WP 510 Oil Vape Pen Review

WP 510 Oil Vape Pen Review

If you’re looking for the perfect starter oil vape then the WP 510 is sure to be right up your alley.

With a compact design and a sleek appearance, the WP 510 offers a complete vape experience for an incredible price.

And while the WP 510 may not be the most powerful device on the market, it manages to be the perfect solution for any first-time vapers who are looking to vape oils.

Read on to find out exactly what this pen offers and how to use one.

WP 510 Oil Vape Pen Kit

WP 510 Oil Vape Pen Kit

Everything about the WP 510 is simple, yet highly effective. This is evident from the very second you open the kit.

Inside the box, you’ll see the 510’s battery, its 0.5ml cartridge, a USB charging cable, a user manual, and a handy little plastic carry case.

While some more experienced vapers may be disappointed with the lack of any extras, first-time vapers are sure to appreciate the simplicity of the kit.

The 350mAh battery included in the kit is a 510 thread CCEL type of battery that does a good job of powering the smaller device.

This battery works with practically every other type of cartridge on the current market, so you’ll have plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing your oils.

Similarly, the 0.5ml cartridge that comes with the kit is compatible with a whole range of CBD oils, essential oils, and E-liquids.

The pen itself works in an extremely simple way. Just press the fire button in five times to switch it on and press it again to heat the oil and produce a vape.

The WP 510 offers a standard Pre-Heat mode as well as a Variable Temperature mode which allows you to choose from three pre-set temperature options.

Design and Features

Vape pen

As all good starter vape pens should be, the WP 510 is as simple as it gets. The size of the pen is what will first surprise you.

The entire pen is, quite literally, the size of a standard pen or pencil, making it the ideal choice for any stealthy vapers who wish to easily conceal their vape.

The weight of the WP 510 is notable for several reasons, the main reason being that the 510 strikes the perfect balance of lightweight and substantial.

The pen is easy to pick up and put down, requiring only light movements. But the metal finish of the pen makes it feel substantial, and worth the amount of money you’ve invested.

The stainless steel colour of the WP 510 gives the entire device an elegant appearance with the transparent section on the oil tank, adding a subtle touch of detail.

With regards to features, the WP 510 vape pen does not have many. A Variable Temperature mode is the extent of the WP 510’s features.

Switch between three different temperature options to choose the optimum temperature for the oil you are vaping. Alternatively, a standard Pre-Heat temperature is also available.

Performance and How to Use It

WP 510 Oil Vape Pen

The WP 510 oil vape pen performs surprisingly well for such a compact, simple device. To get started with the pen, just click the fire button five times consecutively.

After the pen has switched on, you just need to click and hold the fire button again to heat the oil inside the pen and produce a vape cloud. The standard cloud produced is pretty decent regardless of what type of oil or e-liquid you use.

For those who want to experiment with their vaping experience a little, the WP 510 offers three different temperature modes.

These can be cycled through by pressing the fire button three times consecutively. The three temperatures are indicated by a different colour.

The green colour indicates that the pen is using 3.2V, the blue colour means that the pen is on 3.6V, and the red colour is used when 4.0V is being used. As you would expect, the red mode often produces the best results as more power is being used.

The Pre-Heat mode included in this pen is also fairly good. This mode allows users to produce consistently large vapes at a lower wattage, meaning that the battery life of the device is often extended significantly. This is the best mode for constant vapers.


On the whole, the WP 510 oil vape pen is an excellent starter device.

While experienced vapers may be put off by the lack of additional features and the simplicity of the device, first-time vapers are sure to have a great time figuring out the different temperature modes and playing around with a whole host of available oils and e-liquid cartridge options.

The WP 510 is deceptively great. Don’t let its compact design fool you.