Asmodus Minikin V3 Review: Simple & Effective

Asmodus Minikin V3 Review

Asmodus is often considered to be one of the top-tier, high-end manufacturers currently working on the modern vape market.

Their devices are usually of the highest quality, being packed full of features and additional modes that make them the perfect choice for vape veterans.

Because of this, however, many Asmodus products can be fairly pricey, coming in anywhere between £50 and £200. So, is Asmodus really worth all that money?

The Minikin V3 is the latest model in the Asmodus Minikin vape mod series. After only a brief stint of testing it can already be said that yes, this latest model really does live up to the prestigious Asmodus Minikin name.

Asmodus Minikin V3 Kit

Asmodus Minikin V3 Kit

The Asmodus Minikin V3 kit is simple and effective. Inside the box, you will only find Minikin V3 itself, its charging cable, and a few instruction booklets.

While it may not be the most substantial kit on the market with no additional little add-ins, it gives you everything you need to get going.

The charging cable is the commonly used USB-C type cable that will comfortably fit in any laptop, desktop or mains adapter that allows for a USB connection. 

The Minikin V3 has a built-in GX-200-UTC chipset and is powered by dual 18650 batteries. These batteries are not included with the kit, so you will need to purchase these separately.

The Minikin is capable of outputting an impressive power range of up to 200W when it is on its most powerful setting (VW/Curve mode) and is able to output a power range of up to 120W when it is on temperature control mode.

The resistance of the device ranges from 0.1-3Ohms. The device is controlled via a full-colour touch screen.

This touch screen can be used to easily navigate the various menus of the device. Starting the device is simple, you just need to click in the fire button five times in quick succession.

This should turn the touch screen on. From there, you can use the touch screen to select a whole range of options and features.

Design and Build 

Asmodus Design and Build

While the overall design and appearance of the Minikin V3 may be a little odd to some viewers due to its irregular shape, the feel of it in your hands is surprisingly satisfying.

Asmodus describe this design as “ergonomic”, saying that its unusual shape is actually beneficial to those who hold the device for long durations of time as it fits more comfortably in your hand than other vape mods would.

The zinc alloy used to manufacture this mod ensures that it is extremely sturdy, but it does make the mod feel quite heavy overall.

Whilst it may not immediately impress the average vape user, the Minikin V3 should not be judged solely on its appearance.

Asmodus Minikin V3 Mod

Asmodus Minikin V3 Mod

The Asmodus Minikin V3 mod has plenty for you to play around with. When you turn the device on you will be met with a whole host of options, all presented via the coloured touch screen on the mod.

Using your finger to swipe through menus is incredibly simple and convenient and definitely sets this mod apart from those devices that still require a million different button presses to get the setting you want.

The touch screen will allow you to access a puff count, change the colours of the text on the screen, change the brightness on the screen and, of course, will let you select which mode you wish to put your device on.

The wattage and resistance can also be changed via this touch screen menu.

The mod itself has been manufactured with top-quality materials. The stainless steel material used for both the fire button and the 510 connection pin works very well and is incredibly easy to clean.

The battery door is simple to open but will remain shut during operation of the device. The threading used throughout this device is excellent as well.

This mod is simple to use, meaning that practically anyone could use it, but the device’s different modes are really where this mod shines.


Asmodus performance

The Minikin V3 has a staggering amount of modes and different options to choose from, allowing you to tailor the vaping experience to best suit you.

Seasoned vape users are going to have a field day with this mod. To begin with, the mod allows you to manually adjust both the wattage and the temperature of the device.

The wattage can be adjusted from 5-200W, and the temperature can be changed from 212-572°F, or 100-300°C.

The modes on this device range from the classic “Power Curve” and “Temperature Control” modes to “Titanium” and “Ni200” modes. Each coil can also be set manually, ranging from SS316 to SS304.

Generally speaking, this mod performs very well. In general, the Minikin V3 has a very fast start-up time, allowing you to fire the device within a matter of seconds.

The “puff strength” can also be adjusted on the device, essentially changing how much vapour is produced. The options are “soft”, “normal” and “hard”.

Using the “hard” puff strength will produce the largest and often more flavourful cloud. It should be stated that while the mod itself does perform very well; its efficiency does still depend on what tank you are using.

Fortunately, the Minikin V3 works very well with practically any tank, including high-quality RDA, RTA and Sub-ohm tanks.

Pros and Cons

On the whole, the Minikin V3 by Asmodus is a truly wonderful bit of kit. But that does not mean that it is without its faults.

Here are a few of the most important pros and cons that we found with this kit:


  • The ergonomic design makes even the longest sessions very comfortable
  • Excellent and responsive touch screen display that makes scrolling through menus easy
  • A plethora of features to choose from
  • Great battery life


  • Can be a very expensive device
  • The large number of features may be intimidating for new vape users


In summary, the latest Asmodus Minikin V3 model is very worthy of the name. The build quality of the mod is excellent and is very comfortable to hold while the touch screen makes navigating menus and selecting features an absolute breeze.

Whilst this particular device may be a little intimidating for new vape users, the plethora of features and modes built into this device are sure to satisfy a seasoned vape user.

The sheer number of features will be sure to keep you busy for weeks, and satisfied for even longer. The Minikin V3 is certainly worth every penny of its admittedly high price tag.