Who to suppress the sale and use of E-Cigs

Who to suppress the sale and use of E-CigsThere is no denying that electronic cigarettes, or simply e-cigs, are becoming increasingly popular these days, becoming the preferred option over the traditional cigarettes, which are known to be the cause of many illnesses and health issues. It has been proven that e-cigs are the much healthier option, reducing the health risks usually associated with the use of regular or normal nicotine-containing cigarettes. Some agencies, however, such as the UK Department of Health admitted the lack of conclusive evidence that e-cigs are the healthier option, saying that the matter needs more looking into. This is most likely one of the reasons why the World Health Organization (WHO) is contemplating to regulate and even suppress the use of these e-cigs.

But it appears that WHO will have a fight in its hands, as prominent people and experts eloquently express their arguments over the plan. Compared to the normal cigarettes, they argue that e-cigs are instrumental in saving the lives of many smokers. They say that smokers have the right to use this healthier alternative to smoking early on, and regulating how e-cigs are used will only cause an unnecessary delay in their shift. That delay could very well be the very thing standing between life and death.

The protesters aren’t entirely opposed to some regulation measures to be applied to the marketing plan governing e-cigs, though. In a study conducted by the British Medical Association, current marketing programs of e-cigs are designed in such a way that children are convinced they will look cool when using these electronic cigarettes instead of the regular one. The ads also seemingly say that it is all right for kids to use e-cigs since they are safer. There is a need to discourage this misconception. Thus, action is currently being taken to ensure that e-cigs are sold only to those who are 18 years old and above. Essentially, this means that anyone below the age of 18 will be prohibited from purchasing e-cigs.

Aside from reforms on the marketing side, there is also a need to educated the people about smoking, particularly its effects. Manufacturers of these e-cigs should also stick to a certain standard in making their products. The authorities should also continue conducting research and further studies on the benefits of e-cigs and if they are, indeed, more beneficial than traditional cigarettes. With enough persuasive and conclusive evidence, WHO will be able to come up with a decision that everyone will be satisfied with.

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