What Does Smokey The Bear Think About E-Cigarettes?

Smokey The BearToday, we have the electronic cigarette products and all the controversy that goes along with anything that is released on the market. The intended purpose for some to take up the e-cig is to help them cut back or quit smoking. For some, it is to be able to smoke where smoking is banned. But now the e-cig is being banned in many places, even whole countries.

Brazil, Seychelles, Singapore, and Uruguay have banned e-cigs. It is technically illegal to sell them in Canada because Health Canada has not approved the e-fluid used in them. This year has seen approximately 2/3 of all major nations regulate this product in some fashion. And the legislation is a debate all around, some say because of the possible relationship with medical drug policies and tobacco laws. The research on e-cigs is under evaluation constantly now when it comes to the respect of regulatory decisions being made.

What About The Safety Aspect of E-Cigs?

Massachusetts released the result of a 2014 study that proved residential fires dropped by as much as thirty percent when “fire-safe cigarettes” state laws went into effect. You would think this alone is proof enough that by having a safer alternative for smokers is effective when it comes to reducing the risk of fire.

And yet, the home of Smokey The Bear is banning e-cigs? Every year, forest fires are known to cause devastation across the nation at an estimation of $700 million just in property damage alone. That doesn’t even include more than a billion dollars that are spent on fire suppression tactics each year.

Ninety-percent of all wildfires are caused by people and carelessness with tobacco cigarettes leading the way of the contributors. This is why smoking has been banned by the National Park Service in both national and state parks for more years that most of us can remember. But now regardless of facts proving the number of fires dropped since e-cigs have been in use, the National Park Service has taken one more step and they have banned e-cigs as well. So the question many have is: Why?

The reason the Park Service has given to support their ban of e-cigs is another effort in preventing forest fires. And while that is a good sounding reason, a look at the technology of e-cigs is proof that reason alone is not sufficient.

To start with the operation of e-cigarettes is nothing even close to the likes that of tobacco cigarettes. There isn’t any tobacco burning, there is no flame with the e-cig itself and it does not require a flame to light it either. There is no ash from e-cigs. There is no smoke from e-cigs. Ultimately, there is no fire hazard either.

E-cigs aren’t any more of a fire risk than other electronic devices, which are allowed in our national and state parks. Electronic devices like cameras, cell phones, and iPads just to name a few. Each of them use a battery technology of the similarity, right? Perhaps the minds that run the national park service should take a better look at the e-cig and regard them as a fire safety alternative?

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