Vaporesso SWAG II Kit Review: Highly Effective Box Mod

Vaporesso SWAG II Kit Review

Vaporesso is one of the most well-known names in the vaping industry. The second you hear the name you are instantly reminded of all of the excellent premium products that Vaporesso has made throughout the years.

With every year the company gets better, somehow continuing to innovate on a whole range of vaping products that most thought were already perfected years ago.

The Swag II box mod is the latest in a long line of highly effective, highly successful box mod products by Vaporesso.

This model improves on its predecessor, the Swag, in almost every department, including a new premium sub-ohm tank, a new compact design and more.

Vaporesso SWAG II Kit

Vaporesso SWAG II Kit

The Vaporesso Swag II vaping kit comes packed to the brim with premium components. The second you open the packaging you are immediately presented with the stylishly sleek Swag II mod, the details of which we will discuss in a moment.

The state-of-the-art NRG PE tank is placed directly underneath. This tank has a modest capacity of 3.5ml. Already pre-installed into the device is the GT4 meshed coil.

A GT CCELL coil is also included in this kit should you prefer it. A total of four separate O-rings are included in this kit. A charging cable and user manual are also included in the kit. On the whole, this kit gives you plenty to work with.

The mod itself has some interesting specs to look at. Inside the mod is the new AXON chip which provides a truly modern vaping experience due to its innovative pulse mode and temperature control options.

The display screen used on the device is a standard 0.91-inch OLED screen that is used on most modern devices. The output power of the device ranges from 5-80 watts.

Design and Build 

Vaporesso Swag II

The Swag II is a very well-built piece of kit overall. The feel of a vape kit is extremely important, and thankfully Vaporesso has nailed it once again. The Swag II feels absolutely solid.

No part of this kit looks or feels cheap or easily breakable. Despite this, the device feels surprisingly pretty lightweight to hold. The fire button is nothing new, just the standard circular button situated on the front of the device that does its job well enough.

The threading on the battery is decent, and the battery itself can be easily replaced due to the handy battery cap on the device. The kit comes in four different colours, red, blue, black, and silver, each option appearing well-refined and sleek.

Vaporesso SWAG II Mod

Vaporesso SWAG II Mod

Just as any other Vaporesso mod, this Swag II device is packed full of modes and various little features to better your vaping experience.

There are a total of five different modes accessible on this mod, each one providing a wholly different yet satisfying vaping experience.

Power mode, Temperature Control mode, Variable Voltage mode, Watt Curve mode and Bypass mode are all featured on this mod. These modes can be easily accessed from the DIY menu on the OLED screen.

An ECO mode is also featured which opts to conserve battery life and give a slightly reduced power hit. Thanks to the AXON chip used in the mod, this device has both a Pulse mode and a Smart Temperature Control mode.



The NRG PE tank included in this kit is the latest in a long line of NRG tanks. Like its predecessors, this latest model also uses GT coils. Two of these GT coils are included in the kit, a GT CCELL 0.6ohm coil and a pre-installed GT4 0.15ohm double mesh coil.

The GT4 coil is intended for usage at 6-70 watts whilst the GT CCELL coil is intended to be used at lower powers of 25-35 watts.

The tank has a 3.5ml straight glass included in this kit. Each component of the tank can be easily removed and replaced. The coils can be replaced easily by simply unscrewing the base of the tank. The tank does require emptying before coils are replaced, however.

A standard 510 (wide bore) O-ring drip tip is used in this tank. As previously mentioned, the threading on the tank is smooth and high-quality. The tank is filled via top-fill system that is accessed by sliding back the lid of the tank.


As previously alluded to, there are several mode variations accessible with this kit. The two primary modes of function are the Power mode and the Smart Temperature Control mode, both of which are only possible via the state-of-the-art AXON chip.

On average, the device gives out around 80-85 watts of power when on Power mode. This is dependant on the batteries used, but in general, any batteries compatible with the single 18650 battery mod are sure to produce consistently great results on this mode.

The mod increases in 0.1-watt increments that can be easily adjusted via the OLED screen display, giving the user a truly personal vaping experience that can be tailored to their own unique preferences.

In general, the mod has a pretty quick ramp-up time, regardless of what mode you are using. The Temperature Control mode allows users to set the temperature of their device. The Swag II allows users to use this mode at the full 80 watts power setting.

While some reviews state that this mode is not entirely functional (not providing a consistent output), this mode has worked for others and shouldn’t be dismissed entirely.

Pros and Cons

Whilst the Swag II may be a good kit, on the whole, that doesn’t mean that it is without its faults. The list below details some of the most prevalent pros and cons we have found with the kit:


  • Excellent Power mode feature
  • A great build quality with an equally good overall aesthetic design
  • Plenty of additional modes and functions


  • A somewhat standard kit overall. Good components but nothing truly standout
  • Temperature Control mode may be a little ineffective for some users


On the whole, this latest Swag kit from Vaporesso is sure to please many vape fans. While the overall components are of high-quality and do their job effectively, none of them really stand out in this crowded market.

That being said, this Vaporesso Swag II kit is still a good option for any vape enthusiast. If you are looking for a vape kit that does something truly unique, then you are looking in the wrong place.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a kit that is effective, reliable, and affordable, then this Vaporesso Swag II kit will definitely provide that experience.