VIP electronic cigarette review

VIP Electronic cigarette: designed for VIPs?

VIP, an electronic cigarette launched in the year 2009, is a distributor currently located outside Manchester. The comprehensive website for this company has general information about this electronic cigarette and how clients can order them directly. VIP electronic cigarette saw a serious boom in popularity along other industries in electronic cigarettes. Recent spotlight by the media about the controversies that surround electronic cigarettes have been the key for the boom. VIP has great selections for starter kits, electronic cigarettes, and accessories.


VIP electronic cigarettes’ famous executive starter kit is sold fully loaded with charged batteries that are very convenient for direct use. The kit further comes with a USB charger, mains adapter that have well inscribed VIP logo visible from both sides. The cartomizers for VIP are orange in colour and have a silver screw ending. The battery in the starter kit is made of pleasant & quality look that has additional equally spaced rings of silver encircling it.

Vip electronic cigarette review

Just like in other electronic cigarettes, VIP brand logo is placed near the junction of the cartomizer and battery.

The VIP Executive Kit has the following items:

  • A cigarette packet that has holder for two refills
  • Blue ended rechargeable battery
  • Wall charger
  • Universal serial bus charger
  • Two standard refills
  • Ten refills of chosen flavour
  • User manual

VIP electronic cigarette review – Battery/Responsiveness

As indicated earlier, the executive starter kit is not sold with a personal charge packet. This is disappointing because PCCs have become very prominent because of inherent convenience to charge while on the go. Lack of a PCC coupled with only one battery in the kit makes it very difficult for the buyer to vape the entire day when he does not have a constant source of power.

Just like other e-cigarettes that utilize automatic batteries, smokers do not have to get worries about when to put on the cigarette because the vapourizer switches itself on after detecting a drag. I advise users who frequently move around to consider buying the more expensive Platinum Starter Kit (available from £69.98) because it has 2 batteries as well as a car adapter.

vip electronic cigarette battery

VIP electronic cigarette review – Vapour/Flavour

Vip electronic cigarette flavoursTurning to cartomizer flavours, users have the option of selecting between menthol and tobacco. VIP E-Cigarette Executive Starter nicotine strength is limited to three main flavours; strong (24 milligrams), medium (16 milligrams), and mild (11 milligrams). For vapours who want to use menthol, there is additional limitation of nicotine strengths to either regular or strong. VIP cigarette advices new users to consider starting with the 24 milligram strength brand before shifting to others.

Besides the traditional flavours provided by VIP such as menthol and tobacco, you can also get flavours such as cherry, strawberry, and coffee. The VIP Executive Starter is a 2-piece model that only needs screwing the cartomizer into the charged battery to enjoy vaping. You start vaping by inhaling which makes the atomizer heat the e-juice and also turn on the LED battery light at the tip.

VIP electronic cigarette review – Returns/Warranty

VIP electronic cigarette provides a limited warrant of 28 days for products bought via their website. This is strictly allowed for original buyers only. The cartomizers are omitted in the limited warrant because of their delicate nature and health considerations. Other accessories such as main adapters, batteries, car chargers and universal serial bus chargers come with the 28 days limited warrant as far as the user does not use them improperly.

VIP customer support is available to assist clients beginning from 9-5:30pm Monday to Friday. You can reach the support using either email or calling on telephone.

VIP electronic cigarette review – Conclusion 

E-cigarettes have the good as well as the unlikeable aspects for the user. The draw was smooth and great while vapour volume was indeed excellent. However, I found that the flavour was not the best for me. In addition, I was dissatisfied with battery life. Perhaps the quality of the product is not the best because it is a less costly option. I thought that there are indeed some better choices that beginners can go for. If you are interested in getting more about VIP e-cigarette, consider visiting the site here

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Paul Williams

I have been using e-smoking products from many companies for about four years now and have not come across another company who gives bad customer service like VIP does, I have had two batteries from the Bristol, galleries store that have now completely stopped working after a week and one within one month (and they were used with VIP charger and VIP clearomiser) one of the clearomisers was also unusable from the word go, with a nasty taste.. I was fobbed off and refused an exchange or refund. I was told that the manager had told staff to ‘refuse any… Read more »

Kevan Johnson

Bought a sky storm am30 tank electric cigarette lasted 5 months told by vip that’s all they last…so I go to work to earn my money to buy this shit of vip…I don’t think so…don’t buy…customer service is absolutely shit
Worst customer service from a company if u can call it that


That is the life span of a battery they are lithium batteries and being rechargeable it drops the span

Anne Tasker

Will not be buying these ever again,Using the other shop in the Gyle better service and much nicer people

Rosanne Sweeney

Brilliant. Best quality electronic cigarette I have come across. Had no faulty cigs. Been smoking them now for 5 months

Ijaz Abbasi

Further to Paul Williams’s review. There eliquid was really nice but ever since there new stock arrival the taste has changed a lot. Their tobacco flavours now taste like candy and honey. Terrible taste now.

Jackie Hurd

I agree about the e-liquid, I have been using the Virginia liquid for nearly two years and it was perfect, since the new stock (made in UK) I am really disappointed, it tastes like liquourice, its disgusting…to date am unable to find anything near as good as their original e-liquid

David Howell

The batteries are extremely good and can recomend the variable voltage style.

What I would also reccomend is that you look elsewhere for your USB chargers as these are way over priced and last only a matter of weeks when used in my car or PC USB ports.

Not happy at all



I have had nothing but trouble from these products. Every clearomiser I have bought has broken within the month. The first time I returned one they told me there was nothing they could do as I had no receipt, so I bought another one. They told me to come back if I noticed it acting up….that was March 20th. I came back on April 21st (it was acting up for several days but i couldn’t get to the store before that date) with receipt and original packaging and was told they could do nothing as it was over 28 days… Read more »


Jenni, I think you have been through exactly the same experiences as I have with VIP. I have written the following: BEWARE OF VIP Ecig COMPANY!!!! Read On….. After 35 years of smoking I decided to quit and get into vaping. The chosen product was a Skystorm AM10 purchased from a VIP Franchise based in Manchester Piccadilly and Bury Millgate Centre. 8 weeks later I am disgusted by the service I have had from VIP and have vowed never ever to purchase another product from this organisation or its Franchises. The AM10 was purchased as a present by my sister… Read more »

Mary D

I bought a Skystorm AM 10 ,6 weeks ago, and I am having the same problem. The bit that screws in on the top of the mod won’t screw in anymore.
I see that you paid £40 for yours, I paid £25. Have they realised that there is a problem with this product, so selling it for less ?
I will be taking mine back tomorrow but expect to be fobbed off..


Totally agree with the comments here about the flavour of the liquids and now they have changed the cartomisers.The original flavour of the USA tobacco liquid was second to none it changed a year ago or so so I complained and fobbed me off by saying it was the same as before so I went on the carts and low and behold they have started very craftily sneeking the odd new flavour cart into the boxs and worst of all they don’t last half them time they used too.So after 4 years as a loyal customer I am moving on… Read more »

David howell

So over the past year I have been a loyal spender with VIP at a pop up stand near my office.

At a guess I myst have spent well over £200 and last week bought a clear cartomizer only to have it leak fluid when inhaling, after 1 week of careful use.

Took it back to the stand and was told they can’t change it without the receipt even though it has VIP etched into it!

Time to try another vendor I think!!


Stay away from these products!!! Thought i’d spend more money and upgrade to something knew, when to one of the stalls in Leeds spoke to a guy who wasn’t even interested in selling me anyhing let alone the product. Boyfriend put the Photon on charge then took it off to have a few goes on and it was fine then put it back on charge (didn’t screw it too tight) went to take it off charge after a bit and the charger stuck inside the battery so was just the silver bit hanging out and the wire from the charger… Read more »


I am so pleased I found this page. I’ve had 3 of these and everyone of them has leaked I was inhaling the liquid and now I think it’s time I looked up how to complain. I have COPD and needed to give up the fags. Nice design but a serious health concern.


Using for well over a year and was happy with them but in last 6 months cartridges had become hit and miss some not even having liquid in them. Didn’t last as long as before but because I was used to them and only ones I tried since giving up cigarettes I stuck with it. Lately Bought a whole packaged box of 25 cartridges and not one worked. Then they changed the formula in last few weeks and they are terrible. The company know they have a bad product now and are doing/saying anything not to replace faulty packs. I… Read more »

Lynne Rollin

At first I was satisfied with the e-cigs but of late the cartomisers have lasted far less time than they did before. I used to have to change them at around 24 hours – now I am lucky to get 6!!!! a huge disparity! The last pack of 25 had two blackcurrant flavoured cartomers in several of them and the rest are now just tasting weird! Their quality control must be non-existent! Enough is enough – I am changing to another brand immediately and wouldn’t touch this company again with a barge pole!


I would never again buy from these
I purchased the skystorm am10
Ive only had it a few weeks and the threads have gone on the tank
I havent got my reciept so the assistant wouldnt do anything about it
But i.m not leaving it here i.m going to trading standards

David Zimmerman

My Wife and I have been using the Ecigs for over 5 years, at first there was not too many problems with batteries, suddenly we started getting batteries that don’t charge properly and within a month are almost useless. I only use the charging system that came with our kits. Once I called them and they asked for the batch number, don’t know about you but I don’t hold onto the box. They are really bad about battery returns, they almost refuse to admit they are not reliable. If they are not going to quality control their batteries (they come… Read more »

Anne Tasker

Don’t buy V.i.P

David Munn

DO NOT WASTE YOUR WELL EARNED MONEY ON THIS COWBOY OUTFIT! Received an order off them 3 week ago & there was 3 items missing,Clearomiser,Airflow Clearomiser & a Pack of Coils.2 Bottles of E=liquid were only 10ml instead of 30ml that I had payed for,,,In all about £25 worth out of a total of £74…Despite Phone & e-mails & sending them Pictures of Invoice and Items received they are just ignoring me…Dave Munn of Cumbria


I have a problem with leakage. I purchased one and was happy but after 7 months found it was leaking So my mate who had a similar one gave me his as he upgraded. Now his has started to leak. I filled it up and went to bed and in morning the Vape Juice was all over my unit. This is a Skystorm AM 10 What is the problem with them ??? I have purchased a Jomo 40 as a temporary replacement but find it can not be regulated so it;s a 1 setting unit and not to my liking.


degusting people never up for a chat unfriendly compared to any other vape shop in the uk who are always happy for a chat

Ty Taylor

POOR! POOR! POOR! Do not buy anything from VIP.The product quality is appalling as is the customer service,lacklustre approach is endemic throughout the entire company and I get at least three to four emails daily with promotions. If you buy from VIP you really are wasting your money


I bought a VIP Nexus M-Box and sm-40 Tank £32:98p, The tank leaked after just 1 week so l bought another Tank, same problem then the M-box stopped recharging after 6 weeks! I complained to VIP and got fobbed off with Bulkshit excuses! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COWBOY COMPANY!!! Worst Customer Service in the History of Customer Service!!!


VIP are such liars I was on the phone to the customer serive I just bought a nexus 2 weeks ago and the tank is faulty they tell me sorry we’ve never had this problem before it must be your fault. Bunch of money grabbing ……


I just bought the nexus 2 weeks ago, the tank was faulty and came loose and now I have to use my finger to keep it held down. I went back to the store I bought it from with my receipts but they wouldn’t change it as you only get 48h warranty which they don’t tell you, I then got on the phone to customer help line and they told me that this hasn’t ever happened before which I find hard to believe as there is nothing that locks it in place or secures it 100% only pressure. So they… Read more »


Appalling customer service for a faulty product they they refuse to refund or replace. I will never order from them again. This has happened once before and I brushed it off but not again.


Have used VIP e cig and cartomisers for 2 yrs, mild menthol,like the taste and can buy in local franchise,all was good until 4wks ago ,no mild menthol cartridges to be had,not much use when you are relying on a product and have purchased a few new cigs and the battery life is absolute rubbish, ones that I bought a year ago have much longer battery life. So dissapointed with VIP but have found an alternative , cartomisers uk sell compatible cartridges for the VIP e cig and only £5.85 a pack £1.50 delivery, they also have more choice in… Read more »


Never deserve appreciation the most dishonest service


Worthless to buy vip


Am on my second Skystorm; now second tank won’t work after 3 months, just like first tank. VIP’s response – their warranty is only 30 days. Now we know why – their products do not last and customer service is dreadful.


DPD Delivery to Shop option states one day delivery. It isn’t. Don’t waste your money on this method of postage.


Deliver to shop option states one day delivery. It isn’t. Don’t waste your money on this method of posting. Very misleading