Smok Stick 80W Kit Review: Sleek & Simple

Smok Stick 80W Kit Review

Smok, as a company, has been in the vaping game for around a decade now, initially emerging into the vaping scene in 2010.

Smok is generally considered by many vape users to be one of the best vape manufacturers currently in the vaping market.

Over the many years, Smok has produced countless vape kits, sub-ohm tanks, vape mods and pod systems, all of which have had a great deal of success overall.

So how does this new Smok Stick 80W kit hold up when compared to the rest of Smok’s stellar track record? Read on to find out exactly what Smok is offering with this kit.

Smok Stick 80W Kit

Smok Stick 80W Kit

The Smok Stick 80W starter kit is one of the latest additions to the company’s stick series. This is a basic sub ohm vape pen, and it comes with variable wattage.

This latest model of kit from Smok comes packaged in a relatively compact box that details exactly what is contained inside.

Upon opening the box, you will be met with the device itself and its included tank, the design of which we will fully discuss in a moment. The TF sub-ohm tank comes pre-built with one coil.

This coil is a mini V2 S1 0.15-ohm single mesh coil. A spare coil is included, this coil being a mini V2 S2 0.15-ohm quadruple coil.

These differing coils allow the user to tailor their vaping experience accordingly, each coil producing a slightly different vape.

This device has a 2800mAh battery already installed internally. The device’s output power ranges from 5 watts to 80. The resistance range of the device is 0.15 to 2.5-ohms.

A set of spare O-rings are also included in the kit. A micro USB charging cable comes with this set.

As should be expected, this kit also comes with a very easy to understand user instruction manual that should guide you through the device’s simple setup process.

A warranty card is also likely to be included with your purchase of this kit.

Design and Build

Smok Stick Design

This kit uses a tried and tested design formula in almost every regard. The style of the device itself is exceptionally simple, yet it retains a level of sleek style due to its inherent minimalism.

The subtle colour highlighting on the device’s buttons and around the tank and base goes a long way in making the device feel unique and personal.

The feel of the device is fairly weighty and solid, feeling like a good and worthwhile piece of hardware.

Each turn dial and button functions as it should, being very responsive even after consistent usage over a few weeks.

Smok TFV Mini V2 Tank

Smok TFV Mini V2 Tank

Whilst this tank has appeared in several previous Smok products, it has been somewhat modified for use in this kit. This tank now comes equipped with two 0.15-ohm mesh coils.

These coils are made from the reliable Kanthal material often used throughout many vaping devices on the market. These coils can be easily swapped out and replaced when the time comes.

The tank itself is just a standard sub-ohm tank that comes with a bubble glass container that stores up to 6ml of e-juice if required.

Airflow control can be found on this tank, as can an included 510 drip tip. Alternative drip tips can be bought and used with this kit if you desire the option.

This kit uses Smok’s patented press and twist opening design that ensures that no leakage of e-liquid will take place when the device is kept in pockets.


Smok Performance

This mod is particularly easy to use one. If the user needs to adjust the wattage at any point, all they are required to do is twist the base of the device.

That’s it—no menus on LED screens or repeated presses of buttons to no avail. Just twist the physical dial. This dial increases the wattage in increments of five.

Once ready, press the button, and the coil should start heating up instantly. Both of the coils included with this set should provide a decent amount of use each.

Even after a week of use, the pre-installed coil showed little to no signs of degradation or a reduction in the flavour quality.

For optimum performance, try setting the mod’s power to around 60-65 watts. You should also close the airflow by about a third.

These settings should give you a fully flavoured vape within just a few seconds. This mod does a pretty effective job at retaining the e-juices flavour even after many uses.

The start-up time is also practically non-existent, giving you a hit mere seconds after you press the fire button.

Battery Life and Charging

As previously mentioned, this kit comes with a pre-installed 2800mAh battery that is held internally within the device.

At full charge, this effective battery should last you around a full day of somewhat reserved vaping.

If you’re a vape user who vapes consistently throughout the day, then the charge should last you around 3-4 hours at full capacity.

To charge the device simply use the micro USB cable provided with the kit. The device should reach full charge again after only a few hours.

Pros and Cons

The Smok Stick 80W kit has a number of both benefits and cons. Below is a clear list of both:


  • Very easy to use
  • Uses physical button presses and dials to change the wattage
  • Decent battery life for a smaller device
  • Minimalist design gives the device a sleek look


  • Extremely simplistic, no output modes at all


For beginners, the Smok Stick 80W kit is a great option due to its sheer simplicity and minimalist nature.

Newer vape users are sure to appreciate the lack of any intimidating features or confusing LED displays that show an overwhelming number of elements.

This does mean that those who have been vaping for years may find themselves bored with the device due its lack of output features or replaceable parts.

The minimalist design of the device may not immediately catch anyone’s eye, but after closer inspection, it should be commended for its stylish and subtle presentation.

This kit is definitely a decent option, albeit a somewhat lacklustre one for experienced vapers.