Innokin Plexar Kit Review: A Long-Lasting Vape Pen

Innokin Plexar Kit Review

Vape pens are not the most exciting devices on the market, at least according to seasoned vape users that is. A vape pen usually has one sole function to produce a cloud out of e-liquid.

While they may not be the most thrilling kits for those who have been vaping for years, the Innokin Plexar is one vape pen that does its one job exceedingly well.

If you’re searching for a compact, effective, long-lasting vape pen, then the Innokin Plexar is sure to be right up your alley.

With a sleek design and a generous battery life, the Plexar is one of Innokin’s finest vape pens on the current market.

Innokin Plexar Kit

Innokin Plexar Kit

The Innokin Plexar kit comes with everything you could ever need for a long-lasting vape pen experience.

Opening the kit for the first time, you will be immediately greeted with the Plexar mod itself and the PLEX tank.

The mod is simple, with only one button on it and one charging port at the base of the mod.

The charging port offers a Micro USB connection, with the kit providing a Micro USB charging cable. The tank has a capacity of 2mL which is ideal for a vape pen of this size.

This kit comes packed with plenty of additional components such as a spare glass tube that has a capacity of 2mL and a spare 0.14-ohm PLEX 3D Mesh coil.

One 0.14-ohm PLEX 3D Mesh coil is already installed in the Plexar tank. A spare O-ring set is also included in this kit.

The Plexar could not be easier to operate. Simply click the LED fire button three times to turn it on and press and hold the fire button again to take a hit. That’s all there is to it.

The Plexar has a maximum output of 100W, which is fairly impressive for a vape pen of this size.

Design and Build 


Just as any good vape pen should be, the Innokin Plexar is very comfortable to hold. The textured surfaces of the Plexar go a long way in making the pen feel like a valuable piece of kit.

The fire button is also textured and has LED lights inside which make the button glow when the device is turned on. Little details like these really make the Plexar feel more expensive than it is.

The large “PLEX” plastered on the face of the tank might put some vape users off as it can look a little tacky, but your hand usually covers that section anyway so it shouldn’t be too distracting.

The Plexar is a very compact, sturdy piece of kit that should keep you happy for a long time.

Plexar Mod

Plexar Mod

The Plexar mod itself is simple yet effective. Just as every other premium vape pen on the market, the Innokin Plexar has one sole job that it does excellently.

While seasoned vapers may be bored by the lack of any additional features or modes, new vape users will be enamoured with the Plexar’s simplicity and effectiveness.

The Plexar is capable of reaching a maximum wattage of 100W, which is surprisingly powerful for a smaller vape pen device.

The Plexar uses 20700 batteries, but an adaptor is included in the kit that allows for the use of 18650 batteries.

Generally speaking, the Plexar has a decent battery life, lasting around one full day with heavy vaping, though of course, this will change depending on your personal vaping habits.

The Plexar is charged with a Micro USB cable which offers the ability to “vape while charging”, which is a particularly great feature for those who vape heavily throughout the day.

There really isn’t much else to say about the Plexar mod itself as it doesn’t really have any noteworthy aspects to discuss.

It is simply a high-quality vape pen that does exactly what it needs to do and what it advertises to the consumer.



The PLEX tank included in this kit does the job very well. While it won’t offer you anything you haven’t seen before, this tank provides a high-quality vaping experience that is more than worth the price on the box.

Filling the PLEX tank is very easy. All you need to do is pull back the top-fill hatch on the top of the tank and carefully pour your favourite e-liquid into the hole.

The hole is large enough so that pouring your e-liquid into it should be easy enough, avoiding any possible spills. Once filled, just slide the top-fill hatchback.

Unfortunately, this hatch doesn’t seem to have any locking mechanism, meaning that it is possible that the tank could start to leak if the hatch comes loose in your pocket or bag.

The airflow control is easily adjustable on the PLEX tank. There are two separate large airflow holes located at the base of the tank.

These can be adjusted with ease by rotating the bottom of the tank. The 2mL capacity of the tank may not be the largest on the market, but it does the job.

On the whole, the PLEX tank may not offer any innovative designs, but it does provide a solid component that works well.


Unlike some of its competition on the market, the Innokin Plexar only provides one type of coil for this kit, although it does provide a spare one of the same type.

The Scion Plex 3D 0.14-ohm coil that is designed to be used in the Plexar is much like the rest of the kit, it won’t astound you with innovative brilliance, but it does give you an absolutely solid, decent vaping experience with plenty of flavour and vapour production.

The coils included in this kit tend to produce a fuller flavour after you’ve broken them in properly so don’t be alarmed if the flavour seems a little dull at first.

The mixture of cotton and wood in the wick of the coils adds a unique flavour to the majority of e-liquid flavours, especially the more subtle ones.

This could potentially be fairly divisive as some may love these added notes of flavour while others may be put off by them.

That being said, these coils won’t cause any dry hits, and they won’t make the e-juice taste burnt in the least. The flavour produced with the included 0.14-ohm coils is sure to please every user of this vape pen.

Pros and Cons

Despite its simplicity, the Innokin Plexar has a lot to love about it:


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Produces a good flavour and cloud
  • Decent battery life


  • Might be too simplistic for more experienced vape users
  • The top-fill mechanism does not have a lock, so leakages can occur


The Innokin Plexar is going to impress any experienced vapers, but it will definitely impress those who are completely new to the vaping scene.

Its simplicity is both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on what you are looking for in a vape device.

But as far as vape pens go, the Plexar is an excellent piece of kit that delivers good performance with good battery life, all tied up in a neat and compact package.