Research Indicates that Smoking Occasions More Deaths when Compared to AIDS and Diabetes

Research Indicates that Smoking Occasions More Deaths when Compared to AIDS and DiabetesAmerican nation is undergoing a major crisis within the health industry, owing to increasing numbers of heart disease, diabetes as well as AIDS. Tobacco use however still persists as the biggest problem of all still. This is as per a new research done by the School of Nursing and Institute for Health and Aging of University of California – San Francisco. Researchers discovered that smoking kills more individuals within California when compared to AIDs and Diabetes. Lawmakers however are yet rejecting electronic cigarettes in preference of accepting a steady cash-stream from the more lucrative traditional tobacco sector. It is puzzling what our politicians will require before waking up to the harsh effects of this toxic substance.

The new study was due to fatalities and smoking rates within California over a period of three years. Scientists found that the proportion of Californians smoking daily over a period of three years stands at 12 percent. There were more than 34, 000 deaths which were linked to tobacco. Besides the disastrous impact on health, researchers as well found that smoking is occasioning a major financial toll upon the system of health care present. The state, in 2009, spent a total of 18.1 billion dollars in medical expenses for treating diseases related to smoking. This figure is nearly more by $3 billion than those obtained from one decade ago.

With disastrous health impacts like these along with immense financial constraints, one might think lawmakers would rush to deal with the problem by formulating legislation against smoking. This is far from what is happening at all. By contrast, large tobacco companies are yet some of the largest donors of political campaigns within the state. Altria and R.J. Reynolds have in fact given major contributions to numerous political campaigns in the last few years. Groups fighting cancer have consistently sought the public’s attention to this challenge. They have pointed out officials who are taking cash from the gigantic tobacco industry. Such legislators have a greater likelihood of rejecting bills which might reduce rates of smoking and combat increasing number of deaths being linked to smoking of cigarettes.

In addition, California is already preparing stringent measures of legislation to the disadvantage of electronic cigarettes. The state is banning use of e-cigs in certain places, as opposed to embracing them as a modern way that offers an alternative for smokers seeking out a way to kick the smoking habit at last. San Diego City Council earlier this year unanimously voted to prohibit vaping in areas where smoking was banned already. Lawmakers as well created new legislation which requires local business getting new permits to allow them sell electronic cigarettes.

It remains a wonder what it will take lawmakers in California before they decide to take action about this problem that is ever growing. In essence, how many individuals have to lose their lives before public officials stop accepting cash from the dominant players within the tobacco industry? As well, when will they ever begin to make laws that favour general health of the public?

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