Cancer Patients and Electronic Cigarettes

Cancer Patients and Electronic CigarettesAn interesting study has been conducted on patients of cancer who have tried out e-cigarettes with the aim of finding out if they are capable of aiding them in quitting the habit of smoking. This study is interesting owing to the number of individuals targeted. The results obtained are quite surprising for many individuals as well. Is Any Link Available which Proves that Electronic Cigarettes Help Them?

They basically indicate that these patients of cancer are nicotine-dependent in the same manner they would act with regular cigarettes. As such, no evidence is available face-off that the electronic cigarettes could provide any tangible assistance to help in quitting smoking. This fits in well with the principle that much confusion is present regarding whether these types of cigarettes have capacity of helping smokers to quit. Another important fact is the possible benefits to a smoker’s health, relative to the regular smoking manner. The argument here is that these cigarettes do not have harmful carcinogenic chemicals, though in reality they do and still of course contain addictive nicotine.

This study in particular involved scrutinising a total of more than 1000 patients suffering from cancer. The first aspect noticed pertained to the number of individuals who use electronic cigarettes rising from just above 10 percent in 2012 to 36 percent in 2013. Even then, this is attributed to their general usage increase apart from any other thing.

The study however revealed as well that these smokers were heavily addicted to nicotine just as they previously were. People smoking like this equally had more attempts failed at quitting compared with those smoking regular cigarettes. This came down to the addictive character of nicotine, but incidentally challenges other studies stating that electronic cigarettes are a good aid for quitting smoking. The conflicting report shows that smokers can gradually cut down on their dependence on nicotine as they vape on e-cigs of decreasing strength.

The individuals behind this study accept the fact that more needs to be done in order to understand fully the impact that smoking the cigarettes causes over an extended time period. We are yet only trying to formulate how using electronic cigarettes can affect our health for the long term. The best counsel is for people, especially patients of cancer, to endeavour giving up smoking altogether as opposed to simply altering their behaviour in use of nicotine.

At last, certain individuals question the standards of integrity observed with this study, owing to its specific focus on individuals who have had problems previously with quitting smoking. The study ignored completely the individuals who managed quitting smoking, due to electronic cigarettes. It is an important example of the continual battle which is happening in-between the two arguments in which none is willing to alter their opinion, under conviction their way of doing things is the best.

The clear thing is a fulfilling solution might never really come about since either side still insists on being correct without respect of where the evidence available is pointing. The cloud over e-cigarettes does still exist and might be there for some time in future.

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