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The Socialites Zero Electronic Cigarette Company is a company that is trying to revolutionise the electronic cigarette by putting out on the market their own ideas. This company basically sells anything from the electronic cigarettes all the way to the accessories that are usually used together with the cigarettes. This includes the popular two-piece e-cigs, tank based e-cigs and e-juices among others. This company also offers those that shop from their main website, or from any of their authorised dealers, a 28 day warranty on every order made. With 22 different flavours for their cartomisers that come in four nicotine strengths, you can be assured that you will always find something to your liking. No more trouble trying to find your perfect match.

Even though the company has five variations of their two-piece starter kits on offer, they are very much alike with the only exception being the flavour variation. These starters usually cost about £19.99 each. With a price like that they are among the most affordable electronic cigarettes on the market right now.

Each pack comes with the following items:

  • One rechargeable battery
  • One USB charger
  • Two cartomisers
  • One instruction manual

socialites review

In this review, we’ll mainly look at the two piece e-cig with the menthol flavour. However, we’ll take a look at how it competes against some of the other starter kits in this price range. This product is also referred to as the Cool Menthol Starter Kit.

Packaging and Design

To start with, the package of this kit comes in a very neat cardboard box which reminds me of the old-fashioned way traditional cigarettes were packed. The front part of the package has an image showing a green fireball to indicate that the cartomiser flavour is menthol. Inside, you will find the USB charger, the rechargeable battery, the instruction card and two cartomisers.

Socialites Zero’s e-cigs are basically comprised of 2 pieces, a battery and a cartomiser. Once you’ve screwed those two together you have the complete product in hand and you are ready to commence vaping. Grey lines also encircle most of the white battery’s surface with a LED light that’s found at its end. Cartomisers are white and they come with a label indicating the flavour. It’s more or less a quite common look for any e-cigarette sold on the market right now.


socialites eliquidWith 22 cartomiser flavours on offer from Socialites Zero to choose from you never know what to go for immediately. The list is pretty big and it includes flavours like Blackberry, Gold Tobacco, USB Blend Tobacco, Cool Menthol, Virginia Blend Tobacco, Platinum Tobacco, Orange, Red Energy, Strawberry, Cherry, Apple, Coconut, Banana, Watermelon, Bubble Gum, Coffee, Chocolate, Peach, Peanut Butter, Blueberry, Vanilla and Grape. A good number of these flavours are also offered with four options to choose from when it comes to their nicotine strengths. The most amazing thing about this is that it has a zero nicotine option where you get to vape without taking in any nicotine. This option is perfect for people who are trying to get rid of nicotine addictions and are finding it hard to stop smoking because the habit had become part of their lives.

As soon as you have your e-cig assembled by screwing the battery and the cartomiser together, you can then activate it by simply taking a drag. From there, everything is plain, straightforward and simple.


As mentioned above, this starter kit comes packed with a single rechargeable battery. What we didn’t mention is that this battery is an automatic lithium-ion battery that has been designed specifically to save the users from the small and annoying chores like having to use an on/off switch or button. This means that you can commence vaping immediately without the need for you to do anything but a drag. The red and blue led-tip batteries included are also available from the same company. Other than that, the company also offers customers a convenient carrying case which unfortunately doesn’t come with a portable charging case as most users would expect.

socialites battery

Charging the battery is simple and only requires the user to screw in the battery into the provided USB adapter. From there, the next and final step is plugging in the USB adapter into an appropriate power supply. The time it takes for the battery that comes with the Socialites Zero starter kit to fully charge is not any different from what is offered by many of the other batteries. With this in mind, for users who rarely find time to sit down and charge the battery during the day, it’s advisable to invest in a spare battery in order to get enough vaping through the day. More or less, the company can still improve its product in various ways, especially in technology. There is a 30-day return policy that is available with any order of their products. However, this offer is available only to the users who purchase the device from their main website. Any devices purchased from third parties are not included.

Customer Support

Products from Socialites Zero Electronic Cigarette Company are available online from the company’s main website and also from selected stores that are listed on the company’s main site. Customers can get support from company representatives every day of the week from 9.00am to 8.00pm on weekdays and from 9.00am to 5.30pm on weekends.


In summary, this kit is a basic kit that can be used by anybody looking to make the switch or somebody who is looking for something cheap and new. The option of a 0% nicotine concentration is an amazing option that enables the company to stand out in the race towards a tobacco free world.

archy davidson

Archy is the founder of He is an ex-smoker and a person that loves everything related to tech world – from vape pens to tesla cars. He’s always testing newest products to give his readers up-to-date reviews.

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Why cant I get local outlets on the website.


I bought a kit of 2 + charger etc. At a cost of over 50 GBP. and they seem to work well. I stood them up (assembled ) on a flat kitchen surface ,because if laid down the mouthpiece fills with the liquid.They both fell over, but not off the surface, and the thread inside both tops have sheared off, so they are both no good. Can I get new top parts?

Cheers Tedd.


They are a joke I spent£80.00 on two cuboxs only for them to break after 2 weeks I’ve since went to VIP and got a cheaper and more reliable device I am emailing joytech to see what they have to say £80.00 is a lot of money wouldn’t recommend socialite to my worst enemy


Terrible after changing supplier. Been buying golden Virginia from you since June 2014 after buying them on the 26 march 2015 was told you are now buying from uk so taste is different its like eating a curry


The only one I liked out of all of them was Cherry. Now they have changed its disgusting. A cigarette tastes much better. The tasty is absolutely vile.


Really don’t understand why they have changed the brand. Absolutely Disgusting. Socialite was the only brand I could use but I can no longer do that. I can see there being a lot of people looking elsewhere as I can’t see anyone enjoying the taste of these anymore!!!


I’ve been using USA flavour for over a year.
They have now changed the taste and it really isn’t nice.
They leave a horrible after taste.
If it’s not broken don’t fix it!


I have been using the platinum for 12 months, not had a cigarette, recommending you to all my friends then you change the flavour it’s disgusting looks like I will be going elsewhere now – shame because you were great


I use to use platinum and use to love it… Now they changed the production and the new ones tastes horrible. It was great smooth, clean taste and good packaging… New ones are more expensive, cheap packaging and most importantly terrible sweet, smooky taste and wet dog smell… If anyone finds anything similar let us know… I am in hunt already tried few others and cant find anything similar. Seems like all UK produced ones taste like new ones… shame !!

Cheryl Lawson

I stopped smoking 18 month ago using your cool menthol. Since changing your branding and reducing from 15ml to 10ml bottle you have obviously now lost a very valued customer. The replacement flavour of the cool menthol is totally disgusting beyond belief. I have also found that your battery cartridges have also gone down hill, they don’t la St as long (especially the coloured ones) I have taken 3 back to your Coulby Newham outlet who have basically fobbed me off with no one else has complained, clearly people have.complained hence the complaints on your website!!!!! You need to take… Read more »


Absolutely hate the new change. Been on the socialites vapour for around 6 months now. Favourite was peach. You have now changed the packing with the bottles now being hard to squeeze. The e juice it self now tastes digusting it is definitely not the same. You no longer do 16mg so the lady at the kiosk recommend 18mg. Its awful and as if burns your throat when you inhale and no vapour seems to come out. Same with the banana. Very disappointed to say thr least will be looking else where for an alternative

stephanie holmes

While the cigarettes are good, the company are wildly overrating the amounts in a 5 cartomiser pack. I smoke a normal cig in 12 puffs (i understand this varies) and they claim one pack of 5 cartomisers is equivolent to 200 cigs…i get 40 full strength puffs from one cartomiser, 40 below-strength puffs and 10 that are so low that it doesn’t count. By my calculations this equals 17-ish cigarettes for £10 witn an added 17-ish of half strength in that. Pretty poor performance altogether


I have been using social since December 2013. Been really pleased with their products but only been able to get on with the Menthol e juice. I received my recent order this week and am very disappointed with the clearomizer, it makes myself and my bf chock and is a really unpleasant vape. When I took the black tip off to fill with e juice, I noticed the part that you pour down the side is no longer the clear rubber like part but changed to a silver metal part (this is the only reason I think it taste so… Read more »


I have just stopped smoking about a week now been trying the e- cigs one was Nicolites ( medium ) my husband try to get some tips for me but had no lucky so call at shopping centre and they was a stall socialites she ask wot cigs I was smoking which was sterlings king size smooth so she said I will better on socialites platinum medium But getting a dry mouth done I need to go low or is it normal ?

Janet dinan

I bought one of these paid 30 pounds had nothing with it I would never buy another I only had it a month it’s rubbish sick of taking it back one excuse after other

m daily

I have been smoking menthol for over a year and was down to a low Oil but now you don’t do menthol but replaced it with mint blast wick is horrible it hurt your throte I have to go elsewhere to get menthol why you have just lost a customer


Have been using your e’s for two years and the juice has changed so I have gone elsewhere and now have just bought clearmizers which have changed as well.I suppose it’s all do with more profit but this is one customer you have lost!!!

Tony Chapman

Had been using your golden Virginia blend for ages,no problem.Stopped by the local outlet and told if I buy three i can get a good deal,only thing is its now made in uk.Sure different could it be? socialite your going to lose customer after customer,..i started the vape juice and It stinks of curry,the taste is vile.made me feel expect repeat business? no thanks


Can i ask, what company now offer a similar flavour to the old socialites e juice. I am desperate to find something other than their new horrible offerings


Absolutely rubbish customer service.. Avoid this company like the plague.. i never leave comments or reviews but felt obliged to do so today to warn others.. i ordered from them and basically have waited for the parcel to turn up its been three days now waiting when they said they had shipped first class mail.. when i called to ask where the shipment was they were rude and said that they dont know and that i had to wait 14 days to be offered a replacememt or refund.. the manager then said that if i didnt like their terms then… Read more »

Lauren Palser

Socialites have changed all their products and the quality has gone downhill. Would always recommend them in the past and sent along lots of my friends and family. We are all looking at other suppliers now. Shame your products used to be very good. Would not advise anyone to purchase Socialites equipment or ejuice again from them.


Hi I have been using my socialite tank for about 2 weeks put my battery on charge last night and it is not working keeps flashing red what is this and can it be fixed ?

mark y

been off cigs now for two years finally found a equip liquid that i really liked socialites zero golden virginia lovey taste even smelt like gv then all of a sudden the taste changed dramatically to some hides plastic taste , emailed to say they must have a dodgy batch but was told its now a uk made liquid ! i decided socialites was not for me any more after some cock and bull story about uk law etc , have since tried a £1.00 liquid from li-quid and it tastes identical so I’m guessing they have found a cheaper… Read more »

Christopher Manning

Been on these for 3 months now and so have been through quite a few cartomizers with the starter kit. These cartomizers do NOT last long. I’m not a heavy smoker/vaper but one cartomizer I find can last less than a day.! I have also found some 5x packs with cartomizers that produce no vape at all. Seems like Socialites Zero quality control is lacking. They say one cartomizer is equivalent to 40 cigarettes. No way! It would take me 2 days to get thru 2 x 20 packs of ordinary cigarettes. I suspect that these cartomizers are being sold… Read more »


I thought it was just me!!!
I’ve being using cool menthol for a year, and a couple of months ago I started to notice the cartomizers weren’t lasting long. Also the taste, HORRIBLE! After about an hour’s standard use the cartomizers just taste of battery. And now I know why. I’ll be looking for alternatives tomorrow.
So disappointed, you were great.

Margaret Loveday

I changed to this brand when my old supplier stopped doing cartomizers. I have had 4 packs of 5 and in each of the packs there has been at least one cartomizers that is empty.Hardly good value when a pack of 5 costs £9.99 !
I will now be looking for another brand ,as this make seems very unreliable.


£20 for a starter kit?

Are they having a laugh, get them on for ebay £6 for the ce4 type and liquids for £3


I’m currently using the 18mg peppermint liquid and it’s making my house smell musty anyone else noticed this? Not only that every bottle I buy the seal is already broken?


Not only that I paid £25 for your 1100mah batter a few weeks back and then bought two 1100mah evod batteries off of eBay for £3.90 each they look exactly the same but give you more vapor and last almost twice as long?

Lynn Phillips

Can’t understand all these negative reviews – not touched an analogue cig for over twelve months – socialite vapour fan ever since – from day one! Yes, liquids reduced to 10mg bottles but hey ho, discounts on multiple purchases – get a grip, what we’re you paying for a twenty pack of analogue – and you, your clothes and home sure smell a whole lot nicer! And no I am not employed by socialites – just angry that no positive reviews have been posted – let’s see if this one is!


I have been using Socialites since September last year (2015) and noticed platinum did not seem good anymore moved to mellow and have moved down to 1.2mg it does help, but there are so many bad reports about ecigs and EU gov are banning them in buildings. some say ecigs 95% less harmful others say just as bad as cigarettes surely this should be recommended or banned outright by Nice in UK or FDA in the USA, or are the pharma industries feeling the pinch on there sales. Does anyone have real facts?

Cliff thomson

Bought the Socialites black storm, but the battery
On it lasts for 4-5 hrs about 10 cigarretes worth.
Is this a fault or does anyone else have the same

James Andrew

bourght an ecig and after 2 dayss it broke, the staff were unhelpful and unfriendly. All they wanted to do was sell me a new one. I spent over 80 quid.


Which location was this from


Yep same here I’ve bought 2 now since July, they won’t replace nor will the call centre help in any way. Not good


Most disgusting e liquid I have ever tasted , bought rhubarb and custard and lemon sherbert,the rhubarb actually tasted like smokey bacon crisps and lemon tasted like what I can only describe as burnt toilet duck, absolutely horrible, I will stick with ziggicig from now on.


Ive been using you e/cig for 3 tears spending over £60 a month now you have stopped the 2.4 strenght saying its the goverment ive now had to find another supplier after being voilently sick when forced to switch to your juice you have lost a loyal customer of years as i wont be pushed into using lower strength tips meaning i will use more & spend more or convert to the juice

Clark Murray

Will never use this company again. My wife bought a battery from them after 3 days the charging of it made the battery red hoy. There is something wrong with it. We took it back and would not change it. this is very dangerous. we will not be back afterall we used to spend £25.00 a month with them. Not anymore.

Stella snook

I travelled 20 miles to get the ‘tops’ only to be told “sorry I’ve run out of all of them , I’ve lost about £500 in sales” If you want people to continue to buy your products you have to up your game i.e. More stock delivered on time and more outlets less than 40 miles apart as it is now. I fear my bus pass will expire before I get any further. A very angry customer

malcolm roberts

I just bought the socialite 50/50 pro after I charged it which took 20mins it lasted 4hrs after another charge another 4hrs of use, it gets to 50% power then won’t work, I took it back after a day the assistant didn’t know how long it should last but was happy to sell me two new batterys ( £50 ) to see me through my working day or bring it back after a week when someone else is on the stall, I decided to email customer service eventuality they agreed the battery could be faulty and could I send it… Read more »


Not something to recommend, broke after replacing second coil and cost a lot of money around £50.00 very frustrating to assemble and was faulty when taking it back to the store, they replaced the coil. But would not help any further saying its faulty but my refunds were out of date coincidently. The vape juice is so delicately flavoured that you cannot taste, and tried three flavours they all lack, well flavour.