Do Electronic Cigarettes work?

do electronic cigarettes workThere seems to be a lot of controversy as to how well, or if electronic cigarettes work. Like many things in life, people have differing opinions on this subject. Part of the issue may be that everyone’s definition of “work” is a little different. In this article, we will look at what the E-cigarette can do. I will leave it up to you to decide if you think it works.

As with most smoking alternatives, E-cigarettes contain nicotine. Some people use the E-cigarette to help them quit using nicotine all together. If you want to use the E-cigarette to reduce your dependence on nicotine you can slowly reduce the nicotine strength used in your e-liquid. This increases your chances of successfully eliminating your nicotine addiction. Others find it a healthier way of “smoking”, since the E-cigarette does not have the over 4000 extra toxins that are found in traditional cigarettes.

If you compare the E-cigarette with smoking cassation alternatives you will find that most of these products also use nicotine. What separates the E-cigarette from these products is its close resemblance to “the real thing”. There are psychological advantages to being able to hold your E-cigarette in your hand and feel it against your lips as you inhale. It almost completely mimics the experience of the traditional cigarette. It gives you that extra comfort that other products can not give. Instead of getting used to a patch, or an inhaler, or gum, you are able to relax with your E-cigarette as you focus on overcoming that nicotine habit once and for all.

Another benefit of the E-cigarette is that it is healthier for your friends and family. Now instead of continually exposing them to hazards second-hand smoke you are able to enjoy your E-cigarette without harming their health. This is a huge benefit to those around you, and one that I am sure they will greatly appreciate!

As I mentioned above, I think it depends on what you expect for the E-cigarette as to whether or not you think it really works. Are you are looking for a modern alternative to traditional cigarettes? Or are you trying to kick a stubborn smoking habit? If so, I would say E-cigarettes work. But why take my word for it? Try them out. They might really be better then those 4000+ toxins.

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