A Study Reveals that Smoking in the United Kingdom has gone down significantly

A Study Reveals that Smoking in the United Kingdom has gone down significantlySmoking in the United Kingdom has been the in thing for many years; however, things have been changing with the arrival of e cigs. With many British smokers opting to vape, researchers have noticed the difference. A recent study shows that just 18.7% of people in the UK are smoking the traditional cigarettes, which is an all-time low.

These results were released by researchers working at the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and they noted that nothing like this has ever been seen for the last 70 years. It is evident that many British people are opting to go with electronic cigarettes leaving traditional cigarettes permanently.

The research as well gave some fascinating insights concerning the people still smoking cigarettes. It showed that just 16.5% of women smoke cigarettes since not many agree to smoke. Then again, 21.1% of men still smoke. They also report that half of the respondents had never smoked before while; a third of them said they had quit smoking.

This is a huge change compared to 70 years back where half of the adults smoked and almost all of the men smoked cigarettes. This tendency stayed like this for some time where it was even revealed by ONS that 45% of Brits smoked in the year 1974.

Luckily, things have been changing and all we can do is wonder whether electronic cigarettes had a role to play in the large number of people quitting smoking. Never seen before, British smokers can now smoke something that does not contain tobacco. Jeremy Hunt, who is the health Secretary, asked people to stop smoking. He cited that the report showed that there were very few smokers left in the UK and the ones left still had a chance to stop.

Deborah Arnott who is the ASH executive said that the results deserved a celebration, although more still needed to be done. She added that the results proved that the governments control plan was working. Nevertheless, more than, 80,000 citizens in England are still dying from tobacco smoking yearly and each week many kids start smoking.

Arnott asked legislators to continue fighting tobacco marketing plans. “We request the administration to act swiftly in permitting the legislature to cast a vote on laws that will do away with cigarettes in the UK completely.”

Some time ago, there were arguments that electronic cigarettes would lead to tobacco use once again due to the high interest in vaping, however, this results shows it is the opposite. Nowadays, Brits understand the dangerous effects of tobacco smoking and are opting for a better option which is the electronic cigarettes.

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