What Is the best way to power your e-cig?

For the e-cigarette, the battery is an important component. So instead of tobacco burning with a flame, the e-cig delivers works by heating a liquid that is nicotine-infused into a vapour, which is what you inhale. The heat is generated by a battery. So when you begin your evaluation of e-cigarettes, the first thing you want to choose is how you want to power it. Do you want an automatic power or a manual battery?

The main difference between an automatic and a manual battery is how the heating element is engaged. This heating element on engages when you are vaping with you e-cig and how it engages will depend on the type of battery that is attached to the cartomiser.

The Difference from a Technical Aspect And the Usability

The automatic battery will heat up the element after you begin to inhale, or more commonly referred to as taking a drag from the e-cig. Using this style of batter make the e-cig as close to a tobacco cigarette as possible because you simply pick it up and take a drag. This is actually the main reason why many people who are new to vaping will begin with automatic battery.

From a technical aspect, the automatic battery will engage when the computer chip inside, a switch that is pressure sensitive, becomes activated by the user when they take a puff. It then shuts off automatically usually in 5 to 6 seconds.

The working of the manual battery style is different in that a button has to be engaged before the heating element starts to work. In other words, instead of just putting the unit to your mouth and taking a drag from it, you have to push a button and then hold the button while taking the drag.

The Best Battery Type Is The User’s Choice

Nobody can tell a person which type of battery is best for them. Just like which brand of cigarette you smoke is a personal decision, so is the type of battery in your e-cig. Most of the vaper brands now offer both types of battery: automatic battery and manual battery. By taking a look at the pros and cons, we’re about to offer may help you with that decision.


Automatic Battery Pros:

  • A close resemblance to the tobacco cigarette
  • Has a longer lifespan compared to the manual battery

Automatic Battery Cons:

  • They shut off in 5 to 6 seconds, limiting the drags you can take
  • Produce less vapour
  • The cartomiser is not sealed and has a possibility of leaking
  • Loud when using

Manual Battery Pros:

  • The user has more control on frequency and length of drags
  • Produces more vapour without priming the device
  • Cartomiser is completely sealed

Manual Battery Cons:

  • The battery is smaller, meaning less time to use
  • The device engages even when not in use (downside to both types)
  • Can become engaged while in your pocket and drain the battery

As we mentioned earlier, nobody can tell anyone which is the best method. It is a personal choice and most people will try a variety before settling on one brand or one style.

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