E-Cigarettes and HUD: Not The Best Of Friends

E-Cigarettes and HUD Not The Best Of FriendsEvery so often, you’ll hear about one city here and another city in another state issuing a ban of e-cigarettes in public places such as restaurants. And now it seems that HUD has placed a ban on e-cig in some cities. They are always basing their reasons on scare tactics and an effort to “save the public” from what is thought to be harmful results of vaping as well as the secondhand vapour.

For HUD to enact their e-cig ban can affect more people than it may be realised. Currently, there are over 1 million Americans living in public housing and a new set of bylaws. This ban by HUD would make indoor smoking illegal in HUD jurisdiction housing, seems to be another way for the government to take away another individual freedom.

But if the purpose is to protect investments from house fires and smoking damage, it is somewhat understandable. Ask any non-smoker about buying a house that a previous owner that smoked tobacco cigarettes inside. The apartment or a house of a former tobacco smoker has an odour and the walls are stained.

To get rid of the odour, one has to do a complete paint job, replace the drapes, flooring, and sometimes other action that is even more drastic. When we look at it from that perspective, perhaps HUD isn’t being so out of line. But as any government agency is known to do, HUD had to take the e-cig ban too far.

HUD’s new rules regarding e-cigs won’t only prohibit indoor vaping in a home they finance, but within twenty-five feet of it as well. Considering that a large portion of HUD residents are disabled this could be a large obstacle for them to stay compliant.

Smokers are already faced with obstacles when it comes to switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, and now the government bureaucrats are going to make it even harder. The consequences that are outlined in the document HUD released aren’t pleasant, such as possible eviction. Yes, those with disabilities and mobility impairments could face eviction for breaking the ban inside their HUD home.

A Bad Policy That Is Unenforceable

Not only is the HUD e-cig ban inside and within 25 feet area a bad idea, it simply isn’t going to be enforceable, which makes it not only a bad policy but a waste of paperwork and time for everyone involved. Since e-cig products do not create any smoke or leave any lingering odour, the only way HUD will know is to hire “peeping Toms” to enforce this ban.

The chances that a person who vapes of following the policy are highly unlikely. Simple common sense tells anyone that an HUD e-cig ban indoors is completely unrealistic. Some experts in the vaping industry point out that by creating laws that you can be pretty certain are going to be broke, is nothing more than undermining the legitimacy of any and all laws.

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