Disneyland Drives Vapers back to the Smoking Zone

Disneyland Drives Vapers back to the Smoking ZoneAny time a smoker decides to do away with tobacco and goes for vaping as a second option, there are many good things that occur. Apart from the reality that, you get rid of harmful toxins in your body, you also get your public life back. You are never again told to go outside anytime you want to have a puff and you no longer put your family at risk because of secondhand smoke. It is a win-win for all, right? Regrettably, there are places where vapers are being forced to adhere to similar regulations as tobacco smokers and Disneyland has joined this group. Disneyland posted vaping rules that should be followed by ecig users around the recreational area.

The spokesperson at Disneyland held the regulations are not new, however the playground is highlighting them so that ecig users can remember to smoke their electronic cigarettes in smoking zones only. Whereas they did not give any justification for the regulations, it appears that visitor disagreements may have caused the step to drive vapers to smoking zones. Gino Garetti a restaurant server held the vaping rule would reduce many conflicts and fights that ensue in the recreational area. “I have witnessed people exchange blows regarding it at eating places. The vape appears like smoulder, and nobody can know the distinction,” he held.

Christian Tesoro who manages a vape store at the close by Anaheim Hills is not pleased concerning the latest Disney repulse against electronic cigarettes. He held that vaping is not the same as smoking and should not be placed in the same class. “I believe there is still some confusion regarding what vaping is,” Tesoro clarified. “We are not tobacco smokers. There is no flame concerned and it is nontoxic. The distinction is clear.”

Tesoro regularly squanders time inside Disneyland or strolls through business district Disney; however he does not anticipate park executives to be successful in implementing the ecig rule. “People will vape regardless. It is not like smoking. They will slip some blow, and the smoulder will simply vanish into the atmosphere.”

For the time being, ecig consumers will need to apply their own caution while vaping inside the recreational areas. Can you stand the embarrassment of being thrown outside the recreational area because of taking a fast vape? Do you think the park has a chance in enforcing this preposterous law? We would like to hear your opinion! Do you believe Disneyland has crossed the line because of this policy?

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