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The brand

When electronic cigarettes came into existence, one of the first big names to become associated with it is Totally Wicked, an electronic cigarettes company with its base of operations set outside of Blackburn in the UK. With a wide selection of products ranging from electronic cigarettes to e-liquids and various e-cigs accessories, it has successfully gained a prominent place among e-cigs users and in the electronic cigarettes industry as a whole.

My Totally Wicked Experience

Users can choose among the 23 starter kits offered by Totally Wicked, the cheapest being sold for £19.99 while the most expensive-the Vape-Pro Deluxe Kit – is available for £139.99. This review will cover the Tornado eGo-C Slim Full Kit, one of Totally Wicked’s most attractive and popular starter kits.

totally wicked review

Kit Inclusions

The Tornado eGo-C Slim Full Kit includes the following:

  • One (1) Atomizer cone
  • Two (2) Atomizer heads
  • Three (3) tank cartridges
  • One (1) USB charge lead
  • Two (2) 360 mAh rechargeable lithium batteries
  • One (1) battery housing
  • One (1) 10ml bottle of 18mg e-liquid, either Tobacco or Menthol flavour

Totally wicked review – Design

You’ll be duly impressed by the look and feel of the packaging of the Tornado eGo-C Slim Full Kit. The matte white cardboard box clearly holds the company logo, and opens up to reveal a compartment containing the atomizer cone and battery housing, and a separate tray with the atomizer heads, tank cartridges, the e-liquid, a USB charge lead, and batteries. A user guide is also thrown in for good measure.

Aesthetics is certainly not an issue with this Totally Wicked kit. The electronic cigarette is available in 4 colors: Black, Brushed Steel, Pearlised Pink, and Red Wine. Personally, I thought the Black e-cigs, with its gold trim, gave off a more sophisticated vibe. I was also especially impressed by the Totally Wicked’s highly innovative take on the USB charger, which is capable of charging two batteries at the same time.

Totally wicked review – Assembly

If you look at the list of kit inclusions of the Tornado eGo-C Slim e-cigarette, you’d immediately be able to tell that this electronic cigarette has a lot of components. Therefore, putting it together can be quite tedious and time-consuming for some. When assembled, the e-cigs have a 10mm diameter and a length of130mm. To turn it on, you must press the Power button five times.

Totally wicked review – Battery Life

totally wicked battery

The eGo-C Slim Full Kit has two 360mAh rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Despite the absence of a personal charging case, recharging the batteries is accomplished through the included USB charging lead, which you can plug into the USB port of any power source. It took more than two hours to completely charge a battery. A bit lengthy, but that’s easy to overlook since the kit included two batteries.

Totally wicked review – Vapour/Flavour

totally wicked liquidUnfortunately, users of the Tornado eGo-C Slim Full Kit only has two flavour options – Tobacco and Menthol – and only one nicotine strength, at 18mg. The amount of vapours produced was surprisingly very good, considering this e-cig’s size and simple design. Still, I don’t think it’s anything spectacular, since I have seen equally good – some even better – vaping performance from other companies.

I went for the Tobacco e-liquid and found it to be quite a good choice. It would have been better if Totally Wicked offered more flavour options to buyers. It is also a good way to remain competitive, especially since other manufacturers are providing more choices for their users.

Totally wicked review – Warranty

Totally Wicked offers warranty against product defects for 28 days from the date of delivery. The terms of the warranty excludes separately purchased atomisers and batteries, except for cartomizers, clearomizers, smoky-clearomizers, and low-resistance atomisers.

Totally wicked review – Customer Service

Totally Wicked’s customer support and sales staff can be reached via phone from Monday to Friday at 9am until 7pm, and on Saturdays from 9am until 5pm.

Totally wicked review – Conclusion

If you are looking for a no-nonsense e-cigarette experience, Totally Wicked will definitely deliver. If you’re the type to try out more options, say, in terms of flavour and nicotine strength, you might want to look elsewhere. Still, these limitations will not prevent you from having a totally wicked (no pun intended) time vaping away with the Tornado eGo-C Slim Full Kit.

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Mrs T Killen

Hi I have an itaste leo pro by innokin battery1000MAH I get ce4 xl Clearos 2.5-2.9ohm I’m finding they are leaking at end onto battery connection and have been told the atomisers cleros are sprung ?? have had 2 for 9months could you recommend the same set up by you mine is quite simple as I throw away the atomiser when burnt taste appears it charges USB at bottom of battery I also have a three pin plug I can charge with instead of computer hopefully you can help as its a mind field a worried about safety also only… Read more »

I bought an e cig from theTotally wicked Bolton Lancashire store a bout a week ago I tried the same e cig instore as I had purchased from them I bought the same liquid infact I purchased about 4 bottles I was told that the e cig would last 8 hours of continous use if it lasts 2 hours thats good. i have tried replacing the wick thing twice and it still doesnt work anywere near as good as it did in the shop In total I spent £36 pounds and thought wow I have found a way of smoking… Read more »

Andrena Hassan

Im on the tornado c slim im on week 9 and I think its great I havent smoked 1 fag ive no craving at all I thought id never have it out of my hand but I just smoke it like I would a fag best thong ever invented


Don’t use totally wicked, their customer service verges on awful. Their staff had no knowledge of tier products. After gaining much knowledge about this industry since I bought from totally wicked , I will add that their products are just other brands like kanger , vision , eleaf etc which have been cloned and the prices marked up., I agree jac vapour are better