Leading Global Health Experts Commission E-Cigarettes Public Defense

Leading Global Health Experts Commission E-Cigarettes Public DefenseSome of the leading experts in health globally came together on Friday to deliberate on the growing industry of electronic cigarettes. In such scenario typically, we witness much talk regarding the benefits of regulation, along with unending e-cigs criticism. Things were different this time. Health experts agreed unanimously that vaping had the capacity of saving lives by the millions, claiming that enforcing regulation would essentially occasion greater harm by comparison.

Konstantinos Farsalinos, a respected researcher stated that his work had uncovered the unbelievable potential of vaping in helping smokers quit their tobacco addiction. After surveying 19,500 smokers who tried vapourisers or e-cigs, he got astonished on learning that 81 percent of them quit smoking tobacco once they started vaping. He indicated that these individuals in fact quit smoking with remarkable ease just during the first month of using e-cigarettes, which cannot be said of other smoke-cessation techniques.

Farsalinos was not the only person to witness the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes firsthand. Geneva University’s Professor Jean-Francois Etter indicated that vaping was not only trendy, but also a way of helping smokers to conquer addiction. He holds that regulation could prove harmful for the long term and that Electronic cigarettes along with tobacco and nicotine vapourisers should not undergo excessive regulation. Etter is further concerned that such regulations would give Big Tobacco greater dominance and even force majority of e-cigarette firms out of operation.

Alan Blum, a family physician stated he recommended for patients to try e-cigarettes if they struggled to quit smoking. He holds that vaping provides a far better alternative and he prefers handing out e-cigarettes than prescribe pharmaceutical products with side-effects and whose outcome is not satisfactory.

A lot of stake is involved in the debate over electronic cigarettes. Farsalinos postulates that smokers will die by the millions if they do not gain access to vaping technology, which is life-saving. He indicates that we will save roughly two million people within the 20 years coming with just a three percent switch of smokers to e-cigs.

Critics oftentimes argue that electronic cigarettes are yet too new for them to offer solid evidence of their effects on health, which experts discredit. Etter indicated they have sufficient information to recommend vaping practice as a reliable smoke-cessation technique with confidence. He indicated that smoking alternatives need not demonstrate 100 percent safety, but rather require being a much safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes and that one just needed opting for the lesser evil of these two forms.

Experts in health all agree to vaping being a brilliant selection for smokers. It is thus unclear why the government is still advocating for regulations of detrimental nature to growth of the industry.

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