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v2 cigs discount codeIf you’re scouring the internet for an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, you’ve stumbled across the right page! V2 electronic cigarettes, are one of the top names in the industry today. Vapers who have used V2 e-cigarettes rave about their experience, from customer service to the quality of the product overall. V2 seems to have itself quite the fan base.

V2 electronic cigarettes work just like a tobacco cigarette, minus the harmful, cancer causing chemicals. When a vaper takes a puff from the end of an e-cigarette, that inhalation activates the battery at the other end of the device. The battery then causes the atomiser – the section that contains the e-liquid- to heat up. As the atomiser heats up, it causes the e-liquid to reduce to water vapour, which is the substance the vaper is inhaling. The water vapour acts as the smoke from a cigarette but again, without any harmful toxins.

V2 e- cigarettes are actually guaranteed to be free of any and all chemicals, toxins and other products that could be harmful to the body. The company runs multiple tests prior to offering the product to customers to ensure there is no possibility of harm. If you’re someone who has been searching for a way to improve your health without having to give up the smoking sensations, V2 products are the way to go! V2 e-cigarettes are also designed to look, so much like a tobacco cigarette that someone would need to get up close and personal with the product in order to tell the difference. However, this does not have to cause any concern to the public. There is a key, noticeable difference between the two cigarettes; the end of an e-cigarette will light up green instead of red like a tobacco cigarette would. Just like other companies out there, V2 sells its product in individual kits.

The most common kit sold is their Standard Kit (beginner’s kit). With this kit, you receive ten refillable cartridges, two batteries and a USB charger as well as a wall charger. Starting at around $25.00, V2’s standard kits are the best way to go for those just starting out. If you are a bit more advanced and knowledgeable of the e-cigarette world, you could upgrade to V2’s Ultimate Kit. This kit comes with everything in the standard kit along with a portable charger and an upgrade from ten cartridges to up to 25! Although a little pricier, this is an outstanding offer. Take advantage of the discount code above for some great deals on these kits and other products!

One of the most raved about topics from the V2 viper community is the company’s lifetime guarantee. Their guarantee provides its customers with the ability to return any products that fail, except for the refillable cartridges, and get new ones at no cost to you. You get new products absolutely free! Although the refillable cartridges are not included in their lifetime guarantee, the product does have a claim of its own. V2’s refillable cartridges are sold at a very low price when you purchase them in bulk.

V2 wants you to be able to obtain their products without breaking the bank, to the point that they are actually decreasing their own profit just so you can have those refillable cartridges. With their impeccable quality, rave reviews and low costs, you cannot go wrong when it comes to V2 e-cigarettes. Their lifetime guarantee promises you will never have to deal with a malfunctioned device or pay for a new one. Take a look at their website today and don’t forget to use the discount code above at checkout for extra savings!

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