Why Does My Vape Spit?

There’s nothing worse than settling down for a relaxing vape than suddenly having the horrible taste of e liquid in your mouth. Vape spitting problems can ruin your experience completely and if it always seems to be happening, you could end up with a completely unusable atomizer or tank. Luckily, if you’re having trouble with your vape popping and spitting all the time, there is an easy way of stopping the spitback, or at least of working around it.

What Is Spitback?

what is spitbackSpitback is a term that refers to the very hot e-liquid droplets that sometimes shoot out at you as you vape. Check out your RDA coil as it fires up and you’ll often spot it happening along with telltale vape popping sounds. The hot e-juice droplets will go in all directions, however if you are really unlucky, you may find that one shoots into your mouthpiece while you’re in mid-draw.

The cause of RDA spitting is fairly simple. Basically put, the e-liquid pools up on the coil and becomes cooked instead of vaporized. If you imagine a pan of boiling water on a hob bubbling and spitting, this is pretty much the same thing that happens with your vape, and when you inhale from the mouthpiece, it’s all too easy to suck up some hot droplets. The problem is associated with flooded coils, but sometimes you’ll find that it happens even when there is no flooding problem.

How To Eliminate Spitback problems

Vapers who have experienced this problem have come up with a number of ways of reducing spitback and even preventing it completely.

1.Increase The Power

If you are vaping at too low a wattage, it’s possible the e-liquid is being vaporized as quickly as it is being supplied by the wick. Increase the wattage by 5-10W and see if the situation improves.

2.Avoid Over-Priming

Priming the coil by dripping eliquid manually onto the wick before using the coil can end up being a problem. Too much e-liquid in the chamber causes flooding and the associated spitback problem. This is the same when it comes to dripping and RDAs. Don’t overdo it with the dripping or priming and you could resolve the problem completely.

3.Fire First

Before you inhale for the first time, press your fire button for a few seconds. You’ll hear the popping sounds fade away and once you hear the ordinary vaporization hum, you can then begin to puff away with no worries about spitback.

4.Soak Up The E-Liquid

Spitback can be worsened if e-liquid collects inside the chimney and finds it way back to the coil. You can fix this by using tissue paper – rolling it and the inserting it into the tank’s chimney to soak up excess e-juice.

5.Avoid Clapton Coils

Coils which are multi-stranded often spit and pop because of their design. Clapton coils and twisted coils are notorious for this problem so switch to a simple coil instead.

6.Reduce Airflow

If you inhale too forcefully during vaping, you could be encouraging flooding. Inhale gently, allowing the wick and coil to do the work on your behalf. You could also reduce the air flow setting.

7.Use A High VG E-Liquid

E-liquids which are high in PG are thinner and this makes flooding more likely. Switch to an ejuice which has a higher VG content and this will slow wicking.

8.Cover The Drip Tip

By covering the drip tip, you’ll ensure that no e-juice can spit back into it. One way is to use a paper towel, however there are also pipe screens which can be cut down to fit into the tip. Alternatively, you can invest in an anti spit back drip tip which has been designed specifically to combat the problem.

If you are struggling with spitback, try these methods to see if you can rectify the situation. If all else fails, a new drip tip will definitely cure the problem and will restore your trouble free vaping experience.