VIP Electronic Cigarette Review

VIP Electronic Cigarette is a Manchester-based company which has seen an upsurge in popularity over recent years as the e-cig industry has gone into overdrive. VIP became part of the British American Tobacco (BAT) portfolio of vaping companies back in 2017. This brand’s product line is impressively large, with starter kits, electronic cigarettes and accessories as well as a host of exciting cartomizer flavours including traditional options like menthol and tobacco and more unusual choices such as strawberry and coffee.

Recommended starter kits:​

Other Starter Kits

VIP80 Cartomizer Kit

VIP 80 Clearomizer Kit If you’re looking for a vaping experience which is as close as you can get to smoking regular cigarettes, the VIP80 Cartomizer Kit is ideal. Comprising a cigalike battery and USB charger together with two disposable cartomizers in USA Tobacco flavour, this kit comes with everything you need to switch to vaping. Super satisfying and yet incredibly easy to use, this super-simple kit has no learning curve making it the perfect choice for first-time vapers. 

VIP Alpha Mini Base Kit

VIP Alpha Mini Base Kit For vapers on the go, the VIP Alpha Mini Base Kit is the ideal choice! User-friendly, portable and compact, it has the perfect design to fit into a pocket. This MTL device comes complete with a top filled 1.8 ml tank and an 800 mAh battery. Operating at 1.4 Ohms, the Alpha Mini couldn’t be easier to use, with its single-button operation and rapid micro USB charging cable. 

Nexus P1 Mini Base Kit

Nexus P1 Mini Base Kit If you were familiar with Vaptio’s Nexus P1, you’ll love the Nexus P1 Mini – a smaller and more lightweight version. Stylish yet compact, this device comes with a top-filling vape tank which features a glass window so you can see immediately when it’s time to top up. Outputting between 30 and 50 watts, the Nexus P1 Mini is easily adjustable, making this a versatile option for anyone who likes to customize their vape. 

Top 3 E-Liquids

Arcadia – Ecstasy E-Liquid

Arcadia - Ecstasy E-Liquid This UK-made e-liquid has an eye-catching red colour that perfectly complements its amazing and exciting taste. Ideal for any vaper who loves fruity desserts, this e-juice pairs juicy raspberries with creamy cheesecake and delicious Crème Brulee for a well-rounded vape that is popular with everyone who loves a sweet vape.

Cherry Fizz Cocktail Crush E-Liquid

Cherry Fizz Cocktail Crush E-Liquid Fruity, fizzy and thirst-quenching the Cherry Fizz e-liquid from VIP comes from the brand’s new and exciting Cocktail Crush range. Taking its inspiration from all your favourite drinks, this e-juice is a flavoursome, sweet and delicious treat in a 70/30 VG:PG blend that is perfect for vaping at any time of the day. 

Sub-Zero Iced Mint E-Liquid

Sub-Zero Iced Mint E-Liquid If you’re a fan of traditional menthol cigarettes, you’ll really get an icy kick out of VIP’s Sub Zero Iced Mint e-liquid. With its delicious, fresh flavour, this e-juice will give you the boost you need at any time of the day. Available in a choice of nicotine strengths and a 30/70 VG/PG blend, this vape liquid is essential for any vaper.

Top 3 Tanks

Nexus VIP Sub Ohm Tank

Nexus VIP Sub Ohm Tank Designed to fit the Nexus, this sub-ohm tank comes with a 0.2-ohm coil and an organic cotton wick for an even better vaping experience. Ideal for both cloud and flavour chasers this tank has a 2ml capacity, Pyrex glass body and stainless steel lid for extra strength and robustness. Despite its low price tag, you’ll enjoy a premium experience with this tank. 

H2 BVC Airflow Clearomizer

H2 BVC Airflow Clearomizer Designed to be compatible with Skystorm and VIP Photon ranges, the H2 BVC clearomizer is reliable, well-made and versatile thanks to its adjustable airflow. Giving you all the control you need to get the vaping experience you love, this rebuildable clearomizer is built to stand the test of time with its replaceable coils.

ETS BVC Glassomizer

ETS BVC Glassomizer Designed for use with VIP’s Photon range, this tank offers a satisfying and clean vape together with impressive durability and outstanding value for money. The precision built ETS BVC Glassomizer has a stainless steel base and strong glass body together with a high-performance coil. The result is a rebuildable tank which guarantees you a fantastic vape each and every time.

About the Company

VIP is an innovative and progressive e-cig company which is dedicated to bringing its high-quality products to as wide an audience as possible. With a range of e-liquids, vaping devices and e-cigarettes, VIP has been making and supplying vaping products for more than a decade, which makes it one of the oldest companies in the industry in the UK. Over the years, the brand has grown and expanded, moving into the retail sector as well as e-commerce, and the overseas market. British American Tobacco took over the company in 2017, helping to take the VIP name to new heights of success. 

Customer Support

Customers can address their issues or raise any queries to the VIP customer support team via email, telephone or through the online web enquiry form. The phone lines are open five days a week, Monday to Friday during office hours (8 am – 5.30 pm).  VIP is keen for all its customers to have the ultimate confidence in its vaping products, and this is why all customers benefit from their comprehensive warranty across all of the brand’s own accessories and devices. All guest brand accessories and devices also come with a warranty to protect customers against any faults which may develop, with VIP promising to replace or repair faulty devices free of charge.

Delivery & Returns

VIP offers both standard first class and express delivery. Delivery will be received the next working day for express delivery and within two to five working days for standard mail. Orders that are placed before 1 pm on a weekday will be processed on the same business day. Unfortunately, deliveries can only be made to UK addresses and not overseas. If a product should be returned, VIP works to handle replacements and refund requests as rapidly as possible. All items need to be returned for testing in order for a repair or replacement to be carried out.


  1. I have been using e-smoking products from many companies for about four years now and have not come across another company who gives bad customer service like VIP does,

    I have had two batteries from the Bristol, galleries store that have now completely stopped working after a week and one within one month (and they were used with VIP charger and VIP clearomiser) one of the clearomisers was also unusable from the word go, with a nasty taste.. I was fobbed off and refused an exchange or refund. I was told that the manager had told staff to ‘refuse any more batteries being brought back’ so VIP clearly know there is a problem and are refusing to address it.

    The ‘sale of goods act’ which states: If your goods are faulty and you don’t have the receipt, you still have the same rights to a repair, refund or replacement as under the Sale of Goods Act.

    I have posted a bad review along with all the other bad reviews that customers have left today at:

    I will also be seeking advice about the money (around £40 now) I have wasted on VIP’s defective, faulty Photon system that doesnt work. I work too hard for my money to be ripped off! It’s a shame because the e-liquid they sell is really nice.


  2. Further to Paul Williams’s review. There eliquid was really nice but ever since there new stock arrival the taste has changed a lot. Their tobacco flavours now taste like candy and honey. Terrible taste now.

    • I agree about the e-liquid, I have been using the Virginia liquid for nearly two years and it was perfect, since the new stock (made in UK) I am really disappointed, it tastes like liquourice, its disgusting…to date am unable to find anything near as good as their original e-liquid

  3. The batteries are extremely good and can recomend the variable voltage style.

    What I would also reccomend is that you look elsewhere for your USB chargers as these are way over priced and last only a matter of weeks when used in my car or PC USB ports.

    Not happy at all


  4. I have had nothing but trouble from these products. Every clearomiser I have bought has broken within the month. The first time I returned one they told me there was nothing they could do as I had no receipt, so I bought another one. They told me to come back if I noticed it acting up….that was March 20th. I came back on April 21st (it was acting up for several days but i couldn’t get to the store before that date) with receipt and original packaging and was told they could do nothing as it was over 28 days since the product was purchased DESPITE the fact that the product is supposed to last months! I rang their customer service who told me they would get back to me buy the end of the week, and they never came back to me. I have since found a supplier down the road who really know their product, sold me a clearomiser for 6 instead of 16, and sells eliquid for 4……far better service!! I would advise anyone to stay away from VIP and just do a bit of research about other suppliers around there are available. Not impressed!!

    • Jenni, I think you have been through exactly the same experiences as I have with VIP. I have written the following:

      BEWARE OF VIP Ecig COMPANY!!!! Read On…..

      After 35 years of smoking I decided to quit and get into vaping. The chosen product was a Skystorm AM10 purchased from a VIP Franchise based in Manchester Piccadilly and Bury Millgate Centre. 8 weeks later I am disgusted by the service I have had from VIP and have vowed never ever to purchase another product from this organisation or its Franchises.

      The AM10 was purchased as a present by my sister at the end of January 2016 at a cost of £40.00. By around mid-March, 2 weeks after the end of the 28 days Warranty period, the Clearomiser wouldn’t screw on. And to make matters worse the Battery also died within SIX WEEKS!!

      I spoke to the VIP HQ and was told very assertively it was not the Head Office’s issue and I had to take it up with the Franchisee. I trekked into Bury Millgate Centre Kiosk but was told, without a Receipt they would do nothing. I had proof of Purchase from my sister, taken from her Bank statement and I repeatedly told the Manager I was happy to put more money in and buy a higher spec, better quality product.

      Then came the excuses from VIP: “you must have dropped it”, “we have not had any complaints before about this product”, “we have a very strict 28 days product warranty policy”, etc. etc. etc. After being told there was nothing they could do I took the issue up with the Head Office again, this time going into their HQ in Bury South Business Park, Dumers Lane. I was told no senior Manager could see me because they were all at Lunch so I left my number for someone to contact me. Not surprisingly I did not get a call and had to ring back and managed to speak to someone who at least showed some empathy for me as a customer….but regrettably still no result. Since then I have had to contact VIP everytime. I don’t get calls returned, the Franchisee who is meant to have called up on a number of occasions doesn’t seem in the least bit interested and I continue to be treated with what appears to be total disdain.

      I may end up writing off the £40.00 because to VIP, my custom is insignificant but I will ensure I let my colleagues, friends, relatives, acquaintances and the smoking fraternity know the treatment I have had from VIP. To say I am disgusted is an understatement. To smokers seeking to quit and reading this, for your own valued custom and sanity, DO NOT go anywhere near VIP. This is a competitive marketplace where there are Vaping companies looking for an opportunity for your repeat custom and who will give you a very good service. Happy Vaping.

      • I bought a Skystorm AM 10 ,6 weeks ago, and I am having the same problem. The bit that screws in on the top of the mod won’t screw in anymore.
        I see that you paid £40 for yours, I paid £25. Have they realised that there is a problem with this product, so selling it for less ?
        I will be taking mine back tomorrow but expect to be fobbed off..

  5. Totally agree with the comments here about the flavour of the liquids and now they have changed the cartomisers.The original flavour of the USA tobacco liquid was second to none it changed a year ago or so so I complained and fobbed me off by saying it was the same as before so I went on the carts and low and behold they have started very craftily sneeking the odd new flavour cart into the boxs and worst of all they don’t last half them time they used too.So after 4 years as a loyal customer I am moving on too another supplier Gamucci which are very good last long much longer and very good flavour.Not even going to bother complaining to VIP just trust me don’t bother with this company and there products.

  6. So over the past year I have been a loyal spender with VIP at a pop up stand near my office.

    At a guess I myst have spent well over £200 and last week bought a clear cartomizer only to have it leak fluid when inhaling, after 1 week of careful use.

    Took it back to the stand and was told they can’t change it without the receipt even though it has VIP etched into it!

    Time to try another vendor I think!!

  7. Stay away from these products!!! Thought i’d spend more money and upgrade to something knew, when to one of the stalls in Leeds spoke to a guy who wasn’t even interested in selling me anyhing let alone the product. Boyfriend put the Photon on charge then took it off to have a few goes on and it was fine then put it back on charge (didn’t screw it too tight) went to take it off charge after a bit and the charger stuck inside the battery so was just the silver bit hanging out and the wire from the charger split so could see the wires inside. Took it back to the shop today we’ve still got our 30 day guarantee told the bloke what had happened he had’nt even seen the product and was telling us how he’d replace the charger for us, eventually he saw it and tried saying my bf must have pulled the charger because of the state of it!!! he then just kept saying how his hasn’t done anything like this and he’s never had anyone come back with anything faulty. Bf asked for a refund he gave us some bull about how he cant without speaking to his manger so we demanded he spoke with her which he did on the phone , tried saying to her my bf has pulled it etc (not the case) then said all i can do is take your details down and let my boss get back to you!! still waiting for he call. Crap products, battery life is rubbish tried telling us it would last five days, lucky if it lasts more than one and gets too hot around the tank. STAY AWAY!!! Tablites much better products and service.

  8. I am so pleased I found this page. I’ve had 3 of these and everyone of them has leaked I was inhaling the liquid and now I think it’s time I looked up how to complain. I have COPD and needed to give up the fags. Nice design but a serious health concern.

  9. Using for well over a year and was happy with them but in last 6 months cartridges had become hit and miss some not even having liquid in them. Didn’t last as long as before but because I was used to them and only ones I tried since giving up cigarettes I stuck with it. Lately Bought a whole packaged box of 25 cartridges and not one worked. Then they changed the formula in last few weeks and they are terrible. The company know they have a bad product now and are doing/saying anything not to replace faulty packs. I returned the whole box with packs unopened and a few opened where I had tested cartridges to see if they worked. Initially told can’t replace as its hygiene issue. Argued how would I know they were defective if didn’t try them and there were unopened packs. Still didn’t want to replace them except for unopened boxes so I told them it’s not acceptable and trading standards that I have replacement. Lady gave in and gave me replacement packs. I will be using these until I receive another e cig product I have ordered from the Internet. Will not be going back to vip. New cartridges last few hours if that.

  10. At first I was satisfied with the e-cigs but of late the cartomisers have lasted far less time than they did before. I used to have to change them at around 24 hours – now I am lucky to get 6!!!! a huge disparity! The last pack of 25 had two blackcurrant flavoured cartomers in several of them and the rest are now just tasting weird! Their quality control must be non-existent! Enough is enough – I am changing to another brand immediately and wouldn’t touch this company again with a barge pole!

  11. I would never again buy from these
    I purchased the skystorm am10
    Ive only had it a few weeks and the threads have gone on the tank
    I havent got my reciept so the assistant wouldnt do anything about it
    But i.m not leaving it here i.m going to trading standards

  12. My Wife and I have been using the Ecigs for over 5 years, at first there was not too many problems with batteries, suddenly we started getting batteries that don’t charge properly and within a month are almost useless. I only use the charging system that came with our kits. Once I called them and they asked for the batch number, don’t know about you but I don’t hold onto the box. They are really bad about battery returns, they almost refuse to admit they are not reliable. If they are not going to quality control their batteries (they come from China) then they should reduce the price on the whole lot!

    I have had cartridges which as many have now found are not charged at all, or only last a couple of puffs. Again they refuse to admit there is a problem with their manufacturing.

    Does anybody know of a reputable and reliable product? I spend close to £150 per 5 weeks just on cartridges, and the battery cost is just too much for the poor quality.

  13. DO NOT WASTE YOUR WELL EARNED MONEY ON THIS COWBOY OUTFIT! Received an order off them 3 week ago & there was 3 items missing,Clearomiser,Airflow Clearomiser & a Pack of Coils.2 Bottles of E=liquid were only 10ml instead of 30ml that I had payed for,,,In all about £25 worth out of a total of £74…Despite Phone & e-mails & sending them Pictures of Invoice and Items received they are just ignoring me…Dave Munn of Cumbria

  14. I have a problem with leakage. I purchased one and was happy but after 7 months found it was leaking So my mate who had a similar one gave me his as he upgraded. Now his has started to leak. I filled it up and went to bed and in morning the Vape Juice was all over my unit. This is a Skystorm AM 10 What is the problem with them ??? I have purchased a Jomo 40 as a temporary replacement but find it can not be regulated so it;s a 1 setting unit and not to my liking.

  15. POOR! POOR! POOR! Do not buy anything from VIP.The product quality is appalling as is the customer service,lacklustre approach is endemic throughout the entire company and I get at least three to four emails daily with promotions. If you buy from VIP you really are wasting your money

  16. I bought a VIP Nexus M-Box and sm-40 Tank £32:98p, The tank leaked after just 1 week so l bought another Tank, same problem then the M-box stopped recharging after 6 weeks! I complained to VIP and got fobbed off with Bulkshit excuses! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COWBOY COMPANY!!! Worst Customer Service in the History of Customer Service!!!

    • VIP are such liars I was on the phone to the customer serive I just bought a nexus 2 weeks ago and the tank is faulty they tell me sorry we’ve never had this problem before it must be your fault. Bunch of money grabbing ……

  17. I just bought the nexus 2 weeks ago, the tank was faulty and came loose and now I have to use my finger to keep it held down. I went back to the store I bought it from with my receipts but they wouldn’t change it as you only get 48h warranty which they don’t tell you, I then got on the phone to customer help line and they told me that this hasn’t ever happened before which I find hard to believe as there is nothing that locks it in place or secures it 100% only pressure. So they said to me it was my own fault, so thanks for selling me a faulty product and then telling me it was my own fault. I wouldn’t recommend you to anyone.

  18. Have used VIP e cig and cartomisers for 2 yrs, mild menthol,like the taste and can buy in local franchise,all was good until 4wks ago ,no mild menthol cartridges to be had,not much use when you are relying on a product and have purchased a few new cigs and the battery life is absolute rubbish, ones that I bought a year ago have much longer battery life. So dissapointed with VIP but have found an alternative , cartomisers uk sell compatible cartridges for the VIP e cig and only £5.85 a pack £1.50 delivery, they also have more choice in what strength you would like, a saving on the purse,good taste and quick delivery. So it’s goodbye VIP from me ????

    • Am on my second Skystorm; now second tank won’t work after 3 months, just like first tank. VIP’s response – their warranty is only 30 days. Now we know why – their products do not last and customer service is dreadful.