Ten Percent of Americans Use E-cigs according to Survey

Ten Percent of Americans Use E-cigs according to SurveyThe electronic cigarette industry is flourishing, with a Reuters poll newly released indicating better outlook of recent growth trends. The survey indicates that 10 percent of Americans are now using e-cigarettes, which is a massive surge upwards from the 2013 vaper-percentage of 2.6. Why then are individuals all of a sudden turning to this unique type of cigarettes? What is the motivation for smokers trying to quit?

A massive 70 percent of vaping enthusiasts acknowledged having started using electronic cigarettes within the year past. Nearly 75 percent of them are still smoking tobacco cigarettes as well. That said 80 percent consider vaping a great choice to enable them discontinue smoking for all time. Nearly half of e-cig users indicated they took to vaping following encouragement by friends and family members. Yet some other 40 percent of vapers reported they opted for e-cigs since these are more affordable compared to cigarettes and are also for indoor use.

Emily Deppe, who is 37, stated she began vaping since she desires being free from tobacco before getting pregnant. She is so far satisfied with her electronic cigarette since it quenches her cigarette-cravings, eliminates tar and tobacco and she does not all the time smell of smoke.

Mike Morgan, who is 48, chose e-cigs too as a way of quitting smoking. For years, he smoked one pack every day, but only got alarmed when his mother died of cancer. He then decided switching to vaping as an alternative. He said that although an e-cig does not provide the nicotine-burst which comes with smoking a cigarette, it still ends up satisfying his craving.

Seth Hunt, who is 45, indicated that his doctor recommended for him to stop smoking, for which reason he selected electronic cigarettes as a tool for smoke-cessation. He now feels better vaping only and already has observed changes in health.

The stories above are just several of numerous thousands which the vaping community is providing. Bonnie Herzog of Wells Fargo believes that the industry of electronic cigarettes will very likely reach $3.5 billion by end of year, increasing by a billion dollars just from way back in 2014. She holds that smokers are resorting to electronic cigarettes in huge numbers as these offer them a safer and better alternative.

For what reason did you begin vaping? Is there an upsurge in the amount of individuals using electronic cigarettes within your city?

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