Electronic Cigarettes Assume a Different Life

Electronic Cigarettes Assume a Different LifePeople have affection for using electronic cigarettes. However, these unique products could result in death. This is not as a result of smoking, but rather bursting. That is right and recently an incident occurred where David Thomson, a certain Wallasey dad, passed on from a related incident. It is important to check out here if we are following technology blindly, while attempting to modernise life or might end up eventually losing it. David Thomson was almost becoming a grandfather within two weeks, before the unfortunate e-cigarette incident happened at his apartment on Penkett Road.

The man of 62 years died after the electronic cigarette he was vaping on lit up while charging, which elicited a fire within his apartment. This made the situation worse, after these flames made contact with the oxygen cylinder of Thomson.

Post-Mortem results indicated his body was collected from living room section. David presumably lost his life due to natural causes. This could have resulted from obstructive pulmonary disease of severe nature, together with the condition known as coronary artery atherosclerosis. Even then, it was deduced also according to the inquest that death might have occurred owing to failure of the cardio-respiratory system.

The aftermath

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service worker Mike Kerby states that this is certainly not the initial one of such cases occasioned by a bursting electronic cigarette. Mike explained that e-cigarettes have the propensity for lighting up, especially if the battery of lithium ion explodes while charging.

The reason possible for outbursts like these is due to using a USB charger that gets plugged into main sockets on the wall. Pressure accumulates inside battery, once an incident like this takes place, thus causing an explosion and a subsequent fire. That said such infernos may get controlled if the user knows the proper techniques of fighting fire. It was inevitable in David’s case, since the electronic cigarette had been charging mode just next to the tank of oxygen. The organs of David could have failed responding to the occasioned emergency, which caused fatal attack upon the heart as well as other important organs.

Dayle Saunders, David’s daughter, spoke about how her dad eagerly awaited the birth of his grandchild. She was a fortnight away only from getting a child. Things however worked in a different manner for Mr. Thomson, which has occasioned scrutiny as to how David met his death. This incident should nonetheless serve as an alert to authorities all over the globe regarding use of electronic cigarettes all through the world.

We should then discuss the issue of whether electronic cigarettes ought to get banned, especially in consideration of the dangers which they present to human life. David’s ill-fated accident is yet an additional reason for Governments looking into this matter and taking necessary actions in order to ensure curbing like incidents. The most crucial matter here is whether such an action would prove of benefit to humans in general. This issue is worth pondering definitely and people are yet to respond on matters of where their personal families come in for such types of accidents.

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