E-Cigs taking leaps and bounds

E-Cigs taking leaps and boundsInnovations are constantly being introduced across industries, and the same is true in the electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, industry. It has definitely grown in popularity in the last several years, taking a huge chunk of the tobacco industry as a whole. Manufacturers of these “safer” alternatives to traditional cigarettes are always coming up with new and improved versions. The latest e-cig invented by E-Njoint BV is certainly garnering a lot of attention.

According to E-Njoint BV, their latest version of the e-cig is 100% legal, and they are making huge efforts for it to be recognised by health officials and declared legit. Currently, they have already produced thousands of these e-cigs, using fruit flavours in their manufacture.

In many countries, the possibility of cannabis-related products getting the approval of health and medical authorities is close to nil, considering how the substance is still considered as illegal. While it is true that cannabis is also recognised for some medicinal applications, large-scale production of various products using it as the main ingredient is still frowned on.

But the first ever e-joint is not without its detractors. People who are against e-cigs, in any way or form, are sure to see this as another point in their favour. They would argue that the introduction of the first e-joint, marketed as a much safer alternative to cigarettes, will entice even the non-smokers to get into the habit of vaping. It is actually basically the same as starting with cigarettes, but this time soft drugs are already involved.

Those who are campaigning against e-cigs also make use of the fact that manufacturers use different flavours in the electronic cigarettes in their arguments. Fruity flavours, and flavours such as cola and bubble gum, according to them, are clearly aimed for children. The introduction of the e-joint will just add to their ammunition.

Cannabis users are definitely going to be the first to rejoice should this e-joint is in full circulation and hit the shelves. However, manufacturers should expect a very small market for it, and not expect support by governments in many countries that declare cannabis as unlawful.

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