Geekvape Zeus X RTA Review

Geekvape Zeus X RTA Review

The fourth and latest top-airflow RTA from Geekvape, the Zeus X has been met with widespread acclaim across the board.

It seems as though Geekvape have truly learned from its earlier RTA models like the Zeus, the Themis and the Zeus Dual so that they could produce the excellent piece of kit.

No one makes dual-coil RTAs quite like Geekvape. In a market that is often flooded with cheap imitations and dime-a-dozen vape kits, Geekvape stands above it all to offer a truly great dual-coil RTA.

But does it live up to its godly title?

Geekvape Zeus X RTA Kit

Geekvape Zeus X RTA Kit

Opening up the Zeus X RTA kit for the first time is an experience akin to Christmas. Geekvape has really gone above and beyond here, packing a whole range of helpful additions into the kit.

The Zeus X RTA itself is the first thing you’ll see upon opening the kit. Underneath, you’ll find two coils. Both are identical Ni80 coils with a resistance of 0.4-ohm. An 810 drip tip is included in this kit that can be easily attached onto the device.

If you need any help when piecing together your kit or installing your coil, the user manual included in the box should give you all the information you need.

The Zeus X kit also comes with a slew of tools and spare items. A spare glass tube with a capacity of 3.5ml is included in the kit.

Both a Hex wrench and a Triangular tool are present in the kit, making your RTA building experience much easier from the get-go. Finally, two cotton wicks are included in the kit.

Design and Build 

Geekvape Zeus X

On the whole, the Zeus X has an incredibly high build quality from the ground up. With regards to the tank, it utilises bubble glass and has a decent capacity of 4.5ml.

A spare straight glass tank is included in the kit with a lesser capacity of 3.5ml. Regardless of what colour you have chosen, the kit, on the whole, is sure to look spectacular, with the bold metallic finish giving the kit a striking appearance.

For those who wish to keep their vaping subtle, they may want to choose some more muted designs like the gunmetal or black colour.


The Zeus X uses a unique double chimney airflow system that essentially utilises two airflow systems inside one another.

The innermost airflow chimney features two small holes that connect to the outer chimney via the use of an O-ring.

Admittedly, the O-rings included in the standard Zeus X kit are quite thin, so they made need replacing sooner than you’d like as they can easily come loose when the atomizer is opened.

The use of two chimneys allows the air to flow towards the coils in two directions, from the side and from the top. This creates a smoother airflow than previous Geekvape models, such as the Zeus Dual, managed to achieve.

How To Install The Coils


Thankfully, it takes very little effort to install the coils on the Zeus X, especially for those who have some experience in RTAs already.

Start by snipping off the ends of your coils and placing the coil firmly on the deck. You’ll then want to screw them into the deck with flathead screws. Carefully pull them upwards, closer to the airflow holes.

This is much easier if you have a coil jig. Before you go on to wicking your coils, you may want to put the chimney on the deck just to make sure that your coils fit inside.

When it comes to wicking the coils for the Zeus X, you will want to comb the cotton if the coils are over 2mm. All you need to do is carefully put the wick tails inside of the wick slots.

That should be all there is to it. You won’t need to worry about the Zeus X leaking as it uses a top airflow system.


As is the case with most RTAs, the performance is largely down to you and how you build the deck. That being said, though, the Zeus X should give you a solid performance even if you are not that great at building yet.

The Zeus X thrives on dual-coil configurations, especially those that use Claptons. With the 0.4-ohm Ni80 coils included in the kit, you are sure to get both a great flavour and a respectably-sized cloud.

Much of its success comes from its unique double-chimney airflow design that allows users to tailor their vaping experience to their own personal liking. This top airflow system also produces much less noise than many bottom flow RTAs currently on the market.

Single coil mode is where the Zeus X does not quite hit the mark. While it will still provide a decent flavour and cloud, the results are just simply not as good as when compared to dual-coil setups.

For those who wish to use a single coil build, though, restricting the airflow will produce better results at the cost of a noisier vape.

Pros and Cons

The latest Zeus model from Geekvape has plenty of both pros and cons. The list below highlights some of the most important ones:


  • Installing coils and wicking them is easy
  • Top-airflow system allows for a quieter vape
  • Excellent performance for dual-coil setups
  • Kit comes with a ton of add-ons and accessories


  • Single-coil setups won’t produce great results
  • O-rings included in the kit are quite thin


The Zeus X is far and away Geekvape’s best RTA to date. The Zeus X makes coil installation and wicking easier than ever, with the wick slots being clearly marked out and the deck offering plenty of room to work with.

The entire kit is great value for money as plenty of additional accessories, and spare pieces are included. The unique airflow system is also very noteworthy, offering a great deal of customisation and adjustability.

On top of all of this, Geekvape Zeus X RTA also offers great performance results with all dual-coil setups, making it one of the best RTAs on the market right now.