UWELL Yearn Kit Review – the Best Pod System?

UWELL Yearn Kit Review

The UWELL brand is frequently associated with glowing reviews, all praising their line of premium tanks and kits.

UWELL is known to provide vape users with a delicate and rich tasting and feeling vape. The company has come a long way since its first range of popular Crown vaping products released back in 2015.

This newest iteration of the UWELL vaping kit improves upon almost every aspect of the previous kit released by the company.

The previous model, the Caliburn, was extremely popular, but this new Yearn kit offers a unique closed-system pod vape that is sure to grab a similar amount of attention.

UWELL Yearn Kit

UWELL Yearn Kit

When opening the kit, you are presented with the Yearn body itself, a handy user manual and a micro USB cable that is used to charge the kit.

Whilst the UWELL Yearn kit may only come with a few components, the items that are included are of extremely high quality.

The Yearn is capable of reaching an impressive 11 watts when used in conjunction with the included 370mAh battery. This 370mAh battery is housed internally in the device.

The pods used with the Yearn kit hold around 1.5ml of juice. While these pods may not have the highest capacity, they do the job well.

Four flavours are available for this device (more on these later), each one needing to be bought separately.

The device itself is draw activated and has been manufactured with a zinc alloy. The overall weight of the kit is only about 40 grams, making it feel very lightweight.

To activate the device all you need to do is draw from the mouthpiece, the device will activate automatically.

Design and Build 

UWELL Yearn Design

Despite its more compact appearance, the UWELL Yearn is one surprisingly sturdy device. When compared to the previous Caliburn model, the Yearn feels much more refined.

The main body of the device feels absolutely solid. The entire kit fits comfortably in the palm of your hand with absolute ease due to the subtle and refined curves of the device.

The mouthpiece of the device is of a similar high-quality, being made from the same material as the rest of the body and having the same sleek glossy look that the rest of the device has.

The fit and finish of the whole kit as well as the overall design and build quality are of excellent quality all around.

Despite this, however, some users may run into issues regarding the fit of the pods in the device.

The pods do not click into place in the device, sometimes leaving slight gaps in between the device and the pod. This shouldn’t cause any real issues, however, as the pods are still held firmly within the device.

Choice of Flavours

UWELL Yearn Flavours

The UWELL Yearn kit is fully capable of producing a hit of incredibly intense and vibrant flavour. This is not often seen with smaller devices like this one, making this particular kit stand out in the crowd.

The Yearn comes pre-filled with one of UWELL’s excellent flavours. There are four flavours available for use with this particular kit.

The first flavour is the refreshingly sweet and sharp Fuji Apple flavour. This seems to be the general favourite amongst users of this device due to its refreshingly tart taste. The apple flavouring is unmistakable here. You just need to take one sniff of the pod to realise what flavour is inside.

The next flavour is Mango, a flavour which offers a similarly sweet and refreshing taste but lacks the Fuji Apple’s sharpness. This particular flavour does not really have its own distinct flavour identity, unable to reach the same heights as some of the best mang flavours currently available on the market.

Another flavour for this kit is the Ice Mint flavour. This flavour tastes somewhat artificial but still offers a refreshing feel.

The last flavour available for this device is the Vanilla Tobacco flavour. This flavour suffers from the same artificiality problem as the Ice Mint but does still offer a unique tasting flavour overall.


It should be stated right away that this Yearn kit is extremely fast. The time it takes to get a hit from the device is exceptionally short.

All you need to do is take a draw from the mouthpiece, and within milliseconds the kit will start up and produce a vape. The loose mouth-to-lung draw of the kit gives off a consistently warm feeling vape with very little effort.

The device is best used with lighter 20mg concentrations of e-liquid. This is because higher concentrations (around 50mg) tend to leave your throat feeling a little scratchy.

This does seem to be subject to the individual though so you may have a different experience entirely. Chain vaping is entirely possible with this kit due to the almost instant start-up time.

As previously mentioned, this kit gives off an incredibly flavourful vape at a very consistent rate with absolutely no leaking occurring.

Battery Life and Charging

Yearn Battery

The Yearn kit comes with a built-in 370mAh battery that is housed internally within the device.

This battery doesn’t give the device the best amount of battery life, but this isn’t a huge issue as the battery life seems to correspond almost perfectly to the liquid quantity of the device.

If the battery is fully charged, then there is usually enough power to vape all of the 1.5ml e-liquid inside the device. The device can be charged with a micro USB cable, one of which is included in the kit.

Pros and Cons

This Yearn kit has its fair share of both pros and cons. The list below gives you a condensed overview of both:


  • Feels compact yet solid
  • E-liquid amount can be easily measured at eye-level
  • Exceptionally quick start-up time
  • Consistently gives flavourful vapes
  • Pocketable design makes it the perfect on-the-go device


  • Heavier concentrations can lead to a rough throat hit
  • Only works with specific UWELL pods


Generally speaking, this UWELL Yearn vape kit is a pretty good little device. Despite the small size and lightweight feel, this vape kit packs quite a big, and flavourful, punch.

While the battery life and e-liquid capacity isn’t that high, it suits this pocket-sized device quite well. The flavours compatible with this device may not be the most unique or fresh tasting on the whole, but they are far from the worst on the market.

You really do get what you pay for with this kit; a reliable, lightweight, surprisingly impressive vape kit. This is definitely a kit to keep your eye on if you are looking for a small yet effective device.