Vapemate Review: Something for Every Type of Vape User

Vapemate Review

If you are looking for a new e-liquid brand then no look no further, Vapemate’s extensive range of e-juice products are sure to satisfy your every need.

Now boasting over 60000 different vaping products on their website, Vapemate is a brand name that you should not overlook.

From 10ml e-liquids to CBD vape juices and more, Vapemate is sure to have something for every type of vape user, regardless of their personal preferences.

10ml E Liquids

Vapemate’s 10ml e-liquid range is by far their most popular line. While these e-liquids may not give seasoned vape users anything they haven’t had before, the flavour and experience that these standard 10ml bottles bring to the table are well above average for the market.

The sheer amount of flavours on offer in this range is staggering. This range has everything you would expect in terms of flavour variety.

Classic fruit flavours like Apple and Berries & Cream are present as well as dessert options like Banoffee Pie and Apple Pie.

Some more unique flavours are also present like Absinthe and Aniseed.

Vapemate Classic E-Liquid

Vapemate Classic e juice

As the title would suggest, this range of Vapemate e-liquid products includes all of the flavours and juices that are considered to be classics of the entire Vapemate line of products.

The classic range of products is expansive, offering over 100 separate and distinct flavours. Every single one of these 100 flavours also comes in a variety of nicotine strengths, five to be exact.

These flavours also come with two separate VG options to choose from. This great line of e-liquid products offers an unprecedented amount of choice with every one of its excellent flavours.

Vapemate Origins E-Liquid

Vapemate Origins e liquid

The Vapemate Origins line of e-juices is the perfect place to start for newcomers to the vaping scene.

Intentionally designed to bring a simple and accessible range of flavours to beginners, the Origins line is the perfect place for new vape users to start. All of these e-liquids are 30VG.

This particular VG blend is designed to be compatible with practically any beginner vaping device, particularly starter kit vape pens and any other form of a lower power device.

In the Origins range, there are 25 different flavours. All of the classic options are here, intentionally offering a condensed selection of what the current market has to offer.

Directors Cut Premium E-Liquid

Directors Cut Premium E-Liquid

Labelled the “Directors Cut” for a good reason, these Vapemate e-liquids are some of the best this company has to offer.

Each of these premium e-liquids are hand-crafted meticulously in order to give each and every bottle a full and rich flavour.

These e-juices are designed to be used in powerful vape devices as the flavour produced will be incredibly rich, and the vapour produced will be dense and plentiful. In particular, these e-liquids work well in sub-ohm devices.

While there may be fewer flavours on offer here when compared to the Classic range of e-juices, every single flavour is guaranteed to be an excellent one.

CBD Vape Juice

Many people believe that vaping CBD is the best way to take it, being more healthy and simply more accessible than purchasing supplements or oils.

This is why Vapemate has taken their traditionally excellent e-liquid flavours and infused them with CBD.

This affordable, convenient, and enjoyable way to consume CBD is now better than ever as Vapemate offers a whole range of unique e-juice flavours to choose from.

Choose from a variety of strengths of CBD and choose from a large range of either CBD infused flavours, CBD-based e-liquids or CBD additives.


Ambience CBD eliquid

The Ambience line of Vapemate products offers a premium vaping experience with the added bonus of each e-liquid containing CBD.

Each product in the Ambience range has 0.2% or less THC contents and has been manufactured using industrial hemp.

Only premium-grade cannabidiol is used when making these e-liquid products. Whilst there are only a few flavours really on offer here, each one provides a flavourful and rich vaping experience.

From classic fruit-based options like Sweet Cherry and Strawberry to dessert options like Vanilla Custard, there will be at least one flavour here that piques your interest.

Pod Devices

While Vapemate may be widely known primarily for their excellent ranges of premium e-liquid products, this company also offers its customers a wide range of pod devices as well as a great selection of replacement parts for their pod devices.

Leading vape manufacturers have a whole range of pod products on the Vapemate website.

For example, Innokin pod devices and replacement parts can be found on Vapemate’s site as well as Geekvape and Aspire products.

There are also a large variety of disposable pod refill packs to choose from here.

Relx Essential Device + Pre-filled Pods Bundle

Relx Essential Device

A brand new pod-system device from Relx, this model is surprisingly impressive, packing an impressive 350mAh battery and boasting a great Super Smooth Technology feature that enhances the performance of the small device.

This device takes only around half an hour to charge, making it the perfect on-the-go portable device.

The ergonomic design of this particular device ensures that the kit remains lightweight but also stays completely leak-free throughout even the longest sessions.

This device also comes pre-filled with your choice of nicotine salt e-liquid (of 18mg strength). There are seven different flavours to choose from with this bundle.

WISMEC R80 Pod Kit

WISMEC R80 Pod Kit

The WISMEC R80 Pod Kit boasts an incredibly versatile design, making it a perfect pod device for practically any type of vape user.

This device has plenty of built-in features at its disposal, giving seasoned vape users a little more value for their money than many other pod devices currently on the market.

However, this pod remains greatly accessible for newcomers due to its surface-level simplicity.

Beginners can use this device as both an entry point into the world of vaping as well as a bridge to the world of Pro vape devices, giving them an opportunity to experiment with low resistance coils.

Smok Fetch Pro Kit

Smok Fetch Pro Kit

A sleek and elegantly designed vape kit from the much-beloved Smok brand, this Fetch Pro Kit is an excellent vaping product that gives plenty of value for money.

What sets this kit apart from its competitors is how this device packs the high functionality of a mod kit and pod device into a highly portable and well-sized unit.

Boasting 80W of power with an external 18650 battery, this device is capable of quite a powerful performance. This battery is easily charged via the Type-C USB cable that comes included with the kit.

The airflow controls on this device are substantial, offering a dual-channel direct system that enhances the flavour of any good e-liquid.

About the Company 

Vapemate was initially established back in 2013 by only three people. The three founders of Vapemate were vaping enthusiasts who sought to bring a large range of customisable e-liquids to the vaping market, something which was sorely lacking back in the early days of the mainstream vaping market.

Originally, Vapemate started life as a mobile app that was vapers could use to track their progress with.

In 2014, the company began to grow significantly in popularity, their large range of premium customisable e-liquid products now being seen as the next hot thing in the vaping market.

Vapemate now offers over 60000 different types of product on their webstore.

Customer Support

If you should ever run into a problem or simply need to ask a question about their products, Vapemate has a responsive and effective customer support system that will take care of any issues or queries you may have.

Clicking on the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the Vapemate website will take you to a page full of helpful contact methods that you can use.

A telephone number, email address and postal address are all here.

Delivery & Returns

Vapemate offers quite a few different shipping options to choose from. If you are looking to receive free shipping, then you will need to spend over £30.

Your package will be sent via the Royal Mail 48 service. If you spend over £50, then the package will be sent via a courier delivery that aims to arrive the next working day.

These free shipping offers are only given to UK-based customers currently. Worldwide shipping is available at a higher cost, however.

If you receive your product and it is faulty in any way you can send it back to Vapemate in order to receive either a replacement or a full refund.

You just need to contact customer support first in order to receive a Return Number.