The Good Stuff About E-Cigs. Yes The Good Stuff!

Anytime something new comes out on the market, there are naysayers to find the negative. It seems like when things come along in life that is so unarguably true, it is a surprise for there to be any disagreements.  Let’s take, for example, vaccines, the efficacy and safety of them, or GMOs and the benefits thereof. And this has been especially true with electronic cigarettes.

The idea is straightforward when it comes to electronic cigs. There is no doubt that it has been proven time and again that tobacco cigarettes are harmful. There is the nicotine, the tar and the whole list of toxic chemicals that are contained in them, with the nicotine being the addictive element. It has been proven that they are a cause of cancer as well as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Even though the news and reports are abundant on this topic, because of that addictive ingredient, smokers are hooked and keep smoking.  And then comes e-cigarettes and the assumption that they provide a “fun” and innovative way to help tobacco smokers quit smoking.

The Good Stuff About E-Cigs

And Here Come The Naysayers

Findings released from some studies have indicated that carcinogens are produced by electronic cigarettes and that it is unknown what, if any, biological long-term effects may be. Researchers have insisted that e-cigs will not help a smoker quit, but simply add to their habit providing a dual way to smoke, i.e. electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes.

There are those who say that electronic cigarettes do nothing more than open the gateway for regular cigarettes to be tried by non-smokers, in particular, children and teens. As such, those naysayers have come to the conclusion that e-cigs are not any good and could be possibly even worse than the traditional cigarettes.

The Worse Part Of Traditional Cigarettes Not In Electronic Cigarettes

Tar is what produces the carcinogens that cause cancer. Tar is what is contained in traditional cigarettes and is the worst part. Electronic cigarettes do not have any tar and as such produces fewer carcinogens. Even though the long-term effects biologically from e-cigs are still unknown, a rational hypothesis would be that e-cigs will most likely prove to be a safer alternative.

And when it comes to the fear of “dual use”, the time one spends vaping has to be better than inhaling that tobacco smoke which is full of nicotine and tar. This is along the same lines that smoking marijuana is the gateway to hard drug use.

Analysing Electronic Cigarettes Safety and Use

It has been written and published that an aerosol can, albeit less contains many of the same toxicants that are present in tobacco smoke. It is also the belief of many that the effects on one’s health in the long-term are still unknown but, when compared with traditional cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes will less to the user and any possible second-hand.

While the popularity of electronic cigarettes is increasing among smokers, so far, there isn’t any evidence of harm to the health of the regular user, the never-smoked or non-smoking children. In fact, it has been proven that e-cigs have enabled some users to cut back and even stop smoking.

Researchers studying electronic cigarettes versus traditional cigarettes have gone on to say that by the marketplace allowing electronic cigarettes to compete with traditional cigarettes, there would we would most likely see a decrease in smoke-related morbidity as well as  mortality. It is believed the push to put the same, or more, strict regulations on e-cigs as there are on traditional cigarettes doesn’t have enough support evidence.

Other means aimed at the goal to stop smoking as advice by health professionals, electronic cigarettes may is a safer alternative that still offers the smoker the nicotine cessation they become addicted to from traditional cigarettes.

With all this being said, those who authored this study do not see any reason that e-cigs should be regulated the same as traditional cigarettes. However, there is one point of agreement: Electronic cigarettes do not need to be used by children and the sale of them should be restricted to hose 18 years and older or as a prescription for those who are trying to quit smoking.

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