Innokin Zlide Tube Kit Review: Perfect Vape Starter Kit

Innokin Zlide Tube Kit Review

Innokin’s line of Zlide kits is extremely well regarded by both critics and consumers alike. This latest Zlide Tube Kit from Innokin is no different. Even the most avid vape enthusiasts are sure to love this kit.

Generally, this vape pen makes the perfect mouth-to-lung vaping option, providing a surprisingly great flavour with every single hit.

After all, a product designed by the legendary Phil Busardo and Dimitris is sure to have with it an inherently high level of quality.

This kit may not include as much as some others on the market, but the contents it does have are fairly impressive.

Innokin Zlide Tube Kit

Innokin Zlide Tube

The Innokin Zlide Tube kit comes with the patented Zlide Tube 16W mod as well as the innovative Innokin Zlide MTL tank. Also included in this kit is the micro USB charging cable and a set of helpful user manuals.

This kit also includes a handy set of six spare O-rings as well as a spare drip tip should you need them. The 3000mAh battery is housed internally on the device and can be easily charged with the micro USB provided in the kit.

The charge of the device is indicated by a light on the device that changes colour depending on the level of charge the device currently has. The device has a maximum of 16W.

The tank inside this kit has an e-liquid capacity of 4ml. The kit is compatible with any, and all of the Zlide branded coils. A 1.2-ohm coil is already installed into the device while a 0.8-ohm coil is also included in the kit in case you prefer lower ohm coils in your vaping device.

The max wattage output of this device is 80 watts while the voltage output comes in at around 3.3-4.2 volts.

Design and Build 

Innokin Tube Design

Innokin is known for their sleekly designed vaping products, and the Zlide Tube is no different. This kit both looks and feels substantial.

The kit is available in five different colours. These colours include blue, pink, yellow, gold, and black. Each of these colours also has black highlighting around certain parts of the device such as the button, tank, and mouthpiece to create a more refined look overall.

The lightweight design and smaller size of this kit make it the perfect on-the-go vaping device, easily fitting into any regular sized pockets and being fairly concealable.

Tube Mod

Tube Mod

Put simply, the actual Zlide Tube mod included in this kit is great. Simplicity really is the key to this kit’s success. Everything about the mod is simple yet extremely effective. It only takes five clicks to start the device.

Within no time at all, it will have heated up fully and will be ready to go. The mod has a unique auto-detect system that automatically adjusts the wattage of the device according to the coil you are using.

This contemporary feature really makes this kit a perfect one for starters due to its simplicity and high quality. Similarly, the lack of any additional power features may put off some vaping veterans, but it makes this kit perfect for newcomers.

The sheer simplicity and “plug-and-play” design of the mod make it a simple one for beginners to get to grips with.

Zlide Tank

Zlide Tank

The Zlide tank included in this kit is one of the best sub-ohm, mouth-to-lung tanks currently available on the market. This tank is the newly designed 24mm Zlide tank which takes all of the excellent aspects of the traditional Zlide tank and turns them up to 11.

The bottom of the tank has plenty of minuscule airflow holes, which can all be adjusted by hand (via the dial on the bottom) to produce the perfect MTL vaping experience for you.

A gold plated 510 pin is used in this tank. The tank has excellent threading manufactured with stainless steel materials which ensure sturdiness and reliability.

There is a mechanism used on the 510 drip tip that ensures that it does not slide pen when in use. This tiny little lip on the drip tip is small but effective at keeping the tank closed at all times. This prevents any unwanted leakages.


The simple top-fill design of this kit allows this device to be filled with your favourite e-liquid in absolutely no time. This kit provides a surprisingly good vape full of flavour and warmth.

The mouth-to-lung vaping experience when using this kit is genuinely very good. When using the 1.2-ohm coil that comes pre-installed in the kit, you should set the device to around 10-15W to get a good quality result.

The flavour produced with this coil is truly impressive. While it doesn’t reach the same heights as an 80W device (as should be expected of a 13W device), it really isn’t that far off in terms of producing a flavourful vape.

The flavour is strong both when inhaling and exhaling. This production of flavour is also very consistent, practically never losing any of the e-liquids flavour even after a prolonged session. It should be noted that for the best results, this kit really needs to be used for MTL vaping and not direct lung vaping.

When using the 0.8-ohm coil included in the kit, the device works best at around 15-18W. The flavour produced when using this coil is equally as great as when using the 1.2-ohm coil.

The vape output for this coil is plentiful, although it doesn’t quite produce the same cloud as other vaping devices with higher power outputs.

Pros and Cons

This Innokin kit has plenty of pros and cons. This list details just a few of the most important ones.


  • Acts as the perfect starter kit due to simplicity
  • Simple top-fill design with excellent locking feature
  • Excellent flavour production
  • Easily adjustable airflow controls


  • Lack of any additional power modes may turn off seasoned users
  • Battery indicator is not entirely accurate


This latest Innokin Zlide Tube kit is the perfect option for newcomers to the vaping scene. Its sheer simplicity makes it the perfect device to teach beginners the ins and outs of vaping while still providing a high-quality vaping experience at an affordable price.

On the other hand, if you are a seasoned vape user, then the lack of any additional power modes is sure to be a disappointment. You will likely get bored pretty quickly with this kit if you are a vaping enthusiast.

This kit should instead be used by beginners who are looking for a great first vaping experience. On the whole, Innokin has produced yet another excellent vaping product that sits comfortably with their past iterations as some of the best in the market.