Who Is The Largest User Of E-Cigs?

Who Is The Largest User Of E-CigsElectronic cigarettes are relatively new for the United States and as such, there has not been any in-depth studies that offer us a look at them. For instance, who is more likely to use an e-cig? According to a survey in 2014 by U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, found that almost thirteen percent of adults in America have given electronic cigarettes a try and approximately four percent were using them at the time

The popularity of e-cigarettes was higher among men with approximately fourteen percent surveyed using them versus only eleven percent of the women surveyed. But the numbers that were the most surprising was the age group that is using this method of smoking.

The survey was taken among over 36,000 adults in America. Of those, over 20 percent were between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four years old. Of that age group, they stated that they had tried the battery-powered device for their nicotine fix. Maybe more surprising was the low percentage of those 65 years and older was less than four percent.

Are E-Cig Users Are Getting Younger?

Currently, those who are using e-cigs are getting even younger than when this survey was taken. Over 5% of smokers surveyed between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four are using e-cigarettes. And just over one percent of smokers that are 65 years of age and older are using them.

Even more surprising perhaps is that the age group of 18 to 24 had the highest amount of non-smokers to be using e-cigarettes. Native Americans and white adults were the highest numbers of e-cig users while approximately two percent of the black Americans and Hispanics admitted to using them.

Is The Flavor Of E-Cigs Better?

It appears that e-cigs carry more favor for those who have smoked the traditional type of cigarettes or among those who had recently kicked the smoking habit. Almost fifty percent of those surveyed that currently smoke said they have tried an electronic cigarette with 1 in 6 is currently using them. Just over 50% of those who have quit smoking in the past 12 months admit to having tried the e-cig and just over 20 percent are using them currently.

Of the adults surveyed that had never smoked before, approximately three percent said they had tried an e-cig while less than 1 percent said they are using them now. Again, the number among the younger age group of 18 years old to 24-year-olds that had never smoked, ten percent had tried one.

What Is Driving The Numbers Of E-Cig Users?

Since this survey was the first of its kind, those who authored the survey and study weren’t able to determine what is driving those who try and use e-cigarettes. For now, experts that are studying the use of e-cigs can simply speculate for now. For now, time will tell as this trend starts to unfold. The American Lung Association suggests that the data collected by the CDC will in time become more useful and provide a benchmark by which the monitoring of e-cigarettes will be measured.

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