All Round CBD Review: Truly Versatile Hemp Oil Products

All Round CBD Review

If you are looking for a truly versatile hemp oil product, then look no further than All Round CBD’s vast selection of CBD capsules, oils, and supplements.

All Round CBD is a company that specialises in the production of high-quality premium hemp-based CBD oils and capsules.

All of the products on All Round CBD’s online store are labelled as full-spectrum hemp oil products, using every natural cannabinoid contained inside the hemp plant extract.

These oils and supplements promote a healthy lifestyle, acting as a natural base for your body’s immune system and therefore giving your base level of health a natural daily boost.

Turmeric Infused CBD Hemp Oil

Turmeric Infused CBD Hemp Oil

Perhaps one of All Round CBD’s most popular products, the Turmeric Infused CBD Hemp Oil is a truly premium health supplement product.

This oil is referred to by industry professionals as a “double action support supplement”. This means that this product has active ingredients contained inside that produce two separate results in the body, both of which are incredibly beneficial to the individual’s health.

The key to this oil’s success is definitely the infused turmeric element. Curcumin is an active ingredient contained inside both turmeric and CBD.

Curcumin is often sold separately as a medical and herbal supplement, therefore making its inclusion inside this CBD oil product a great additional benefit.

The curcumin naturally combines with the cannabinoids inside the oil to help your body’s digestive and immune system. Natural black pepper (Bioperine) is also mixed into this oil. This helps the body to absorb the hemp oil.

This oil holds a 500mg strength rating and is considered full spectrum, meaning that it contains every cannabinoid found within a hemp plant extract.

The CBD itself has been extracted via Co2 meaning that no additional harmful solvents have been used during the extraction process, subsequently meaning that only natural products are contained inside the oil.

The entirety of this product has been manufactured within the UK, primarily for a UK market. It is suggested that you do not take more than 200mg of the CBD oil per day.

Each CBD serving should be around 1-2ml. This will measure out to around half the pipette that is included with the product.

About the Company

All Round CBD Capsules

Originally, the All Round CBD company had one goal in mind: to provide the UK market with the most versatile hemp oil products currently available.

To achieve this, All Round CBD decided to manufacture their products using only full-spectrum hemp oil extracts. This means that their oils are derived from whole hemp plants, extracting, and making full use of all of the cannabinoids contained inside the extract.

Many companies say that they provide “full-spectrum CBD”, but this simply isn’t true for the vast majority of CBD oil providers as you simply cannot have full-spectrum CBD as it is just one cannabinoid taken from the hemp plant.

All Round CBD gives their customers a vast selection of CBD products to choose from. The previously detailed Turmeric Infused Oil is one of the site’s most popular products due to its inherent health benefits and “double-action support” nature.

However, All Round CBD also provides its customers with a whole range of premium CBD capsules that are incredibly easy to take as well as an oral spray that gives the user quick and clean 5mg CBD hits with every spray.

The choice doesn’t stop there. All Round CBD also has a range of CBD infusion products that can be mixed with drinks such as teas, coffees, and juices. All Round CBD also gives its users three distinct flavours: peppermint, lemon, and classic hemp flavour.

The company prides itself on being totally transparent in everything it does and everything it sells. That is why the ingredients for every product are clearly labelled on the store page, and their associated health benefits are clearly stated.

Customer Support

If you have a particular question, you’d like to ask All Round CBD then head over to their customer support contact page. This can be accessed directly from their online store.

Once on this page, you will be greeted with several possible forms of communication, all of which will provide you with a fast response.

A UK-based telephone number is provided for those who wish to get in immediate and direct contact with the company whilst an email address is provided for those who are happy to wait a bit.

There is also a simple form that you can fill out on this page that acts practically like an email. An address for their office is also provided.

Delivery & Returns

All Round CBD offers free delivery on all of their orders. There is no minimum spend required to receive free delivery here, unlike many other CBD providers.

Instead, all you need to do is choose your desired product, enter your address, and you’re done.

All Round CBD will replace any damaged or defective items. If you receive a damaged item, then you need to return the product to the address on the site and send a confirmation email to the address

A replacement will then be sent to you or, if you prefer, a full refund. All Round CBD will only refund items that have been purchased at their full retail price.