to use 3D printers to create a vision.

As the costs of vaporisers go down and they become more widespread, there will become a bigger need for creativeness.  It has bene easy for vaping to be promoted as a way to reduce the risks of smoking the health standpoint. Bu the frequent objection that has been voiced is the clunky, ugly look of vaporisers. They look like a medical device and aren’t making a fashion statement that you want made.

The concept of using 3D printers to create outrageous designs and looks for the e-cigarettes is probably not going to happen anytime soon. But there are people working on it and hopefully, in the future, vapers will be able to have a thing of beauty.

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