A Recommendation for switching to E-Cigarettes for Smokers

A Recommendation for switching to E-Cigarettes for SmokersAs the concerns involving the use of tobacco products like cigarettes continues to grow, more people that have an influence on policy and decisions have been stepping forward to make their opinions heard. Such is the case with Dr. Derek Yach, the leader of the Vitality Institute. Dr. Yach previously worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) and assisted in the creation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. He has recently come forward in stating to providers of health care that they should be proposing the use of e-cigarettes to patients that use various tobacco products such as traditional cigarettes. Dr. Yach indicated his belief that e-cigarettes can play a vital role in ceasing smoking for many people, particularly patients that have had trouble quitting in the past even when using traditional methods involving nicotine replacement.

Dr. Yach fully understands the risks people are at from smoking and is taking steps to help provide an alternative to help with smoking cessation for people around the globe. He believes that e-cigarettes can provide just the solution that many people have long needed. “I think we are at the stage where we have sufficient evidence to be comfortable that (for) a smoker who wants to quit or reduce their exposure to tobacco products, using an e-cigarette is a good choice,” Dr. Yach stated.

Dr. Yach further explained that the policies currently used for public health need to be tougher on tobacco companies while at the same time promoting the use of methods that help to steadily reduce use and harm, such as e-cigarettes. He does state that their needs to be regulation regarding e-cigarettes but not to the point where regulation overwhelms the potential of the industry. Regulation needs to be focused on making e-cigarettes that are reliable and safe so that users can gain the most benefit from them.

The executive director of the National Counsel Against Smoking, Yuseef Saloojee, assents that e-cigarettes have the potential to work as a reduction method but he has been reluctant to offer any type of endorsement of them until the questions involving any potential safety hazards as the relate to e-cigarettes have been investigated further. His preference is that e-cigarettes should only be available in pharmacies to allow for proper regulation according to the Medicines and Related Substances Act.

Having respected officials such as Dr. Yach come forward and speak out for the use of e-cigarettes is certainly beneficial to the industry and with more experts in the areas of public health coming forward it is likely to help the growing momentum of the e-cigarette industry as an alternative.

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Good to hear that there are public experts now looking into the status of e cigarettes as one of the alternatives one can use when he/she plans to quit smoking. For me it is also a good idea to purchase e cigarettes from qualified vendors to avoid those negative news about the use of e cigarettes like they’ve been burned or something. If you are planning to switch from cigarettes to e cigarettes, better educate yourself first of the whole process before switching.


Nice post. Great topic really inspire. Yes, that’s right, the electronic cigarette is a safe alternative to tobacco. An e-cigarette is a battery operated device, including atomizer and a renewable nicotine chamber, allowing the smoker to hold and smoke just like the traditional cigarette. He nicotine chamber reduces the amount of nicotine you intake until you wish to.


Yes, switching to e cigarettes is the right thing to do. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. I’ve switched two months ago and I can already see the improvement in my health. The only thing that bugs me a bit are the food cravings… The flavoured e liguids help a bit with that (especially chocolate one from vapour2) but it’s still a thing. I already gained some weight. 🙁 Hope it goes away as I really enjoy vaping and I don’t want to go back to cigarettes.