10 best RDAs (rebuildable atomizers) in the UK for Flavour & Vapour [10/2019]

best rda tanks for flavour and vapour in the ukUpdated on October 2019: It can be a lot of fun to find out more about the latest RDAs, but knowing which ones you can really rely on for an amazing performance is probably more important.

Whether you’re a complete beginner to RDAs, or whether you’re looking for an upgrade, you can find out everything you need to know here about how to choose the best RDA for you.

In case you weren’t sure, the term “RDA” means “rebuildable dripping atomizer”. So, what is dripping?

Dripping involves dripping e-liquid onto exposed coils. An RDA is very different from any other type of vape since there’s no tank section.

Instead, there’s a build deck paired with build posts so you can wrap your coils and mount them yourself.

Although RDAs sound complex to use, they can be used by beginners as long as they choose the right model.

And whether you want to get more flavour from your dripping or whether you’re keen to get some amazing clouds, you’re sure to find the perfect RDA for you.

Since building your own RDA is cost-effective and allows you to customise your experience, it’s no wonder that they’re becoming so popular.

Find out more here about the best RDAs available in the United Kingdom today so you can make a more informed purchasing decision.

List of Best RDA Vape Tanks in the UK for 2019

Best RDAs for Flavour

Wotofo Recurve RDA

Wotofo Recurve

This single coil RDA is the result of a collaboration between Mike Vapes, the well-known YouTube reviewer and Wotofo.

Designed to give you the best possible flavour, one of the most interesting features of this 24mm RD is its postless, bow-shaped build deck. It’s got four terminal openings so either reverse or forward wrapped coils can be used.

Even better, the concave shape of the build deck maximises the airflow, working to deliver even better flavour.

Adjustability of the airflow is impressive on this RDA – there are 6 holes on each side, and if you get the position of the coil right, the holes funnel the air around and under the coil to produce intense flavour as well as massive clouds.

One downside is the shallow juice well – as it’s only 4mm in depth, you need to take care when you’re dripping not to get carried away.

However, if you love squonking, you’ll be pleased to discover the Recurve comes ready for squonking thanks to its bottom-feed squonk pin.

There are several finishes and colours to choose from, so if you’re looking for a cool single coil RDA, you’ll love this model.


Wotofo Profile RDA

Wotofo Profile

This game-changing mesh RDA uses mesh coil with a spring-loaded innovative wick system.

The wick lies on a base plate made from ceramic, and the spring puts pressure onto the wick so its stays pushed firmly up against the coil continuously.

It couldn’t be easier to build coins with this RDA. Just put a piece of rectangular mesh coil between the side clamps and that’s you done!

It also comes complete with squonk and regular pins as well as a completely adjustable airflow to customise your experience.

You’ll enjoy a smooth vape as well as plenty of flavour. You may never have tried mesh coils, but if you’re ready to give it a try, this model is the ideal first mesh RDA for you.

With its spring-loaded plate, you’ll never have any wicking problems, but if you’d rather use standard coils, that’ll work too giving you plenty of versatility.


Vandy Vape Pulse 24 RDA

Vandy Vape Pulse 24

The Pulse 24 RDA features a postless four-terminal design which may be designed for dual coil building, but it also offers the option for squonking if that suits your preferences.

The unique exhaust design is a big selling point with this RDA. Its top cap sides feature a dual hole exhaust to accelerate air onto the coils directly.

An added advantage is the massive building deck – whatever size of coils or type of coils you want to build; there’s more than enough room for them here.

If clouds are your thing, you’ll enjoy the impressive vapour production from this RDA.


Best RDAs for Cloud Chasing


hellvape drop dead

The Hellvape Drop Dead RDA combines the very best traits from both the Dead Rabbit and Drop RDAs.

The result is a fantastic model which offers a locking air flow position so your top cap will always be correctly placed on its deck.

The centre post has been removed on the build deck, so there’s even more wicking space under the coils – this lets you experiment with a range of build configurations.

There are two separate drip tips supplied with this RDA. One is an 8mm resin wide-bore drip tip while the other is an 8mm 810 wide-bore frosted drip tip to give you more flexibility.

There are no less than 28 airflow holes which are positioned high on its barrel so you can squonk with no worries about any leaks.

The bottom-feed 510 pin allows for super-easy squonking. Designed to maximise flavour, you can also adjust the air flow to perfectly suit your own preferences.


Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

Vandy Vape Bonza

Designed collaboratively between Vandy Vape and Vaping Bogan, the Vandy Vape Bonza dual coil RDA has been created with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind.

Its dual gold-plated posts and quad terminals let you choose from either building dual or single coils on its deck, while the clamp-style deck allows you to attempt even the most complex and biggest builds.

The air flow system is completely adjustable. There are 30 holes along the tank sides which enable you to choose the perfect setting for the ultimate smooth draw.

When it comes to drip tips, you’ll find that you’re spoiled for choice. The Bonza comes complete with an 810 Resin, a Delrin and an ULTEM drip tip together with a 510 drip tip adapter.

Not only that, but you’ll also get a standard 510 pin as well as a bottom feed 510 squonk pin.

If a massive amount of vapour is your thing, turn down the Ohms, turn up the watts, and you’ll find the clouds you produce are pretty amazing.


Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA

Hellvape Dead Rabbit

Looking for a fantastic squonkable RDA? The Hellvape Dead Rabbit is made out of 304 stainless steel which features a hatched knurling on its top cap for a better grip.

This adds an extra layer of cool to complement the rabbit logo and the coloured drip tip.

This four post top terminal build deck is designed to simulate postless decks.

Its opposing negative and positive posts have been coloured differently – the negative posts being stainless and the positive terminals being gold plated. This makes it much easier for builders.

The build deck features additional space under the post so you can cut excess coil lengths easily from beneath.

This makes it much easier to avoid ruining your coils by cutting the lead too short. As the terminals are also larger than average, this allows you to build bigger dual coils or even one larger coil if you prefer.

There’s no clear wicking channel, so you can cut them sufficiently, so they tuck in the well to reach the bottom.

While the juice well isn’t the deepest at just 5mm, the RDA’s side air flow has been placed quite high on its barrel so over-filling won’t be such a big problem.

If you prefer a restricted lung hit, this is the RDA for you.

The coil position, the shape of the top and the air flow all combine to produce fantastic flavour with air which isn’t excessively airy but wonderfully smooth.

This RDA also comes complete with an Allen key, a squonking pin and a PEEK pre-installed insulator to distribute juice more evenly.


Geekvape Loop RDA

geekvape loop

The innovative Loop RDA is a squonk ready, bottom air flow beast RDA with a particularly unusual build deck in the shape of a W.

Its build deck has been designed to maximise the air flow which hits the coils while ensuring the ultimate in smoothness.

If you love a lot of vapour combined with a very smooth draw, this is the RDA for you. And you won’t lose out on flavour either.

Although trimming leads is slightly more tricky with this build deck than with some other postless build decks, if you’re a more experienced user you should be fine.

The easy wicking is another excellent advantage. Its half-moon shaped wide wicking ports are perfect for use with loose cotton.

Whether you’re a squonker or a traditional dripper, you’ll appreciate the performance of this RDA.

Its central ramp allows you to drip juice from the top so that it hits the middle of the W-shaped deck for even distribution.

This design makes this RDA particularly good for classic dripping.


Digiflavor DROP RDA

digiflavor drop

Do you want a really customised dripping experience? Then the Digiflavor DROP RDA offers you a completely personalised airflow.

The build deck is huge, leaving plenty of room for your wick and builds while the four posts terminals have been gold plated to improve conductivity.

As the wire holes are extra large and run through the centre of the post terminals, dropping coils in couldn’t be simpler.

If you love huge clouds, running this RDA in dual coil mode really hits the spot.

On the other hand, if you want to boost the flavour, switching to single coils produces the effect you desire – this device can accommodate both with ease.

The 10 air flow holes are in a T shape along the tank’s sides.

You can adjust the air flow easily by simply twisting the top cap to get the perfect setting, and while there’s a standard 510 pin, there’s also a bottom-feed 510 squonk pin for extra versatility.

With its 5mm juice well, you’ll have the complete freedom to squonk or drip liberally.


What is an RDA?

The RDA stands for “Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer”. It is a form of a tank which can be seen on vape mods.

Rather than having an actual tank, however, an RDA features a juice well where the juice can collect.

RDAs allow vapers to drip juice right out of the bottle onto the wick and coil and offers a host of benefits when compared to the standard tank and atomizer setup.

Advantages of RDAs

There are a whole lot of reasons to choose RDAs instead of traditional atomizers and tanks.

Better flavour – the RDA’s coils are closer to the drip tip that you inhale through. This means the flavour is more intense and powerful.

Also, as the coils are open instead of closed-in like in a traditional tank, the flavour receives an additional boost, particularly in a top airflow RDA.

Bigger clouds – RDAs can produce some enormous vapour clouds since the coil is open to the air flow. If you’re a cloud chaser, this is ideal for you.

Cost-Effectiveness – building your own coils isn’t just fun, it’s also a lot more affordable too.

Customisation – since you’re able to build coils of your own, you’ve got plenty of options with an RDA.

You can try multiple or single coil builds, twisted coils, straight coils or Clapton coils – whatever suits your preferences.

Many types of coils are known for the better cloud production and flavour, and since you’re able to choose the wire gauge and number of wraps you prefer, you can get the perfect coil resistance for a completely personalised experience.

Variety – when you use an RDA, you can try lots of e-juices rapidly.

If you’re a fan of trying new e-juices, you can simply drip a couple of drops of each one and experiment with different flavours with ease.

Easy wicking – since RDAs don’t have wick channels, they’re much easier to wick.

There’s no need to balance wick tails between dry hits and flooding like an RDTA or RTA, and as there are no tiny parts, they’re easier to work with than other types of rebuildable.

All you need to do is rinse them off, and they’re ready to re-wick. As long as the wick fits snugly into the coil with a little freedom of movement, you’ll be ready to go.

Types of RDAs

There are lots of styles and sizes of RDA on the market today. The smallest ones are around 14mm in diameter while the largest ones are 40mm or even more.

The most commonly seen diameters are 22mm or 24mm.

The RDAs build decks can accommodate up to eight coils, although the majority are designed for either dual or single coils.

Most types of RDA work equally well on vertical or horizontal coil builds.

The air flow may suit either MTL (mouth to lung) or DTL (Direct to lung) vaping styles.

They also come in several metal types like brass, copper and stainless steel with several different colours also available to choose from.

These days, you can find build decks in several configurations. At one time, RDAs usually had 3 posts, with 2 on each side of the deck and a central post.

There have been many innovations since that time, and now postless, and down-down decks are popular, with more unusual designs making an appearance regularly.

The majority of modern RDAs also come with optional hollow positive pins so they can be used with squonkers.

Squonk mods have plastic bottles which contain e-juice that the vaper can squeeze to channel the juice onto the BF (bottom fed) atomizer.

RDAs for Cloud Chasing vs RDAs for Max Flavour

RDAs are categorised primarily as being ideal for producing either massive clouds or impressive flavour.

A cloud chasing RDA has space for at least two coils of large diameter and heavier mass.

They allow for more creative and fancy wire designs and also have a bigger airflow so thick, huge vapour clouds can be produced. This makes a cloud chasing RDA perfect for a DTL vaper.

If you’re a fan of flavour, on the other hand, you’ll want an RDA with less airflow and which is better for an MTL or restricted direct lung vaping style.

A flavour RDA can only hold a dual or single coil design, and usually, they’ll have a diameter of 22mm or less.

Some do manage to produce pretty amazing clouds, although they’ve been designed primarily for better flavour.

Should you buy an RDA?

If you’re keen to start building your own coils, or if you’re already a fan and you’re also keen to produce amazing clouds and an impressive flavour, an RDA could be the perfect choice for you.

If built correctly, an RDA will give you optimal performance from your vape.

For anyone who’s concerned about the capacity for their e-liquid, a squonk RDA could be the ideal solution.

A squonk mod bottles provide an additional 5 to 10ml of e-juice to a bottom-feed RDA, so there’s no need to drip constantly while you’re away from home.

If you’re not ready for a rebuildable, there are many MTL tanks and sub-ohm tanks which are excellent performances, some of which can produce a comparable result to an RDA.

However, it’s highly recommended to try an RDA. Once you’ve built your own coils, you’ll never go back!