Vaping is beneficial, scientists say

Vaping is beneficial, scientists sayAs the electronic cigarette industry is growing and even reaching global proportions, more attention is placed on its overall effects on health and wellness.

81 research projects on e-cigs have been conducted and analysed by scientists in order to come up with a complete picture at the health implications of using them instead of regular cigarettes. The results of the analysis were published in an issue of Addiction, and one thing has been made clear: the health benefits of vaping far outweigh the risks that they pose.

This led scientists to put a supportive stance for e-cigs. In recognition of the potential ability of e-cigs to lower the death rate attributed to smoking, Thomas Eissenberg, co-director of the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Centre for the Study of Tobacco Products called for the lightening of regulations that e-cigs are subjected to. He says that the growth of the e-cigs industry should not be hampered by too-harsh legislations and restrictions since e-cigs have been proven to have positive effects towards smoking cessation.

Scientists also refuted the claims of anti-e-cigs groups that electronic cigarettes have great risks. Surely, they say, the risks of using e-cigs could not be greater than those posed by regular tobacco products.

There is also the argument of critics that e-cigs act as a gateway, leading e-cigs users to replace them with traditional cigarettes somewhere along the way. Again, scientists deemed this argument as invalid. According to Dr. Hayden McRobbie of the Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine at the Queen Mary University of London, “it is quite rate for a non-smoker to even try using e-cigs”, much less be convinced by these e-cigs to try out smoking tobacco products.

McRobbie pointed out how there have been a lot of evidence that many users were able to quit smoking because they have turned to vaping. Thus, regulators should be more supportive, instead of making things more difficult for e-cigs manufacturers.

The scientists who performed the analysis even went so far as to declare e-cigs as a potential technology that could save many lives. Sure, there are risks, but if you look more closely and try to weigh things, there is no doubt that e-cigs are more beneficial than they are harmful.

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