Vaporesso Gen S Vape Mod Kit Review

Vaporesso Gen S Kit Review

For the last five years, Vaporesso has continued to impress vapers around the world with their extremely high-quality, sleek-looking, and compact devices.

The latest Gen S model by Vaporesso fits perfectly into that lineage, being one of the best vape kits in recent years.

With an excellent build quality, unique grip texturing and a generous e-liquid capacity, the Vaporesso Gen S is sure to impress just about any vape user.

High-performance modes and easy-to-navigate menus mean that this device is perfect for both seasoned vapers and those completely new to the vaping scene.

Vaporesso Gen S Kit

Vaporesso Gen S Kit

The Gen S kit may seem fairly simple at first, but within its small box lies a whole range of handy accessories and replacement components that ensure that this kit lasts you a while.

The Gen S mod itself is absolutely perfect, not being too small or too big. The textured surface of the mod allows the device to sit comfortably in your hand even for long durations.

The side of the mod features a standard fire button, a 0.91-inch OLED screen, three small buttons, and a Micro USB charging port.

A bubble NRG-S tank with a generous 8mL capacity is included in this kit as well as a 2mL straight glass tank.

Two different coils are included in this kit, one GT4 Meshed coil and one GT Meshed coil. The GT4 has a resistance of 0.15-ohm, and the GT has a resistance of 0.18-ohm.

An extra glass tube is packaged into the kit. This spare tube has a capacity of 5mL. Four spare O-rings are included as well. The Gen S features a dual-18650 battery.

Unfortunately, these batteries are not always included in this standard Gen S kit, meaning that you will have to purchase them separately. A Micro USB charging cable is also included in this set.

Design and Build 


The first thing anyone who gets their hands on the Gen S will notice is the soft, rubberised grip used on the outside of the mod.

The rounded edges and the smooth casing allow the whole kit to fit perfectly in your hand with nothing digging into your skin or making the experience uncomfortable in the least.

The 0.91-inch OLED screen does the job well, blending in suitably with the rest of the mod.

The Gen S in its entirety, only weighs around 107g, making it very lightweight. When it comes to personalising your Gen S, Vaporesso has you covered with twelve uniquely different designs.

On the whole, the Gen S feels lightweight, yet suitably sturdy, all packaged in a refined and sleek design.

Vaporesso Gen S Mod

Vaporesso Gen S Mod

The Gen S mod itself stands amongst some of the best vape mods currently available on the market.

For a fairly affordable price, you are getting a mod that not only looks excellent but also has a whole host of different features and modes that you can play around with.

Seasoned vape users are going to have a field day with the modes on offer here. A Power Eco mode, Pulse mode, Smart Temperature Control mode, and a DIY mode are all packed into this small kit.

The DIY mode lets vape veterans choose exactly what power they want to set the device to and what temperature they wish to set it to, subsequently producing a vape that is tailored exactly to the users preferences.

A Watt Curve mode, Voltage mode, Bypass mode, and a Super Player mode are all also available.

While all of these additional modes may seem a little superfluous to some, it is nice to have them there just in case you wish to experiment at any point.

It’s better to have a device that gives you too much than too little. Using the kit is simple as well, just click the fire button five times to turn it on and use the buttons on the mod to scroll through the menu and select your options.

Vaporesso NRG-S Tank

Vaporesso NRG-S Tank

Included in this kit are a straight glass 2mL tank and a bubble glass 8mL tank. The coils included in this kit are screwed into the base of the tank and can be easily removed by gently unscrewing them.

Before you replace a coil, you will need to empty the tank first, which can be a little irritating if you still have a full tank of your favourite e-juice.

The tank has a wide 510 drip tip which is fairly standard and can be replaced easily if you want to use a different 510.

The entire tank has smooth threading all across it. Filling the tank is incredibly easy, just slide the top cap out, carefully pour in your e-liquid, and let the cap slide back into place.

If you are trying to pour a larger bottle of e-liquid into the tank, then you may want to remove the drip tip first to make sure that you have enough room when pouring.

The airflow control is also incredibly straightforward to use and adjust on the fly. While the NRG-S tank may not be anything new or innovative, it does provide a high-quality vaping experience.


Vaporesso S

Generally speaking, the Gen S has fairly good performance across the board, but it doesn’t quite reach the same heights as some of its competitors on the current market.

The main thing that keeps the Gen S back is its coils. Whilst Vaporesso creates top-quality mod kits, their coils have never been their best asset.

That being said, the 0.18-ohm GT coil works well at about 60W, and the 0.15-ohm GT4 coil works well at around 65W. With the airflow restricted about halfway, these coils produce a decent flavour and cloud.

However, if you want to get the best performance from the Gen S kit, then you may want to swap out the Vaporesso coils for some more powerful ones.

Additionally, the temperature control mode and the power mode do produce decent results in general, with the optimum temperature being around the 400F range if you want to produce a consistent and flavourful vape.

Pros and Cons

There is plenty to love about the Gen S kit, but there are also quite a few aspects that let it down in the long run:


  • The rubberised, smooth grip allows the device to sit comfortably in your hand for extended periods
  • The whole kit, including batteries, is very lightweight
  • TC performance is decent
  • Has a large 8mL capacity tank
  • Menu system is easy to use


  • The coils included in the kit do not perform as well as some of the Gen S’ competitors
  • Some of the additional modes can be considered to be superfluous


On the whole, the latest Gen S model from Vaporesso is an excellent vape kit for all types of vapers.

Its sleek design, smooth grip and easy-to-use menu set it apart from its competition.

And while the coils included in the kit may not be as powerful as some users would expect, the Gen S is still a great little device that gets the job done and then some.