E-Cigs a new opportunity for UK pharmacies

Uk pharmaciesE-cigs have taken the global market by storm and now UK pharmacies are seeing them as a great opportunity to boost their businesses. This realisation has just come after Boots, which is a well known and one of the biggest chemists in the UK announced that it will soon start to market e-cigarettes. Boots has a network of stores all over the country and is planning to market e-cigarettes manufactured by Fontem Ventures which is also one of the biggest e-cigarettes producing companies. There are quite a number of tobacco companies which are making millions of profits from manufacture of traditional cigarettes and in a bid to boost sales and keep up with the competition from these companies, Boots has ventured into this new and very lucrative business.

British American tobacco which is a leading manufacturer of traditional tobacco cigarettes also announced the advertisement of there electronic cigarettes brand: Vype, around the same time. This is set to bring a lot of competition especially since this is the first time a tobacco company is advertising its products on television after a very lengthy break of about twenty years.

In clarification and justification as to why Boots is introducing electronic cigarettes to be one of the products that it sells, the company through its spokesperson stated that this decision was arrived after considering suggestions from the customers. Many of the customers are looking for a healthier alternative to the harmful tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are the best alternative and the chemist thought it wise to offer it to the customers.

There is no doubt that electronic cigarettes are a better and healthier option to the tobacco cigarettes. However, what is making many people uncomfortable and bringing up a huge debate is the entry of large tobacco companies like BAT into marketing and selling their electronic cigarette brands. Many people see this as a dishonest move by the companies and they don’t really think they will be able to give up the tobacco cigarettes and fully advertise electronics cigarettes which could help people to stop smoking. Many people including Anna Gilmore who a professor in the University of Bath is concerned whether the large tobacco company which has capitalised and made a fortune out of tobacco would be able to fully give up their business in order to help people stop smoking.

Boots is not the only chemist in the UK which has decided to sell electronic cigarettes. There are several other small chemists which have also added electronics cigarettes among the products that they sell to their customers.

Whether large tobacco companies like BAT have genuine intentions of helping people stop smoking or not cannot be fully ascertained but only time will tell.

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