Vaporesso Gen Nano Kit Review: Best Compact Device?

Vaporesso Gen Nano Kit Review

The original Gen kit from Vaporesso was one of the best-selling and widely acclaimed vape mods of 2019. It was also a vape mod that performed excellently.

This new model from Vaporesso aims to condense all of that high-quality performance into a compact and extremely lightweight package.

With an 80-watt battery contained inside with the latest version of an AXON chip installed, the inclusion of the GTX22 sub-ohm tank and GTX coils, this model looks like it may reach the same heights as its predecessor, if not somehow overtake it.

This review aims to give you the rundown on just what the Gen Nano has to offer.

Vaporesso Gen Nano Kit

Vaporesso Gen Nano Kit

Much like the device itself, the Gen Nano kit packs a lot into a small space. Included in the kit is the well-reviewed GTX22 sub-ohm tank that measures 49.4 by 22mm.

The mod included in the kit has the dimensions 70.3 by 40.3 by 24.2mm. This kit includes the patented GTX coils that are well-regarded throughout the vaping world.

The battery included in the mod is held internally and is 2000mAh. It can produce 5-80W of power when fully charged. This is not a particularly high-capacity battery unit, but it does the job decently.

A micro USB cable is provided with the kit, giving you an easy way to charge the device.

The mod included has a built-in 0.91-inch OLED display screen that clearly states battery levels, puff count and the various output modes currently switched on.

When all the components are combined, the Gen Nano is a very compact small-scale device that can be easily carried and concealed.

There are several output modes included with this mod. There is an Eco mode, a Pulse mode, a Smart Temperature Control mode, and a DIY mode.

The kit features a fully adjustable airflow system that lets you control your vaping experience.

Design and Build

Vaporesso Vape Mod

The design of the Gen Nano practically imitates the original iteration’s design but condenses it into a compact and succinct device.

The first thing to note, besides the device’s obvious smaller size, is the kit’s lightweight feel. The Nano manages to strike the perfect balance between a lightweight design and an expensive feel.

Often when a device is compact and lightweight, it can feel relatively cheap, the Gen Nano does not suffer from this.

The device fits in hand perfectly thanks to the ergonomic rubber grip. This external rubber coating also protects the device from general wear and tear.

Gen Nano Mod

Gen Nano Mod

The mod used in this Gen Nano kit measures at 68 by 40.3 by 24.3mm. It comfortably fits a 24mm atomizer without needing to squeeze or hang over the side.

The mod itself only weighs around 80 grams and only around 140 when it has been filled with e-liquid. The lightweight nature of the mod really cannot be overstated. It has the measurements and weight of many pod mod devices but has the power and capacity of larger models.

As previously mentioned, the mod comes pre-equipped with a 0.96-inch OLED display screen. This screen is used to select various output modes and assess the current battery usage, puff count and other functionalities.

The screen itself is the same one used in the larger Gen model, being another example of how this model is somehow superior to its predecessor.

This mod also provides the user with several output modes that they can choose from at will, including an Eco mode, a Pulse mode, a Smart Temperature Control mode, and a DIY mode.

These modes can be selected using the OLED display screen and can be activated or deactivated whenever the user chooses. These output mode options are very impressive for such a small device.

GTX 22 Tank

GTX 22 Tank

The name of the tank refers to the 22mm diameter that the tank has. This tank is very well regarded in the vaping community due to its high possible capacity and wide bore drip tip.

The bubble glass included in the kit holds up to 3.5ml of e-liquid and the drip tip included in the kit is a 510 one. Filling the tank is simple and should only take a matter of moments.

Simply unscrew the top-cap and pour the e-liquid in. This tank does not come with a slide-fill attached, which means that it can get a little messy if you are not careful when pouring the juice in.

The airflow control ring within the tank has three separate airflow slots. When open, these three slots can provide the user with an airy direct lung hit. There should be no leakage from these airflow slots.

GTX coils are used in this tank. These coils have been on the market for quite a while and have gained quite the solid reputation, so their inclusion in this kit is welcomed. That also means that the coils are easily replaceable and for an affordable price.


When it comes to performance, this smaller device has a surprising amount of functionality and an exceptional level of performance quality. The GTX coils used in the tank are some of the best coils currently available on the market.

They come very close to the same level of quality shown in the best RDL sub-ohm coils. When using the 0.2-ohm coil included with the kit, you will receive a more flavourful vape.

The 0.6-ohm coil included in the kit gives a perfectly balanced vaping experience, giving the device a high level of performance whilst also keeping battery usage to a standard level.

Vaporesso also suggests the use of 1.2-ohm coils that are designed to be used for mouth-to-lung vaping. Despite Vaporesso marketing this particular model as primarily a mouth-to-lung device, it is not its best aspect.

To achieve a decent MTL, you must raise the wattage of the coil up to around 12 watts and open the airflow control by a little bit. This should create an MTL hit, or something similar to one.

Unless you love the MTL vaping experience, it might be an idea to leave the 1.2-ohm coils to the side and just stick to the more than effective coils included in the kit.

Battery Life and Charging

It goes without saying that the battery life of the device will vary depending on what coil is installed and what wattage the device is set to.

The 2000mAh battery included in this kit is rather respectable, reaching full charge in just over an hour using the micro USB cable included in the kit.

Most modern vape devices charge using a USB-C cable which is much faster and more reliable over long periods of time, but this micro USB does the job decently.

The battery usage can be easily tracked at all times via the OLED display screen built into the mod.

Pros and Cons

The Gen Nano has a range of qualities and drawbacks. Below is a brief list of some of the most important ones:


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Ergonomic rubber grip feels good and protects the mod
  • GTX coils can be used and come included
  • Fast charging rate


  • Not designed for MTL vaping


As far as small devices go, the Gen Nano by Vaporesso is a truly great one. Whilst it may not be entirely suitable for MTL vaping, despite what the marketing may suggest, it functions extremely well in every other regard.

The GTX 22 tank and the inclusion of two GTX coils make this a kit worth having from the offset.

The ergonomic rubber grip adds both a unique sense of style as well as a high level of functionality to the device, ensuring that its general wear and tear does not damage the device even after consistent use.

All of these factors add up to make the Gen Nano one of the best compact devices currently available on the market.